7 Travel Watches According to Your Style


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(Oct. 7, 2019) — Time is something that cannot be avoided, especially when you’re traveling. We are always under the control of schedules, buses, airplanes, opening times, and tours are always present to keep alert and ready, especially when it’s the appropriate time to move. Time rules everything we do, so it’s vital that we keep track of it so it doesn’t go out of our control.

Ensuring you’re on time for different important matters such as checking in and out of your hotel, air travel, rail travel, and sea travel should always be a priority when traveling. However, traveling to various time zones can be confusing especially if you’re not the one that’s used to changing the time zones when you travel from one city to another.

Having a travel watch is like having a travel buddy that will always keep you accompanied wherever you go, especially if you’re an average tourist. Travel watches are ideal especially if you prefer to bring a minimal amount of supplies when you’re backpacking through a continent without losing your sense of style. Thus, here are seven travel watches you can bring with you according to your style.

Breitling Transocean Unitime Pilot

The Breitling Transocean Unitime Pilot is one of the perfect traveling watches in terms of functionality and style. Though it’s a watch made for pilots, it doesn’t mean that the features of the watch aren’t good enough for the passenger. Further, Breitling also has a reputation for making the best pilot timepieces worldwide.

The Transocean Unitime Pilot incorporates Breitling’s Caliber B05 movement chronograph for extreme precision with recording time. The special feature of this travel watch is that it has 24 total time zones you can choose from by simply turning the crown to snap the date and time of your chosen city.

Tissot T-Sport Seastar 1000

The Tissot T-Sport Seastar 1000 is a simple Swiss-engineered diving watch that functions as a general analog travel watch without losing style. The large dials of the Seastar 1000 allow the wearer to tell the time even in the low light of a candle-lit restaurant or of an aircraft cabin with the help of the luminous dials.

KDM Multifunctional Sports and Military Watch

The  KDM Multifunctional Sports and Military Watch is a digital watch best for traveling since the watch has been centered around simplicity and reliability. The KDM incorporates a Japanese-made movement and battery for longer battery life and high-accuracy timing. The watch features an auto calendar, alarm, and backlight best for simple travels.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a fitness watch that is also capable to be used for traveling purposes because of its features to monitor your heart rate and stress while you’re on a journey. Aside from the watch’s features, the stylish look and futuristic design of Charge 2 allows you to wear the watch with complete confidence.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a handy traveling watch for Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners because it keeps you connected with calls and messages straight to the watch. The unique features of the Galaxy Watch also detect as well as monitor your movements and activity. The best feature of this smartwatch is the built-in GPS so you could move around places effortlessly.

Seiko Divers Automatic

The Seiko Divers Automatic watch uses 21 jewels in its automatic analog movement to ensure high accuracy and battery efficiency. It is a good travel watch for those who want to look luxurious without spending so much money. The Seiko Divers Automatic also has a 40-hour power reserve which prevents you from winding the watch every day.

Timex Expedition Scout

From the name of the watch itself, the Timex Expedition Scout is best for expeditions because of its durable body that guarantees water resistance. Though the overall design of the watch is simple, the purpose of it is to give you a worry-less trip because the watch isn’t pricey but still serves its function.


The timepiece that you prefer wearing whenever you travel is all up to you, especially if you have a certain watch that fits your personality and style. But, the seven travel watches presented above are all-around watches that can fit specific styles to allow safe traveling for every watch enthusiast.

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