What We are Really Up Against


by Oren Long, ©2019

Photo:  Engin_Akyurt at Pixabay

(Sep. 9, 2019) — We are all missing the CORE REASON we are all sooo hated by the Left — FREEDOM!   We love freedom.  They hate it.   It really, truly IS that simple!

Throughout all of human history, regardless of how far back you want to go, freedom has been hated and feared by power elites whom we euphemistically call the PTB (powers that be).

Let me distill it all down to its essence.   Freedom can be defined with one word, “RESPONSIBILITY.”   Power can also be distilled down to one word, “IRRESPONSIBILITY.”  Free people are responsible for themselves and their own actions.   Enslaved people are responsible for NOTHING.   People granted “power” by a free people are held RESPONSIBLE for their actions.   Power-brokers in a society of enslaved people are never held responsible for ANYTHING, EVER!

As far back as ancient Greece, Democracy was constantly challenged and undermined by those who would grasp and seek power for themselves until they eventually succeeded and garnered total power and control, returning, once again, to the time-established Status Quo of kingship running everyone’s lives.   And, always for themselves and their family, but NEVER for the good of the People and/or the country.

Ancient Rome was founded as a Republic but was also eventually turned into a State run by ruthless emperors, again, and as throughout history, for pure self-aggrandizement, power, lust, and wealth.   It was all about power and control and NOTHING else.

Almost without exception and throughout history, ALL nations have been run by dictators.   Said dictators have come under many names: Kings, Emperors, Generals, Warlords, etc.   But, they ALL had one thing in common; they ALL garnered complete and total power and control over EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING for themselves and themselves alone.

Then came the American Revolution and, eventually, the Constitution, forwarding the concepts of freedom and equality to ALL, regardless of wealth or position, concepts so alien to the PTB in the rest of the world that said concepts literally scared the pants off of them.   They correctly saw this “Freedom Thing” as the “Clear and Present Danger” it was to their perpetual rule.   They correctly understood that, if America succeeded under American concepts of Freedom and equality, THEY would be in danger, and they could not allow THAT!

Word of the American Experiment (and success) spread like wildfire all around the planet.   People from across the globe flocked to America.   Like a virus, word spread back to other countries with disastrous results for the PTB in those countries.   The French Revolution (yes, it ended badly, but still) is just one example.

Sadly, to a great extent, peoples who had never experienced freedom or self-determination and had no idea how it worked or how to make it work still yearned for it, yet fell under the spell of “closet” PTB who enslaved them without their even knowing it was happening.   I give you Communism (Authoritarianism under the false promise of “equality”), National Socialism (under the guise of national/racial superiority), Islamic rule (under the guise of religious purity and fealty), and other equally evil constructs.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Now, the Democrat Party has been co-opted by power-mad, top-down, radicalized Socialists and Communists, promising Utopia while delivering slavery.   BUT, in the end, it all always boils down to the same old, tired, worn, unsuccessful mantra — top-down rule by the few over the many.   ALL they have done is change the name.   Instead of calling themselves “kings” or “emperors,” they call themselves “Progressives.”   The end goal remains the same: “Must destroy this “Freedom Thing!”

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is a greatly abbreviated and simplified view of what we are up against, but the underlying premise remains, to wit, that America is, always has been, and always will be under ongoing and constant attack by the PTB until they once again restore the “Status Quo” of total power and control for themselves and their minions alone.

As Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

The current crop of wannabe kings and dictators, disguised as politicians of all stripes, ALL fall under that mantra.   They ALL — except Trump for some strange reason — want POWER over everyone and everything.   They tell us it is for our benefit, but not so much.   In the end, it is THEY, not us, who benefit.   It is THEY who get to make all the decisions.   It is THEY who get to spend our money.   It is THEY who get to tell us what to think, do, and say.

It reminds me of the country song, “They tell you to send your money to the Lord, but give you their address.”

This will not end!   In the end, it is ALL about restoring the historical Status Quo of top-down leadership and rule, ruthless if necessary.   In the end, it is ALL about stamping out this “Freedom Thing” and — FINALLY — getting back to the way things “should be,” the powerful ruling over the powerless — for everyone’s own good, of course!

Happily, the Founders gave us the cure, a cure specifically designed to negate the necessity for all-out civil war and massive bloodshed.   The remedy is right in front of us in Article V of the Constitution via a Convention of States, yet we have allowed ourselves to be convinced not to use it.   Why is beyond me.   Perhaps we really do need to be enslaved before we will act.   Sadly, by then, it will be too late and “order” will have been restored.

