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October 16, 2019

Did the Founders ever imagine that the media would fail in its duty to be a watchdog on government?

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The First Amendment to our Constitution was thought by some of the founders to be unnecessary as they believed that by itself, the basic document made it clear that government powers would be limited and the rights of the people were inherent and thus inviolable.  But fortunately, others pressed forward with the Bill of Rights, so as to absolutely ensure, with clarity of purpose, that those ten specific rights endowed by natural law were, in writing, inviolable.

The founders understood the power of information and wanted to be certain that all opinions would be heard – even those that might seem ludicrous to some.  Today we can be certain that they never imagined that the press – our media – would ever become an echo chamber for a single point of view or a single political party.  Witnessing what is going on today, they would be turning in their graves.

Today’s mainstream media are complicit in efforts that are a complete disservice to the American commonweal.  Folks tuning in to the evening news on the network channels or listening to the “news”’ on the car radio to and from work are not only misinformed, but even denied mention of important news stories that don’t meet the networks’ template for what we should be told.

We witnessed a glaring example of this in last evening’s “debate” among the 12 surviving contenders for the Democrat Party nomination for president in 2020.  The media hosts not only permitted, but laid the groundwork and actively promoted the false narrative that somehow, exposing Joe Biden’s influence-peddling was a “CONSPIRACY” cooked up by evil Republicans.  In short, presenting facts that allowed us ordinary citizens to note that daddy’s position (and his expressed willingness to use it) would result in millions of dollars from two different countries, on opposite sides of the planet, flowing to a pretty-much ne’er-do-well son is somehow a conspiracy?

Another example — in 2008, the media sold the “idea” that Joe Biden was added to the Obama ticket to lend “gravitas” based on his years on the Senate, and went unchallenged.  “Gravitas?”  Sorry, but I lived through some of his so-called “gravitas.”  He was for the “nuclear freeze.”  He thought that President Reagan’s tough stand against the Soviet Empire would bring us to war.  He was against SDI for the same reasons.   And Biden claimed just yesterday that President Trump’s decision to withdraw the thousand or so remaining US troops from Syria was “the worst decision and betrayal ever,” or something like that.

I beg to differ.  As one who had worked with our valiant South Vietnamese allies in ‘Nam, I was later shocked by the invasion by the Communist Regime into South Vietnam.  But, I was certain that we would honor the agreements we had put in place prior to departing.  Those treaty obligations, solemnly sworn to, promised that we would resupply our valiant allies in the South with ammunition and fuel and spares needed to operate the planes and tanks and artillery that we had trained them to use, should the North invade.  I recall with crystal clarity and horror that the Democrat majority in the Congress absolutely FORBADE us from complying with those solemn treaty obligations!!  And, that good old “Lunch Bucket Joe,” in his usual duplicitous manner, voted with his party to ensure the defeat of South Vietnam.  This betrayal sealed the fate of those who stood strong and believed in our promises.  It was how we got the “Boat People,” who have proved themselves to be outstanding American citizens, despite the Democrats’ betrayal.  It was also how others of their countrymen, not so lucky, ended up in communist “re-education” camps – or were simply “disappeared.”  The venal actions of the Democrat Congress who disavowed and disallowed our solemn treaty obligations also sealed the fate of one-quarter of the population of neighboring Cambodia who were murdered by the lunatic, communist tyrant Pol Pot– some for the simple “crime” of wearing spectacles – which, to the communist thugs, implied that the wearer was “educated” and thus a member of the “oppressive class.”

It seems to this old vet that Joe’s decision to disallow our treaty obligations – in writing – in Southeast Asia – was a whole lot more serious than President Trump’s prudent decision to pull our small force out of the cauldron of confusion and killing that is resulting from carving up the carcass of what was once Syria.  Just who does candidate Biden believe America should declare war against?  Turkey?  The Kurds?  The Syrians?  The Iranians?  The Russians?  Unlike us, all of those folks have skin in the game and something to win or lose by fighting it out.  Our President correctly sees no interest in any of this that is worth shedding any more American blood.  As a vet, I applaud his action and clarity and invite the media to question Joe Biden about how to square the circle between his votes to betray our treaty obligations to the South Vietnamese and his claims that our long-overdue withdrawal from the chaos in Syria is “the worst betrayal ever…?”  But, I am not holding my breath that our self-important media will ever pose such a question.  They wouldn’t want us to hear the answer.

Old Frank

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  1. You can say the media is myopic and short sighted, they do not see that they are responsible for their own future demise. The achievement of the left with the media’s help to create a government in total control will control them as well. Where is the freedom of the press in that?

  2. ‘tis sad to see a mind wasted; believing in a video causing the murder of our ambassador to Libya, but, hey, things happen and life, as they say, goes on.

    I, too, was a witness to a promise not kept; matter-of-fact, I told them all what would happen in Cambodia and boy was I ever right. I never felt so bad about being so right.

    We have half our population believing that the Democratic Party is the party of JFK, never considering that they would be the first to boo JFK off the stage if JFK would have the audacity to suggest lowering taxes.

    Ah so, but he did, didn’t he? It would be quite amusing, I mean if the consequences weren’t so dire, watching the fools to make fools of themselves, shooting themselves in the foot, or feet, whichever, still believing in the Russian Collusion, or some collusion, take your pick of the flavor of the day that the puppy-petters are following, not that there’s anything wrong with puppy-petters.

    But there is something wrong with spreading lies and I, for one, am sick of it. I’m sick of the business of fake news but, even more, I’m sick of the very people who push the lies and the people who believe the lies. There has been the suggestion of infractions when no infractions occurred; statements displayed as truth, yet are lies; and, perhaps the lowest, call for impeachment when there is no reason for impeachment.

    The media is doing it to themselves, because once Totalitarianism takes hold, then the media just caused their own extinction.