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(Sep. 7, 2019) — Travel is an incredibly rewarding experience, but one that comes with various challenges – which is why we’ve handpicked 10 essential travel tips to help you on your way.

1. Take multiple debit/credit cards

If you can, take multiple debit/cards with you as well as cash and store them in different places so that you’ll always have access to funds. Just ensure that you notify your bank that you’re travelling overseas, otherwise they might freeze your account.

2. Backup your documents

By scanning important travel documents such as your passport and visa and then emailing them to yourself, you’ll be better placed for securing replacements should they get lost or stolen. This document backup article on Travel Insurance Review lists some of the other important travel items to keep copies of.

3. Eat local cuisine

Travel is all about immersing yourself in different cultures and food is the perfect portal. In addition to this, local cuisine is often cheaper, tastes better and is fresher because it hasn’t been transported as far.

4. Queue behind business travellers

Business travellers know the drill when it comes to airport security, so if you’re looking to pass through security swiftly, your best bet is to opt for the line with businesspeople in it.

5. Download travel apps

Mobile apps have made travel a far less stressful experience by providing solutions to the most common problems. It’s therefore worth downloading a few to help you combat your trickiest travel challenges – this travel apps article on Digital Trends has top recommendations.

6. Eat at restaurants during lunchtime

Most restaurants have a lunchtime menu with the same (or similar) sized dishes to those they serve at dinner time, but at a fraction of the price. So when you want to eat out, make lunch your main meal and save yourself some cash.

7. Don’t overplan

When you overplan, there’s a greater chance of things going wrong because you’ll feel pressured to get everything done and diminish your enjoyment of your trip. It’s therefore much better to plan a flexible schedule.

8. Keep a log of your activities

Keeping some sort of written record of the things you’ve done and places you’ve visited is a worthwhile undertaking, because it means you’ll be able to recall and relive your travel experiences with greater clarity for years to come.

9. Join group tours

Group tours are a great place to meet fellow travellers and knowledgeable local tour guides can show you the coolest spots in your destination and fill your mind with fun facts about them.

10. Drive

Driving to the airport means you can travel at the time that suits you best. And if you’re worried about pricey parking charges, you’ll find airport parking deals on Looking4.com for Sydney and other major hubs.

Follow these 10 terrific tips and you’ll be able to travel like a pro from here on in.

What are your favourite travel tips? Please share them in the comments section.

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