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(Oct. 30, 2019) — Ex-FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s latest book “The United States of Trump” was released earlier this month. It has been touted, mostly by Bill himself, as being neutral, fair, honest and comprehensive.

While I am an avid reader and own many novels and resource books I decided to just check-out Mr. O’s book from my local library in lieu of purchasing it.  So glad I did. Glad that is, that I didn’t waste money on it.

Almost immediately Bill brings up Trump’s attempt to have Obama’s place of birth investigated. He referenced this endeavor in condescending and disparaging tones.  How could Trump have been so foolish as to suggest Obama was not eligible to hold the office of President?

Several chapters in, he once again shows his obsession with his subject when he recounts a similar conversation he had with Donald Trump Jr. At this point I had to consider whether or not this book was worth my time. If the author placed so little value on hard facts and elevated questionable information above what all common sense dictated, I felt no other thing he wrote could be responsibly consumed.

Since Mr. O found it so important that he needed to put his ignorance into this book, it seems appropriate to once again lay out for him just how ludicrous his conclusions were then, and remain to this day.

There are several reasons he might have chosen to ignore the facts but anytime a person places himself in a position of “historian”, no excuse for avoiding the truth and disseminating lies is acceptable.

There are too many problems with Obama’s birth story to post them all here in this article as they can be found with simple searches of the internet. Let’s cover just a few here to give you a flavor of the deceptive propagation.

  1. The certificate that Obama posted on the White House website declaring it was his official Hawaiian birth document was proven to be a fabrication. It was full of errors, timeline misrepresentations and lingo not used in 1961.

  2. The hospital where Obama claims he was born has never provided a copy of his real birth certificate and to this day they have no plaque mounted on any wall boasting of being the birthplace of the first African American US President.

  3. Travel records of international flights have been mysteriously deleted during the time Obama was born. No other time periods for the decades these data have been kept are missing.

  4. If a person had a legal document, generated by the state, why would that person hire people to fabricate one?

Read the rest here.

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  1. Stare decisis et no quieta movere. To stand by precedent and not to disturb them. It has been settled law since 1814 that a Natural Born Citizen is one born in the U.S. to parents who are both U.S. citizens themselves.

  2. I never waste money on any of these books – written by politicians, journalists, claimed exerts, etc. because they are ALWAYS nothing more than opinion with a few facts added. I’m satisfied with others sending their money and reading their criticism. I do the same when it comes to all of the television programming – I never watch any of the MSM, the gossip talk shows, political debates, or anything on government funded PBS (Public Bull S–t), for the same reason — it is all nothing but PROGRAMMING!

  3. Hey there, billy boy o’reilly, do you know what Lady Liberty is holding in her hands on the Statue of Liberty? Oh no, no,no…not a torch and tablet. In her right hand is a p-38 (can opener), and in her left hand is a can of worms. She wanted you to help her open up the can in your new book but you chose not to pull the trigger. But you know what? I, like you, sun burn easily so I “o’really” can’t blame you for not wanting to lay on a beach unable to move out of the sun.

  4. BGO [BOEHNER-GOWDY-O’REILLY] could have indicted BHO [Barack Hussein Obama] via Benghazi Massacre and Cover-up Committee hearings et al, but BGO decided to knowingly remain PAYCHECKS instead of PATRIOTS!

    The day Trump indicts BHO for election fraud and presIDential USURPATION, that is the day BGO also get indicted in the public’s mind for selfish quisling DERELICTION of DUTY 08-28-08- TODAY.

  5. Bill O, also said Obama received his fraudulent social security number through his dad on a chance visit through Connecticut? “All 20 of them Bill?” Then drove a stake through the issue as if his arrogance was the solution to the real criminal behavior of Obama/Soetoro. Any respect I had for the man evaporated instantly and that goes for the rest of the Fox field.

    The only people worth respect are those who fought hard to get the true information out like this news site, Mike Volin, Carl Gallups, Orley Taitz, Phil Berg, Susan Daniels, Linda Jordan Commander Kirchner, Mario Apuzzo, Al Hendershot Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo, Jeff Lichter, and the rest who stood on the head of the snake Barack Obama or whoever he is and still demand justice for the immeasurable fraud he and his criminal crew injected into this country and culture.

  6. O’Reilly’s elevator doesn’t stop at all floors. He referred to people who questioned Obama’s bona-fides as “Pinheads”.

    The immutable fact is that, based on established U.S. Supreme Court stare decisis, Obama has never been and never will be a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States.

    O’Reilly’s arguments are impotent. O’ Reilly has long been a Deep State tool.