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November 4, 2019

Trump speaks with reporters on the South Lawn, video credit: The Washington Post

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As a reckless impeachment train rumbles down the track – maybe, just maybe we should consider returning it to the station so that we might reconsider what is behind this trip and what is its logical destination?

Since “impeachment” talk among Democrats began immediately following Trump’s inauguration, there were no high crimes or misdemeanors on the near horizons.  Unless, maybe, the new president’s initial “crime” was that he was NOT “HILLARY!”

As we all know, Hillary was destined to be the first (another “first”) female president.  I mean, look at her record of achievements — money-making, influence-peddling, and selling out America for her own personal interests — and how about the federal offenses such as destroying all 30,000+ official records while she was “Madam Secretary?”  Gee, some of those messages were even marked “Top Secret ‘specially compartmented information’ (TS-SCI)” that required every person coming in contact with it to have his or her own, personal specific, “need-to-know” confirmed and to sign statements affirming that they understood they would be subject to imprisonment were they not to properly safeguard it or allow it to be shared with persons not authorized to receive it.

From personal experience, restrictions on close-held, SCI material were so tight that I was not permitted to tell my boss what I was working on, even though he also had a Top Secret, SCI clearance.  I couldn’t share because he was not specifically “read into” the particular mission that I was working on.  The documents we signed when we were “read in” also threatened that should the information/mission be compromised because of leaks, each of us would be subject to polygraph interrogation.

And, yet, somehow, for several years, more than 30,000 official messages, many of them highly classified, were being received and transmitted over an insecure, unofficial — ILLEGAL — personal server.  Of course, we are not supposed to suspect that the reason why “HILLARY!” was knowingly and purposefully doing this was because the farce that was the “Clinton Foundation” was a pay-for-play scheme, with her as the gatekeeper on the take, for tens of millions from foreign interests.  In fact, over $100 million from Putin’s government was “donated” to green-light the sale of 20% of America’s uranium resources to the Soviets – oops – I meant “Russians.”  And somehow, we are to believe that there was nothing to see there and instead, that Trump was in thrall to the Putin government in Moscow!  Surely it must be true, because the media bought it lock, stock and barrel, and still won’t let go, even as the bright light of day shone on the scheme….  Worse, our corrupt media sought to sell this scam to you and me!  Perhaps they think that we proles are too stupid to see through this sham.  Of course this insults your intelligence and mine.  We are NOT as stupid as they wish us to be.

So, after the nearly-two-year Muller investigation slog we now know that Trump did NOT steal the election – with Russian help – from the anointed one, “HILLARY!” So, what else is the basis for the “high crimes and misdemeanors” standard in the Constitution for impeachment?  Well, we “know” from “revered and unquestionably patriotic whistleblowers” that some professional civil servants DON’T AGREE WITH THE PRESIDENT’S POLICIES!

Oh!  The Horror!  Imagine!  Policy differences?  Is this sort of thing in the Constitution?  I must have missed it.  How about you?  How could such be a basis for “impeachment?”  I’m waiting – explain this, please.

Isn’t it the case that during election campaigns, candidates explain their policy goals to the voters?  And isn’t it true that the voters, in turn, weigh those policies and then vote for the candidate whose policies they prefer?  Oh, again, the horror!  How can we possibly accept the voters’ assessments of policies when we “professional, government insiders” know so much more and are so much smarter than any of those voters, let alone the majority of them!!  How dare those voters not elect who we prefer?

Is such behavior by the Deep State to be the new norm?  Will elections be routinely overturned because unaccountable government insiders don’t like the idea that someone from “outside” might upset their apple carts?

Such attitudes on the part of an unaccountable government bureaucracy are precisely what the framers wanted to guard against when they debated and finalized the greatest document in history – the Constitution of the United States of America – which every federal public servant takes an oath to faithfully defend, support and obey…

I’m still waiting for a valid trigger for impeachment.  Might it be the latest lame excuse – quid pro quo for info on a political opponent?  How so?

In fact, we are shoveling BILLIONS to the government of the Ukraine to help them stand up to the Russian Bear.  But, since the Ukraine has a lot of hold-overs from the old Soviet days in their government ranks, corruption for personal gain is rife.  Understanding this, both those sending dollars and Euros to the Ukraine insisted on fair and transparent accountings.  And thus, the Government of Ukraine sent investigators to look into how the foreign aid funds were being used.

Here is how this worked prior to Trump.  The USA under Obama sent $2 billion to the Ukraine and appointed Joe Biden to oversee how it was being used.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s son had recently gone through a divorce, was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse, and was without a job.  And then, bam!  A Ukrainian energy firm – one that received its share of donated foreign largess – Euros and dollars – decides that it really needs to hire some young Americans with zero experience in the natural gas business in which the firm was engaged, speak zero Ukrainian, and had zero knowledge of Ukrainian history, culture, business practices or anything else.  And they also decide that these young Americans should be paid upward of $6 million a year – each – to “help” them.

So, when the Ukraine’s corruption investigator looks into this “energy” firm, Joe Biden – Obama’s point man for the Ukraine – muscles the Ukraine government, telling them clearly and indelibly on tape that if they don’t fire the investigator looking into the millions in payments to Biden Jr. and his buddies, he, Vice President Joe Biden, President Obama’s “point man” for the Ukraine, would WITHHOLD the promised $2 billion in aid.  But, hey, this was no quid pro quo, because, after all, Joe Biden is a Democrat and the czar for the Ukraine appointed by the untouchable, beyond-reproach, Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States!!

Cut to the chase here.  The energy company was the recipient of foreign aid funds.  And, some several millions of those billions would be kicked back to the czar in charge of their disbursement – Vice President (at the time) Joe Biden!  In short, US taxpayers’ dollars are washed through a Ukraine bank and sent back to Biden’s son and his friends.  And, President Trump, as the now-responsible executive in charge of foreign policy and thus, foreign aid, and as the senior law enforcement official in our republican form of government, asks that this overt SCAM be looked into, is thus accused of an “impeachable offense” for seeking to protect how our tax dollars are being stolen!!

Had enough?  I have.

Just thinkin’

Old Frank


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