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by Geraint Hughes, ©2019

Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piDVT5nVIhU&list=PLF66zq1SOYivgEk-j122ZLYOkt_PNpunb

(Nov. 5, 2019) — Dear Sirs,

I elaborate on some of the research and experiments which I have conducted, which debunk CO2 as the cause of global warming, below, with a bit of an introduction into why we should all know about these things.

I believe that it is very important, in fact possibly the most important thing for a citizen to know and understand that they are indeed being deceived & manipulated by the state and state actors (climate activists, left wing educators, mainstream media etc.) into being forcibly coerced into believing untruths.

It is not a conspiracy theory, it is real.  There is a wide-spread deliberate deception being imposed upon the people of the world to force them to spend money on products which will not do what they say on the tin, to pay taxes in exchange for nothing in return and to be worried sick and ridden with guilt about “destroying the planet.”  Believe me, they are laughing at you, they are mocking you and they are making a mint in the process.  This is not a joke.  We all need to look around and take it in, it is what is happening.

People with integrity, need to stand up, be counted and have the courage and will to speak the truth, but they need not only to be able to speak the truth, but to demonstrate those truths also.  For you will face the accusation, as I have of “what do you know, I have a PHD, I am an expert, I know better so shut up and believe me, DENIER!!!!.”  To which they have now also added.  “It’s the law so pay me my CO2 taxes, peasant.”  They are sick, every last one of those tricksters.

The fact I am a professional, qualified, with decades of experience of building some of the most technically complex buildings imaginable, is neither here nor there.  I am brushed off like a fool, as we all are.  We are all being taken for fools, we are having the wool pulled over our eyes.  We all need to wake up to that fact and do something about it.

To this end I have conducted several experiments, so that I can demonstrate to people, live if necessary, that fake climate alarmist scientists are teaching lies, plain and simple.  An entire industry is living like a horde of parasites on the back of a whale and we the people are that whale.

Wow, some claim I am sure some of you may be thinking.

So let’s delve, briefly into my experiments, which can be found on Youtube.  There will of course be more.

Experiment 1 – CO2 Cause’s Lighting Incandescent Filaments to Dim

If we were to believe the lies that Carbon Dioxide is the cause of global warming, via its mechanism of back radiation, then adding CO2 gas to a vacuum chamber, which within contains a tungsten filament, should cause the temperature of the filament to rise.

An electrically heated straight tungsten filament contained within a vintage vacuum bulb glows brightly at approximately 2000K. It emits some of its radiation in the IR wave bands which CO2 most strongly absorbs and so it would be expected that any back-radiant heating effect would be maximal and self-evident.  Unfortunately as we will see later, it is not.

This can be seen in the CO2 spectral absorption graph, its absorbance in 4 to 5 micron wavelength (light bulb spectra) is far in excess of the strength of its absorption in the 14 to 16 micron wavelengths (more earth Spectra).

Spectral Graph of absorption and emission of CO2


Many people do not know that CO2 absorbs strongly in the shortwave IR part of the spectrum.  This is one of the reasons that the CO2 gas in a bottle experiment is misleading, because the CO2 gas in the bottle is absorbing radiation DIRECTLY emitted from the light bulb, in a wavelength which the Earth just does not emit, because it is far too cool to do so.  I elaborate on this in my book, “Black Dragon: breaking the frizzle frazzle of the big lie of climate change science.”  There are other reasons as to why that experiment and others like are it misleading.  Back irradiance from a gas as a form of heat induction is just plain wrong, as I can show.

Therefore we would expect the CO2 to absorb well this radiation being emitted, by the filament, be warmed by it, send the IR back to filament, which would in turn become hotter and then glow more brightly as a result.

So how to go about proving if this back radiant effect is all powerful, or if in fact, other far more dominant factors are at play.  What perhaps is actually occurring?

To this end I have had constructed the twin vacuum chamber, portable comparison experiment.  So that I can compare two different states of heat loss with each other and show this effect live if necessary.

The schematic of the experiment is shown below along with a picture of it.

Filament Cooling Experiment Schematic

Filament Cooling Experiment Photograph

To the see the experiment in action and an explanation of how it works, you can see more on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgjT_665T6U

I conducted several different comparisons to see the differences between the two which can be seen in this video. The main comparisons are between the Vacuum bulb and the filament in carbon dioxide from 0 Bar & 0.7 Bar. This is the picture of the filament at 0 Bar, a Vacuum.

