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(Sep. 28, 2019) — Yesterday, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh when he said, “We are in a ‘cold’ civil war…”.

I almost fell out of my chair!

He actually, FINALLY, said what we have all been thinking and warning about!

When even Rush, always careful not to stick his toe over the line, actually says it, you know it’s bad and getting worse.

The problem with a “cold” war (civil or otherwise) is that it takes only one incident for it to go hot.   I give you “Bleeding Kansas” and Fort Sumter.   I give you Germany’s invasion of Poland that started WWII.   I give you the sinking of the USS Maine in Cuba.   I give you Lexington, Concord, and the Boston Massacre.   I give you the storming of the Bastille.  I give you the sinking of the Lusitania that brought America into WWI.  History is replete with such incidents where one side pushes too far and unintentionally starts a war.

No one knows what such an “incident” might be that would turn our cold civil war hot, with unintended consequences, but let me offer three scenarios I think might do it.   And, no, I’m not hoping for it; I’m just hypothesizing.

The most immediate is impeachment.   I do think the House will at least eventually file Articles of Impeachment, and may even pass them, forcing a trial in the Senate.   In this scenario, one of two things would happen.   First, and most likely, Trump would be acquitted.  The Democrat Party, driven by its unhinged base, is so off the rails that it could actually and inadvertently say and do things that would encourage the base to go ballistic and riot, forcing massive federal and state government crackdowns.   If things went badly and Democrat leadership (itself unhinged) did not tamp its base down, civil unrest could boil over into full-scale war.  Second, Trump could be convicted on spurious and obviously false grounds, pushing his supporters into open resistance and rebellion.   Once war starts, it takes on a life of its own and the end result is up in the air.

Another possible catalyst for civil war is the obvious and open corruption in government and, especially, the Democrat Party now being exposed on an almost daily basis.   Note that I said “government” and not “federal government.”  Corruption has become the order of the day at every level:  federal, state, and local.   In the past, people have pretty-much resigned themselves to the idea that corruption is just the “reality” of government.   BUT, thanks to Trump and the increasingly insane Democrat Party leadership, egged on by the base, its pervasiveness and extent are so apparent and “in your face” that people are now seeing it for the cancer and danger it is.

Attorney General Barr is quietly, behind the scenes, conducting a thorough investigation into Democrat Party corruption throughout government.   I believe (perhaps “hope” is a better word) heads will roll.   Democrat Leadership knows it, which is why they have started attacking Barr personally.  I believe this investigation (and, hopefully, indictments) could even include the Clintons.   IF (and it’s a huge “if”) the Clintons are eventually indicted, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned, the Left will go absolutely crazy, very possibly generating civil unrest, rioting, etc. and, in turn, precipitating massive government (and possibly military) intervention.   This could easily become the spark that turns a cold civil war hot.

The third potential spark to a civil war would be Trump’s assassination and an almost immediate return to the “business as usual” Washington template.   I firmly believe it is a very real possibility and a back-burner option for the Democrats and their corrupt leadership, especially if Trump is re-elected in a landslide and Congress becomes overwhelmingly Republican.   EVERYTHING in Washington revolves around “business as usual” (corruption and graft).   Biden’s shenanigans are just the most recent revelations, but not at all unusual.   He was just too open about it.   But, as Trump and Barr pull back the curtain and the public begins to grasp the full and pervasive extent of Washington corruption, well, THAT cannot be allowed.   Too many powerful people would be exposed.   They simply have too much to lose (think Hillary and the 20-30 people she has [allegedly] had killed, some right before they were scheduled to testify against her).   They will do whatever they have to in order to survive.

The Left, especially the Radical Left, is ever more open about their ultimate goal of destroying the Constitution, American culture, and America herself.   Witness Beto’s open admission that he would come for guns, in defiance of the Second Amendment.   The law literally means ZIP to them.   They want what they want, at ANY cost.   And, they darned well mean to have it, by any means, peaceful or otherwise — PERIOD!   They will use any “crisis” to achieve their ends, even if they have to fabricate one.   Remember, the FIRST casualty in any war is truth.

OR, a hot civil war could well be a combination of the above and the slow, inexorable, relentless increase in “hostilities” between the vast majority of Americans and the increasingly radicalized Left, until the Silent Majority says, “ENOUGH!”  In that case, you can bet your last bullet the Left will NOT surrender, but, like the Nazis, will fight to the bitter end.   It’s all they know!

My brother, years ago, said, “We are already two countries, so let’s just get to it.   The last person standing wins.”   My observation is that we ARE two countries and growing farther apart by the day, much as we were right before the American Civil War.   I genuinely fear that we will reach critical mass, possibly sooner than we think and are prepared for.   I hope not.   I hope we can right the Ship of State peacefully, but I am beginning to doubt it.   If history is any guide, it will end violently, and badly.

What then?