3 Responses to "What We are Really Up Against"

  1. Nobody   Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 11:19 PM

    It is suspiciously perplexing to me that people wish to use article V to amend the Constitution, the same Constitution that is a useless piece of paper at this point, ALL LAW in the US is being violated by the criminals fraudulently posing as ‘government’. Article V is not a solution, it is a total waste of time and actually less than useless at this point, it would coopted and used to to make the the criminal overthrow lawful. Grand jury indictments of EVERY ‘government’ worker is THE ANSWER whether you comorehend this ir not. EVERY ‘government’ worker is committing a capital crime EVERY WORKING DAY because they are being paid in an unlawful, debasing tender. This is a death penalty offense in the US and has been in every country in the history of humans civilization. Our grand juries should issue indictments for debasement of tender under the coinage act of 1792 and treason for every sitting ‘judge’ and prosecutor in all states and feds to start. This enables them to appoint special judges and prosecutors to preside over and prosecute treason/tender debasement cases against them with real lawfully astute petit juries. They would be convicted, issued the death penalty and executed. This would pave the way for the war criminals and fed res bankers to be prosecuted next, then the juries could offer amnesty to any ‘government’ worker who turns themselves in to the jury for tender debasement under the agreement they are prohibited from ever working for the government again and that they forfeit all retirement and benfits that were fraudulently based on tender otherwise they would be prosecuted for tender debasement and treason. After that the politicians would be prosecuted. Once every criminal whom had overthrown the government was either executed or neutralized then we could return to lawfully voting by verifiable court registered and publicly available affidavit (lawful voting) and then we could set the course for a re-instuting lawful tender, issuing a declaration of war on the IMF, wipe them off the face of the Earth, withdraw from the UN , give them 24 hours to leave the US, demolition their facility and proceed to publicly recognize that the law for government was never and can never be applicable to the sovereign people where equal justice is applied as common law where an entity has no power to make any law applicable to anyone not working in its capacity and where a court action is never granted without allegations of actual injury.

    That is a REAL solution that would be highly effective and issue the proper lawful justice to remedy the absolute tyrannical criminal fraud, theft, extortion and human trafficking racket posing as the governments in the US. It is already communism, it is already OVER 100% tax rate you just need to look at the facts to comprehend how. Americans at the revolutiin blew their tops over 6% tax and now it’s over 100%, that’s why the debt always increases and prices continue to rise -it’s called a tax but is actually a capital crime.

  2. James Carter   Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 10:50 AM

    Excellent editorial. The truth, the simple truth, in plain English.

    President Ronald Reagan hit the nail squarely on its head with: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    Sadly, America (freedom) is already into its second at best, third at worst, generations of native born citizens who have been indoctrinated by our ever increasingly left-wing educational system into believing that America’s exceptionalism is the root cause of all the world’s problems, that the (democratic) republic established by America’s founders is the root cause of same and must, therefore, be replaced. Recent survey’s indicate that most college students are not proud to be Americans and believe Socialism is better than Capitalism. Such was the premise of Obama’s: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    In less than 50 years America went from “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” (President John F. Kennedy circa 1963) to “You didn’t build that. The government did.” (President Barack H. Obama circa 2010).

    The current crop of Democrat candidates for President in 2020 can try but cannot hide the fact that they intend to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a Socialist State.

    “When in the course of human events…” When indeed!

  3. Professer Zorkophsky   Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 5:23 AM

    Good editorial, Oren: to the point. Now, if I may throw my professional opinion in;

    In the Muslim world, they are taught to hate democracy and everything that it brings, free speech being just one example. And I guarantee they know not why, but we see them carrying signs proclaiming, “DEATH TO FREE SPEECH!”

    Afraid of words? Afraid of different ideas? Afraid of lies and afraid of truths; what a way to live.

    Look, if you can’t handle the Golden Rule, then you’ve got some serious problems that need addressing, and if you can’t be honest with your shrink, then you’re a prime candidate for the Funny Farm.

    Here’s the problem: if they would keep their insanity in their own part of the world, fine. But they can’t, can they? They have to lord it over everybody, and therein lays the problem: they can’t mind their own business. No Golden Rule for them, is there?

    And to top it off, our State Department welcomes them into our country, as if we don’t have enough problems already.

    Get real.

    Professor Zorkophsky

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