October 6, 2019

Dear Editor,

The vast majority of individual Victorian men and women portrayed as “aboriginal” Australians (as shown on the idiot box regarding Victoria’s proposed “First People’s Assembly” to usher in a treaty in Victoria) appear to me to be either “Snow White’s long-lost twin brother or twin sister”!

As for aboriginal people being “over-represented in jail,” no amount of “treaties” and/or “assemblies” will ever sort that out; that will happen only if aboriginal people started to behave themselves, stop playing the “victim” card and committing crimes! They could do so by starting to acknowledge all the privileges/benefits (like the Royal Flying Doctor Service, dentistry, hospitals, the dole, Maccas, Red Rooster, Uber food deliveries, etc.) they enjoy, brought to them by British-led European settlement!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. As soon as the road to become a millionaire was as easy as setting-up a liquor store at any entrance to an Indian Reservation here in the States, there were as many millionaires as there were, well, these entrepreneurs weren’t the deacons of the local churches.

    The word is finally getting out that firewater and Indian blood is a receipt for drunkenness, wife beating and jail.

    If your Aborigines and our American Indians are to get on board in accepting the future with responsibility, they must accept their own failings and not lay blame on others.

    The blame game is over.

    Chief New Leaf