Freeze Frame Exposed Tungsten Elements in a Vacuum 0.0 Bar – Bright

You can see this is equally bright across the entire length of the filament, the filament is clearly very bright. It is bright top, middle and bottom. So, what happens if I add a small amount of Carbon Dioxide to the filament? Are the filament surfaces “globally warmed” by the CO2 experiencing an increase in temperature as a result of back radiation, as all the experts say it would be? Well, actually no. No such warming occurs. To think it could is actually quite silly. That is what an ignorant child, whom can be brainwashed by deceptive agenda ridden teachers could be misled into believing. Just as they are misled into believing CO2 causes surface temperatures and ocean temperatures worldwide to rise.

Freeze Frame of Exposed Tungsten Elements in a CO2 Gas 0.7 Bar – DIM!!!

The comparison is stark and evident isn’t it? It is noticeably much less brighter. At 0.7 Bar CO2 it can be seen that the bottom is now not even glowing at all with the middles dimmed visibly to a faint red glow and top glowing much less bright. The thinness of the filament is more evident, in the first picture the filaments look thick because of the brightness of the light. The filaments are approximately 0.005mm thick. So we can concretely say that the addition of CO2 gas had no “heating effect” on the filaments at all. The cooling effect however on the filament is entirely evident. The cooling and convective effect could never be overcome by an IR emissive gas, even if we pretended to ourselves that the tiny amount of back radiance did cause some sort heating. From a radiation steady state temperature point of view, the effective surface area for cooling of the filament cage has increased. There are millions upon millions of molecules in this chamber and this energy is now being spread among them, whereas previously this was not the case. As the gas is emissive the molecules would be emitting the radiation in all directions, in effect creating a filament/gas body which has a larger number of molecules and therefore a larger surface area for emissive cooling, compared to just the filament on its own. This increase in 3 dimensional surface area for cooling could never be overcome by an IR gas, no matter how many thousand times more powerful as supposed greenhouse gas it was.  The addition of the IR effects of the gas could never overcome conduction cooling losses, convective cooling losses or the increase in radiation losses due to having a larger 3D emissive area for cooling.  It is an idiotic thing to even think it could, yet this is the kind of idiotic backward thinking, twaddle talking alarmists expect everyone to believe.  Correction, FORCE!!!! everyone to believe.  In short, they are all a bunch of brown shirts, whether they know it or not.

Any country which has a CO2 reduction law,  a carbon pricing mechanism, CO2 taxes of any kind, Carbon Levies or pays subsidies to fake CO2 offsetting companies and so on and so forth, is have LIES imposed upon on them.

Why wouldn’t an untrustworthy government do such a thing?  Of course they would.  To have the chance to take someone’s money and have nothing to give back in return is a dream for them.

Increasing the current would make the filament hotter, adding Trillions and Trillions of CO2 gas molecules, could never replicate that increase.

I actually sent letters to many politicians, mainstream Television media outlets and radio news stations in the UK, none of them brought this information to the public. Why would they, they are raking in money from the scam, why would they want to stop the money flood?  No media outlet seems to have the guts to stand up and be counted, yet this is something which we all should do.

Here is a final comparison from this experiment zoomed out so you can see both, the difference is obvious to all.  The left is with a vacuum the right is with CO2 inside at 0.7 Bar.  This is an indisputable factYet I have had actually had many politicians and fake alarmists dispute it.  That on its own tells you all you need to know, they are desperate to ignore the truth and cling on to their lies.

Experiment No 2 – Temperature Test Comparisons Small Chambers

I received hundreds of troll comments, most of which I deleted, some claiming to be professors, experts at NASA and all sorts of nonsense, whether they were true or not I have no idea, although some from their links did seem genuine in their claims of expertness, but what they were claiming was not.  I received the same sort of nonsense claims from Politicians also as I have been sending out letters telling them, they need to repeal CO2 tax laws and that Climate Crisis is nothing but a lie.

Their crazy claims ranged from, “You didn’t leave it on long enough for the tipping point to occur” to “The base is shiny, its affecting the experiment” to even “Light bulbs don’t emit IR!”  (Yep, the alarmists trolls will lie pathologically like this.)

But we all know, many politicians are nothing but cowards.

What you see, the comparison picture above is the truth, nothing can change that.

We all need to be brave and understand we are being lied to.  That’s right kiddies, Santa is not real.

In order to further progress my claim and provide further evidence that we are being lied to, I have conducted a series of temperature tests, using again light bulbs and my vacuum chamber, some gases and a thermometer.

What I did, is I performed some simple comparisons.  In these smaller chambers, I placed a thermometer against the surface of the bulb, to measure the surface bulb temperature and then left it there with a camera watching it to record the temperature.  I evacuated the chamber and performed a baseline comparison with the bulb in a vacuum.  I then performed a comparison with Argon and another with CO2.  The results were not surprising to me, but they do surprise every climate alarmist or anyone whom has been fooled into believing them.  When I ask, they all expected CO2 to be the hottest.  Why wouldn’t people think this?  They have in some instances grown up, being force fed the lies that CO2 is a “greenhouse gas” which “induces warming” via the fake mechanism of “back irradiance.”  They think this is the gospel truth.  It is not, it is Satan’s lies and the Alarmist preachers are nothing but false prophets and con-artists disguised as saviours.

