Beware of Lightning Strikes, Mark Zuckerberg, Especially in Africa!


November 3, 2019

Photo: By NASA – NASA TV, Public Domain,

Dear Editor,

So tech titans the likes of Facebook are now being scrutinised over betraying their users’/clients’ privacy and/or not fact-checking political advertising?

Well, now, “Vengeance is mine!” so sayeth the Lord! Because Facebook exists only because of Judeo-Christian-based Western Society’s freedom, affluence and democracy! (Any doubters should study history: that of Christ’s “Gentle Gladiators,” the early Christians’ facing down the mighty Roman Empire’s lions to convert Rome to Christianity by opting to become giant “kitty litter” [the Christians, not the lions] rather than renounce Christ’s teachings!)

Now, we find that the satellite to launch much of Facebook’s coverage in Africa (mankind’s birthplace) was (not so long back) blown to smithereens by a rocket launch-pad explosion.

Just perhaps the “Big Bloke Upstairs” may have said, “You are not invading my space” in punishment for Facebook’s undemocratic subterfuge in censoring Australian Christians’ views opposing same-sex “marriage”?

And Mark Zuckerberg’s mob did not even give the aggrieved Australian Christian Facebook user/clients the courtesy of notice of implementing (let alone an apology for) Facebook’s seemingly “God-given-right-like,” surreptitious behaviour!

So I trust Mark Zuckerberg is now so very wary…of lightning strikes when/if out on the great open plains of Africa? And Mr Zuckerberg, it would  be very wise not to behave so “god-like” and do the dirty – as you did on Australia’s Christians! –  on Africa’s Christians! Because there‘s an estimated 500 million African Christians (and many may not “turn the other cheek”)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. adam freeman   Monday, November 4, 2019 at 3:22 PM

    “Judeo-Christian based”? Obviously, you don’t know that Islam, Judaic Talmudism and so-called “Christianity ” are all SECTS of Hebrew-Israelite Torahism, the religion of the Tribes of Israel and of The Messiah? Sadly, too many of the Messianic churches today are corrupted with Pagan and Judaic Talmudic “Judeo-Christian Blasphemy.

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