“Impeachment” Discussion on House Floor, Vote to Soon Follow


by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 31, 2019) — At 10:54 a.m. EDT, the U.S. House of Representatives concluded debating whether or not to approve a resolution introduced by the Democrat majority on Monday reportedly clarifying the “impeachment inquiry” launched by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on September 24.

C-Span and Fox News are broadcasting the hearings, with the latter interjecting commentary by anchors and political observers.

The resolution covers “Directing certain committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, and for other purposes.”

At 10:55 a.m. Chad Pergram of Fox News reported that a vote to take an official vote occurred and that the result of the full House vote might be completed by 11:30 a.m.

Pelosi officially opened the “inquiry” after a “whistleblower” filed a complaint, based on second-hand information, that Trump attempted to unduly influence Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy during a July 25, 2019 telephone call in which Trump asked Zelenskiy to investigate whether or not there was corruption associated with the firing of former Ukrainian chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, having received $50,000 a month to sit on the board of directors of Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings.

The U.S. Constitution provides for the impeachment of the president and “all civil Officers of the United States” in the event they commit “for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Democrats say the substance of the call, which was published later on September 24 by the White House in the form of a composite transcript, demonstrates that Trump was asking a foreign leader to interfere in the 2020 election given that Joe Biden is a “political opponent.”

They also believe that Trump associates, such as his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, placed “pressure” on Ukrainian officials outside of U.S. State Department protocols and carried on a “shadow policy.”

Republicans say that the “impeachment” process is flawed, that they have not been allowed to call witnesses or ask questions during the closed-door hearings over the last month chaired by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and that Trump did nothing wrong during the call with Zelenskiy.

The vote to continue the “impeachment inquiry” is expected to pass given that the House has a Democrat majority.  Articles of Impeachment have not yet been drawn up, Pelosi has said.



2 Responses to "“Impeachment” Discussion on House Floor, Vote to Soon Follow"

  1. Bob68   Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 6:32 PM

    Your entire comment is spot-on. Thank you for including a quote from me. Probably no one could be more redundant than I am. I don’t mind because the actions and inaction over the years by all complicit in The Obama Fraud keep providing more evidence of how correct you and I and some others are in describing the underlying HUGE reason for the panic over the election of the “birther” Donald Trump, instead of the planned after Obama continued cover of Hillary Clinton. It’s way more than just not liking Trump and his policies, but you never hear that from Hannity, Levin, Bongino, Lou Dobbs or any of the talking heads who ponder why President Trump scares the left so badly…..even though it seems for then not to know would be……….impossible.

  2. Nikita's_UN_Shoe   Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 1:26 PM

    Redundant comment, but still appropriate:

    The UniParty is using any excuse and any opportunity to eliminate President Trump from the Oval Office before his first four-year term of office has been completed to prevent President Trump from revealing to the world about the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of the U.S.A – aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama. The Russia-Trump collusion hoax was among the cloak-n-dagger obfuscation efforts to blur this real reason.

    Donald J. Trump’s presidency is the foundational matter in getting to the truth about the illegal presidency of aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama which will reveal that all of the U.S. Congress, all of the U.S. Supreme Court, and all of the communists in the YellowStream Media were complicit in covering for the CIA-sponsored un-Constitutional illegal alien foreign interloper, aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama, who has zero verifiable background documentation.

    ala Bob68: “The Deep State flourished under aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama because its most vital mission was and continues – to protect aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama from being fully exposed as the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist that he is. Without performing that critical job everything else they had planned, and the Deep State itself, would be in jeopardy. They did not plan for Hillary losing and the “birther” Donald Trump being elected. When that happened, even when it looked like it might happen, massive panic took over the left and most of the right and is still on full display in the actions, and inaction of those complicit, and even in those who are ostensibly trying to expose the massive corruption.”

    President Donald J. Trump knows all about the fake, the fraud, and the forger, aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama.

    The actions by ‘Uranium One’ Mueller (aka The Shredder) and the stalling, aka Congressional hearings, and ‘trumped-up’ lateral arrests, and threats of impeachment are all key in getting rid of President Trump before he gets a chance to reveal to the public the Constitutional crisis cited by most as the 44th POtuS. Hillary Clinton’s loss has the whole Washington D.C. three-ring circus in a turmoil. The stench that everyone smells is the rotting fish, aka A-Number-One aka Barry HUSSEIN 0Bama – the nucleus of the Russia-Trump collusion hoax.

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