by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 31, 2019) — On Thursday evening, The Post & Email’s editor appeared with Obama birth-certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo and former CIA agent Kevin Shipp with host Jason Goodman of “Crowdsource the Truth” show to further discuss the claims of former NSA/CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery and others of a secret surveillance apparatus known as “The Hammer” (HAMR) which was allegedly used to spy on Donald Trump and other prominent governmental and non-governmental figures.

The broadcast is an official production of “The Intelligence Assessment” hosted by Shipp on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Shipp produces additional videos on the Patreon platform and is a frequent guest on Goodman’s broadcasts.  Shipp’s stated mission is to “expose the Deep State/Shadow Government.”  He is author of “From the Company of Shadows” and recently has appeared on the Fox News Channel discussing the intelligence-community “whistleblower” who launched the House of Representatives’ “impeachment inquiry” of President Trump.

On Thursday Zullo recounted his oversight of Montgomery’s work as a confidential informant for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in 2014 and his consultation with former NSA directors J. Kirk Wiebe, William Binney and Thomas Drake to obtain a disposition as to the data contained on approximately four dozen hard drives Montgomery produced.  At the time, Wiebe and Drake signed a report stating that based on their assessment of the drives, Montgomery was found to be “a complete and total FRAUD.”

In recent interviews with Dr. Dave Janda, Wiebe and Binney have thrown their full support behind Montgomery’s claims of widespread government surveillance of American citizens based on what they claim was a single phone call on October 23, 2019, the day before their most recent interview with Janda. In on-the-record emails exchanged with this writer in late June, however, Wiebe stated that he stood by the November 14, 2014 assessment of the hard-drive data provided by Montgomery.

Janda’s interviews with Wiebe and Binney have not divulged Montgomery’s history with the MCSO nor Wiebe, Drake and Binney’s 2014 report.  This writer’s suggestions to Janda to host Zullo in order to present a fuller picture of Montgomery’s background were not acted upon.

According to court documents, Zullo’s account, the November 14, 2014 report and a number of mainstream reports dating back to 2010, Montgomery did not provide proof of the government surveillance he claimed took place and of which he claims render him a “whistleblower.”





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  1. OPOVV, Candidates for the same office always have standing to protest the bona-fides of an opponent.

    Terry Lakin was doing his duty when he questioned Obama’s bona-fides as President/CIC under Article 99, UCMJ. It is an officers duty to defend one’s command from the enemy. That is exactly what Lakin did. He defended his command from being taken over by the enemy.

    In this case, Obama. Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud during time of war. Obama became both a traitor under 18USC and a spy under 10USC when he usurped the Presidency.

  2. Ed Sunderland;

    Not quite true: Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., represented me in numerous Federal Courts from coast to coast demanding to see proof of Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE when I ran for president in 2012, only to be told that I had “no standing”, as unbelievable as that may seem.

    Conclusion: our courts are as corrupt as our politicians, as corrupt as is our Joint Chiefs of Staff in their acquiescing the withholding of LTC Terry Lakin’s Constitutional rights as he was in that kangaroo Court Martial, being railroaded as no one has ever been railroaded before (on his way to the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary having been paraded through the airport lobby shackled, hands and ankles).


  3. Pelosi conspired with both Obama and McCain to usurp the Presidency. She cared not who got in because both Obama and McCain were ineligible. A reader named Judi Murthi in The Kenyan Daily Nation commented the day before Obama was “sworn in” that both parties had a “shadow government Candidate” and no matter who won, the shadow government would be in charge.

  4. Zullo mentioned that he talked to Montgomery about voter fraud. Was this before Montgomery said he breached the Florida voter database or after?

    Did Montgomery make this up to impress Zullo?

  5. I too advocate Mike to clear the deck so to speak with Janda. I sent an email right after the Mclnerney interview talking about Dennis Montgomery about what was left out of the conversation.

    The reason Montgomery went to Sheriff Arpaio was because the sheriff was the only man in America willing to challenge Obama on the fake birth certificate. I appreciate Admiral Lions bringing that stuff up but the real hero’s are Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo. So I asked Janda if he would talk to Mike Zullo and Dave said “he was a fan”.

    . My gripe with the Mclenerney interview was the Cold Case Posse was not mentioned at all and that my friends is the real story. Forget impeachment, Russians, Ukraine, Nancy Pelosi insanity. The real story is the massive fake and fraud that sat in the White House 8 years as an unqualified illegal alien fronted by the corrupt DNC and ignored by the uninterested spineless RNC…….