Why Wreck our Safe Haven for Refugees?


October 29, 2019

Photo: blickpixel at Pixabay

Dear Editor,

All those causing Australia‘s wage-earning taxpayers and wealth-creating businesses such inconvenience and monetary losses by so savagely protesting against mining should quietly think through the so-unnecessary and wilful damage they’re doing.

Why, for instance, wreck Australia’s economy affording one of the world’s most generous refugee safe-haven programs?

Everything (glass, metal, electronics, battery) making up the iPhone I’m sending this from comes from a mine!  Its synthetic rubber (or plastic) protective cover is either a derivative of oil, natural gas or some other mined mineral.

All the preceding requires vast amounts of energy, mainly from coal mining.

Alternatives? Each wind turbine’s production needs seven tonnes of coking coal; all the steel, copper (wiring) and wiring insulation come from where?

Photo: maxmann at Pixabay

The glass, precious conducting metals and photoelectric compounds in solar panels (and associated batteries and wiring) come from where? (Under a lettuce leaf?)

Where does the money come from to subsidise (thus forcing poorer and elderly Aussies’ power bills through the roof) renewables? (Why do taxpayers need to subside renewables?)

Please, think about what you are really doing (and who is really paying so heavily for you doing it).


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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