The results of the comparisons are below.  These too can all be seen on You-tube as I uploaded them.  They are not entertaining to watch, they are there to show proof.  They are there so you can all see the truth.


To help understand the tables RT (Room Temperature) indicates the temperature which a free standing digital temperature probe indicated the temperature was in the room.  The starting temperature was the temperature indicated on the digital probe inside the vacuum chamber as I activated the light.  This probe touches the side of the bulb, it reads the highest temperature, which is the bulb glass.   This is not perfect and in due course I will get better thermometers but this is sufficient to show that the concept of gaseous back radiant induced heating just doesn’t work.

In each instance the chamber was evacuated first, pressurised and then the light activated.

In the first test I used a Vintage Squirrel Cage bulb and pressurised the gases to 0.5 Bar.  In the second test I used a Spiral Vintage Bulb and pressurised the gases to 0.6 Bar.  The result is similar in both instances.  (My squirrel cage bulb, blew L)

You can see here that in both tests, the Bulb surface temperatures were cooler than in the Vacuum than with CO2 added.  In the first test after 20 minutes the Vacuum achieved a maximum temperature of 69.1 and in the second test 63.6.  Co2 on the other hand achieved a maximum temperature of 63.3 and 59.2 with the different bulbs respectively, which was amazingly, COOLER!

The addition of CO2 gas had no warming effect, only a cooling.  And when I compared Argon to CO2 I found that Argon, resulted in Warmer conditions and faster temperature rises than CO2, despite the fact that Argon is not a “Greenhouse Gas” which is actually fake and misleading terminology.

Now amazingly, I still had troll comments for these tests too, one of the most common troll comments was that my experiment was too small and that I should use a much taller tower in order to get more back radiance from the CO2.

Yes, this really is how pig ignorant some people are.  They will say anything and grasp at whatever silly straw they can, to hold onto their lies.  They are in effect “pathological” they are not scientists, they aren’t being reasonable, they are suffering mental health issues, they are in denial, they are the Deniers.  Deniers who refuse to acknowledge the truth, even when they see it.

Experiment No 3 – Tall Tower Chamber

Ok, so let’s see if they were right or wrong.  I got a chamber which was 2.6 times the height of the smaller chambers, just to see what happens.  Will I be proved wrong?  Will the extra CO2 induce more back radiance like all the faux fakezperts predict?

The results are in the table below.

These can all be seen in the link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF66zq1SOYivgEk-j122ZLYOkt_PNpunb

The difference is stark, obvious, undeniable and indisputable.  This is how it is.

The difference between how a greenhouse works and the lies being preached by deceivers in schools, colleges and universities looks as stark as this.

The lies they teach

What the truth looks like.

This and so much more is elaborated upon in my book. http://www.stairwaypress.com/bookstore/black-dragon/   Everyone, everywhere needs to arm themselves with as much knowledge that they can get their hands on, against the deceivers of the state, to repel their lies and take direct action against them.  The climate of corruption, around the money flood which fake activism has instigated has corroded all forms of government, especially democracy.  The pernicious deceit and lies need to be purged out of all corners of society.  Any scientist who tells you CO2 induces GMST to rise is nothing but a charlatan, a two bit actor reading out his lines and playing a part in an act designed to con you.

CO2 does not act like an insulating blanket, it does not induce warming of the surface and the radiation greenhouse effect and all its preachers are just pure pompous ridiculous self -serving fraudsters and fools.

I have more experiments in the works and I will broadcast the results of those when they are completed too.

It is clear that “True Science” is being denied us and our children by the states we entrusted to look after and educate us.  We all now know that we need to take that power back and demand that the lies stop and throw the faker politicians out of power.  I would even go as far as jail the ringleaders and fine any organisation found to be engaging in such despicable deceptions & frauds.  Oh, and if the silly crybaby climate protesters don’t like that, they can face the water cannons & I’m pretty sure those crusty sensitive snowflakes will find Jail enjoyable too, it’s what they deserve.

Geraint Hughes is a IENG CIBSE engineer, with a student award from 1999 issued by CIBSE for the North Wales and North West Region.  He has worked in the areas of designing, installation, oversight, management, estimating, and commissioning for new building construction including schools, offices, hospitals, Cambridge laboratories and the Diamond Synchrotron.  He is author of “Black Dragon: Breaking the Frizzle Frazzle of THE BIG LIE of Climate Change Science” published by Stairway Press, a review of which can be found here. Hughes has been a contributing writer to Principia Scientific International (PSI).  His YouTube channel is here.








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