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  1. If “President “ Trump is forced from office by impeachment ,false votes, false indictments or assignation attempt the silent majority will go hot.
    Soros and all his traitorous lieutenants will be driven out. Also CA- Hollywood and other communists in New York,Boston,Chicago,Austen,Portland and other hot spots like Berkeley will be annihilated. Jane Fonda will have 5 million Vietnam vets looking for her and her sympathizers.
    Most of the military will be on the American side.
    The communist-socialist movement will be dead and it will kill communism throughout the world.
    The.next. It battle will be for Africa as Chinese communism will collapse

  2. The seeds of a second un-civil cold war germinated during the month of April 2008 when the full U.S. Senate (sans John McCain) voted “yea’ on Senate Resolution (SR) 511. This SR 511 was a deceptive measure to do two things – (1) to obfuscate the natural born Citizenship meaning and (2) to “grease the rails” in order to nominate non-natural born Citizens for the U.S. presidency from both major political parties, both in 2008 and subsequent presidential elections without the lengthy and messy necessity to amend the U.S. Constitution.

    Since that fateful day on January 20, 2009, when aka Obama was illegally twice sworn-in to the POTUS position, the UniParty (Deep State) has been in a scorched earth process to protect both themselves and the usurper aka Obama, at all costs, when they did their evil deed of foisting an illegal alien and unconstitutional person into the White House, both in 2008, then again in 2012.

    All of the subsequent unconstitutional covert actions of the DOJ/FBI/CIA/Congress/US Supreme Court (The Deep State) can be attributed to the massive effort of an infinite cover-up mode to protect the undocumented alien (to protect themselves) and presidential usurper, aka Barry Soetoro, ever since private citizen Donald J. Trump forced the Soetoro usurper regime to forge a bogus Long-Form Birth Certificate (LFBC) and issue that bogus LFBC to the public on April 27, 2011 through to-date.

    Congress had blackmailed themselves when they allowed an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist to be sworn in as the putative president back in 2009 and no evidence, no matter how valid or definitive it was, would ever make them admit they became complicit in 2009 in the mother of all crimes against American citizens and her Constitution by their inaction at that moment in 2009. They gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. (Hat tip: Bob68+)

    The on-going since 2009 cover-up is still in progress and the election of Trump, “the birther”, instead of the planned and promised in 2008 continued after Obama cover of Hillary, sent all complicit in the Obama fraud into a panic to remove Trump from office before the complete truth about Barry is revealed and acted on. That is the battle that is going on as we speak…….we have not won because the, “good guys”, will not use the one weapon that would drain the swamp overnight….the truth about Barry. (Hat tip: Bob68+)

    The never ending investigations and endless talk all go nowhere because a crime too big to prosecute was committed when Obama was given America’s government and her military in 2009. Trump scares the heck out of all complicit…..but will Trump ever use the trump card he has to end this circus sideshow we are watching? (Hat tip: Bob68+)

  3. I have thought about this as well and come to a different conclusion. Antifa is your model for a civil war. How is that going? A huge segment of the liberal insanity is well funded. It is in no way grass roots like the tea party.

    Whatever liberal violence comes, it will be bought and paid for by people like Soros and Steyer. Cut off those sources and you cut off pretty much all the violence.

    Second, we have been mostly taking it from them. When we really push back, they will find they do not have a stomach for the fight.

    Third, so much of this is media driven. Law suits and regulation aplenty await them. Getting them to temper their remarks and do more objective reporting will help calm things down too.

    Fourth, expect more like the #WalkAway movement. It is still active but relatively low key at the moment. If the cases against more democrats go to trial, expect more from this movement to drain the democrat base. Already, I have seen videos from middle aged women who have been hard core democrats for decades who have publicly stated they are walking away. More of that, and the democrat party is going to be in serious trouble.

    Fifth, one should not downplay growing support among minority communities for President Trump. At 50% from the latino community and 20% from the black community, and getting voted out of office, the democrats will have fewer resources, not more for any kind of “civil war”.

    Sixth, people like Candace Owens are doing double duty by bringing common sense to college campuses and waging unrelenting war on the victimhood mentality. Yeah, their work is cut out for them, but they are raising enough of a buzz in their travels to blunt the liberal hegemon.

    Public education will likely remain a last bastion of liberalism, IMHO. The way I characterize this problem is that they are deeply rooted in communities of conflict. Towns small and large have both conservative and liberal parents battling it out. As far as I am concerned, this is the real battleground.

    As for the future, fair to say a lot hangs in the balance. The reality is that Trump has a much better set of cards to play. The democrats weak hand only wins by being increasingly emotional. But that has its limits. I finish with the image of a video. It showed two cats. One was much bigger than the other. The small one kept batting at the big one. For a long time, the big cat just took it until finally he had enough. He leapt on the smaller cat. Fight over.

    As is typical of the conservative community, we have scattered efforts all over the place

  4. I have had the same thoughts and feelings for a long time now. There seems to be no way to influence the minds of those on the left. So, I agree, it will only take a spark to set it off. I too wonder what that spark will be.