September 29, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

My, my, what has become of the “Intel” Community?

The spooks at Langley and their acolytes elsewhere are upset.  Oh, are they upset!  Many of them have been in the “game” for years and know how to “produce intelligence.”  As bureaucrats (well, OK, as “specialized” bureaucrats), they respond to heat just like all the others.  Among those feeling it are partisans beholden to the “party of big government” with its flexible hours, generous paid vacations, and rules that make it nearly impossible to fire slackers and non-performers.  (A few of my 31 years of military service were wasted trying – unsuccessfully — to clean house of just such wastrels.)

The “Intel Community,” like most government employees in Washington, knew the wrath and power of Hillary Clinton and her die-hard supporters.  How else could she get away with not using mandatory official State Department communications – whose records are public property and may not be destroyed under penalty of law (felonies, not misdemeanors) – and instead, set up her own private, improperly-secured server?

Meanwhile, at least the upper echelons of the “community” went along with the Obama Iran Deal – a deal which went against all we understood about terrorism and its main sponsors.  The “deal” – which was sold as being good for America – pretended to impose prohibitions on certain kinds of uranium enrichment, had “rules” for inspections of some nuclear development sites (but not the ones dealing with weapons development on military Iranian installations) and it gave them unfettered, full-throttle authority to produce and deploy nuclear devices and weaponry after a scant decade or so.  Plus, on top of that, Obama paid the Mullahs for being so gracious to us by airlifting pallet-loads of billions of US dollars for the Mullahs to use to support their militias (Hezbollah and the like) that are engaged in fighting, conspiring, and undermining peace nearly worldwide.  These are the very same mullahs, by the way, who developed, produced, and provided ever-more-powerful IEDs used to kill and maim our valiant servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Somehow we are supposed to believe that a decade or so after we groveled and paid up, the Mullahs would morph into Mother Teresa.

Now, please, help me find something “beneficial” to We The People in any part of the Iran Deal.  And yet, the Obama CIA, DNI, FBI, State Department and other lesser lights raised no concerns about this terrible bargain, even as the Mullahs continued to call up rent-a-crowds in Teheran and elsewhere to march through the streets chanting “Death to America,”  “Death to the Great Satan….” while burning our flag and effigies on Uncle Sam.

So, when the electorate chose a rank outsider rather than to put Hillary in the White House, the “community” began to sweat a bit.  Would the new guy go along and get along, or would he look into the comfortably-entrenched bureaucracy?  And when the “Crossfire Hurricane” conspiracy began to be exposed and the head of the FBI was sacked, sweat began to change to panic.  The Muller “investigation” spent millions over two years, yet none of the die-hard partisan Democrat “lawyer-investigators” could turn up any dirt.  The “community” needed a new issue so as to preempt the coming results of the Department of Justice’s deep dive into Deep-State treachery.  Aha!  A Trump phone call to the President of the Ukraine!! Wow, let’s run with that.

Just coincidentally, a disgruntled upper-echelon team at the CIA changes the rules for “whistle-blowing” so that the old rules that only “first-hand” reports could be submitted were changed, replaced with new rules that welcome hearsay accounts or rumors, scuttlebutt or whatever.  And, just coincidentally, a whistle-blower” complaint consisting of a lengthy list of opinions and distortions, written by a “committee” and resembling little more than an overdrawn op-ed was waiting to be “accepted” under the newly-revised rules.  The complaint identifies no crime by the president and ignores that the telephone call helped expose an obvious, genuine crime of extortion by the Vice President in the previous administration.   Worst of all, the mainstream media gives total buy-in to this overwrought nonsense, while continuing its near total blackout of the Biden malfeasance.

Hmmm!  As we used to say, “something’s rotten in Denmark,” but, this ain’t Denmark.  How long can this go on?

Old Frank

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