by Bob Russell, ©2019

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(Oct. 18, 2019) — I have seen promotional ads for a television show called “The Walking Dead.”  It is promoted as a science-fiction story, but it is more of a story of liberalism in America.  Liberals believe anything the very liberal, very anti-American mainstream media tells them.  Liberals don’t show the mental capacity to think for themselves nor discern truth from propaganda, nor do they show the inclination to want to think.  The zombies shown in the promo trailers exhibit all the traits I see in liberals but without the make-up appearance.

While looking as normal as anyone else, liberals markedly show their lack of an ability or desire for intelligent thought, finding it easier to just fall into lock-step with their handlers.  I have never watched the television show as I have no desire to view such claptrap.  I read and hear the words of liberals every day and don’t need to watch some ridiculous television program to see the effects that being incapable of thinking has on people.   One only has to read the hate-filled diatribes of the anti-God, anti-Trump, and anti-American liberal crowd to see what zombies and liberals have in common.   Liberals want any reference to Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost kept out of the public forum while not only embracing, but demanding that atheism and islam be pushed on We the People, especially the young.

It grieves me greatly to see this great nation be led down the road to tyranny, especially by politicians who swear an oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  The political ruling class, especially the democrats, have sold their souls to satan for wealth and power now, wealth and power that will lead to their eternal demise.  Nazi war criminal george soros is the main ringleader, using his ill-gotten billions to destroy the nation to remold it into a dictatorship not unlike those of Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro, and other brutal dictators we have seen in the 20th century and some continuing to this day.

I am even more perplexed to see people who call themselves Christians falling into satan’s trap.  I heard a song on a Christian radio station yesterday that called anyone who speaks out against homosexuality a “hater,” following the mantra of liberalism.  Several Christian denominations are promoting open homosexuals to positions of bishop.  Many also are so desirous of world acceptance that they condone abortion, homosexuality, and islam in order to be accepted by satanic people.

As I have stated on many occasions, I don’t hate anyone, but I will not cower before evil in order to be accepted by evil people.  When I call for homosexuals to repent and give their lives to Jesus Christ I am called a “hater,” “homophobic,” and worse, but when moslems call for and actually carry out the killing of homosexuals they are called “a religion of peace” by liberals.  I don’t know how more hypocritical liberals can be.  Liberals call for unlimited abortions, the murder of unborn babies, and when I object I am called a misogynist, whatever that is.  When I refuse to accept islam as a “religion of peace” and an alternate but equal path to Heaven, equal to the death of Jesus, I am called “islamophobic.”  I don’t “hate” any of those groups, but rather pray for them and urge them to repent and turn to Jesus, the only path to Heaven.

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I daily pray for our nation and ask God to soften the hearts of politicians and liberal voters, hoping they will see the light, repent, and be a factor in the restoration of the nation to its once status as “a shining city on a hill.”  We are the last and best hope for a world controlled by satan but are wasting the opportunity to change the world for the better because so many want to be accepted and praised by satan’s minions in the nation.  Following the teachings of Jesus Christ is very important, but I also believe in praying and living 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, seek my face, pray, and turn from their wicked ways I will hear them from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”  Accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior is the answer on a personal level and 2 Chronicles is the answer on a national level.  People with a personal relationship with Jesus, an authentic one, won’t have any trouble following the provisions of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma

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  1. The difference between the liars, and the true is the true say “How do we get the liars out of that mind set? How do we convince them the liars are not in their interest, how do we show them they’re being misled? How can they believe these lies? How, how, how?” The liars don’t say that. They don’t say “How do we convince them they are following cannibalistic, child molesting, pizza slingers? What evidence can we show to prove it?” They don’t do that. It’s the tell they know they are supporting people they know are liars, and are liars themselves. Too weak to win so they cheat.