Weaponizing “Whistle-Blowing” … Deep-State Gold


October 8, 2019

Just how much corruption is there in Washington, DC?

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As someone who, more than 30 years ago, completed a 32-year career in “government” as an Air Force member, I remember when the “whistleblower” program began.  Its purpose, in that misty past, and the “hotlines” that were established along with it, was to focus on “fraud, waste, and abuse” — anonymously.  The complaints were usually done over the phone, and a few were in writing.  They called out foolishness (or outright fraud) in government procurement and contracting practices and abuses of power by folks in positions like the ones I held, and even higher.  By the way, I was never called out, as I never involved myself in fraud, waste, or abuse or overstepping the authority of my offices.  I played by the rules, as did every good man and woman with whom (or for) I had the pleasure of working during those nearly 32 years!

I recall that some of the hotline complaints were valid, but a few were easily discovered to be the gripes of disgruntled team members.  The program was not intended to resolve personal gripes or “feelings,” but to uncover genuine errors (or even crimes) in government agencies. — Now hold that thought! 

Today, some in “government” have discovered a clever way to challenge policy changes that were promised by a candidate for office.   We can all recall the “Drain the Swamp” sloganeering and chants during the last presidential election cycle.  Many among us understood that a bloated, embedded and pampered bureaucracy had far too much uncontrolled power over many aspects of our lives, from the defense of our nation to the operation of our economy, and even our rights to our own property.  One candidate promised to “Drain the Swamp” and was cheered by his supporters who chanted that message at every campaign stop.

Now to today!  That candidate has become our president — the president of ALL AMERICA, by the way – and he is fulfilling his campaign promises right and left — to the amazement of many of us who may have never expected any candidate to actually do what he (or she) promised — based on decades of past experience and disappointments.  And thus, the entrenched bureaucracy feels “pressured” that, heaven of heavens, their own mal/misfeasance might be found out!

Candidates run on platforms and positions that they espouse during their campaigns.  Thus, one assumes that the electorate endorses the implementation of the positions espoused by the election winner.  Whereupon, policy changes are made in many areas, from the economy, which has responded splendidly, to the military, where we are rebuilding the ruin imposed by previous administrations, and in foreign policy and justice, where we are reaffirming America’s needs first and trying to drain the swamp.

The swamp creatures, understanding that “draining” might expose some of their treachery and pocket-lining, were concerned that they might be found out.  So, they tried a variety of methods to stymie or undermine the “new sheriff in town.”  But this sheriff knew how to hit back.  So, when all else didn’t work for the unrepentant Deep-Staters of the swamp, they stumbled upon a new way to upend our duly-elected sheriff — the “Whistleblower.”  Gosh!  Why hadn’t we though of this earlier?  Dang!

So the “fraud, waste and abuse” hotline program, established for good governance, that protects the anonymity of any who have the temerity to make the call, is now twisted by the Deep-Staters to assure that ANY complaints against the implementation of promised policy changes would be aired.  And not only aired, but given weight that they should never deserve, outside of an Op-Ed in a leftist rag such as The Washington Post or The New York Times.  Thus, disgruntled, professional bureaucrats can complain about things changing – as promised – and complain that they may actually have to do some new work – but, that they can get away with griping — not only anonymously — but with a cheering squad in the all-inclusive leftist media 24/7 !  Wow!  Instant heroism and adulation is yours, simply for the asking; all you must do is submit your “whistleblower” OPINION on policies you don’t agree with.

Sadly, all this is nothing more than “weaponizing” a program intended for real problems so as to include opinions and gripes – and any complainer being protected and adulated for doing so.  Please don’t fall for this charade.

Old Frank

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  1. Diane. faris   Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 11:05 AM

    This is an excellent article describing the origins of the ‘Whistle blower” from the past and uncovering the purpose of this present illegality on the part of our President’s enemies. It is very easy to understand what is going on. Thank you for this post.

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