10 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Study in the U.S.


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(Sep. 4, 2019) — Burgers, donuts, french fries or Harvard, Yale, and Princeton – which of these words attract you more? Clearly, the variety of food options, beautiful nature, friendly people, and a sense of liberty are not the only factors that draw students all over the world to the United States of America. Definitely, they can be a pleasant bonus for everyone who comes to study in this country. According to the statistics, there are over 1.2 million student visa holders in 2019 and the number is growing. No wonder young people come here to build their prosperous future! 11 out of 20 best universities on the planet are situated in America. However, there are more reasons why foreign students choose American universities over their national options. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 reasons why everyone wants to study in the U.S, prepared by the EssayShark team for us.

The best quality of higher education in the world

The USA is the homeland of the best schools. Their diplomas are valued and accepted everywhere. The education industry has already become an international article of trade in demand. You can easily compare higher education to a vacation in Miami or a ferry to the Statue of Liberty in New York. Everyone wants it and is ready to pay unbelievable sums of money to get it. The USA diploma is your guarantee to build a successful career in your native country. But it’s not a plastic card that people cherish. US universities offer their students a comfortable studying environment, the best professors, the latest technologies, and deep knowledge in the sphere students choose.

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You get a chance to enhance your English and get to the level of a native speaker

No matter how many language courses you attend or how many camps you visited, there is still a slight possibility of having that perfect English. Even the best language schools will give knowledge of academic English, while the modern language is changing and evolving daily. Neologisms, idioms, and set phrases come and go like a shot. You can dive into this atmosphere of flexible English only in the native country. This experience will help you develop the “sense of a language” which can’t be formed through ordinary lessons at school in your home country.

Scientific-research activities at arms’ length

In the United States, education equals scientific researches. This factor is a favorable advantage of the American education system in comparison to other establishments all on the planet. US universities are literally scientific-research centers where the academic sphere is inseparably linked with scientific researches. This allows students to obtain fundamental knowledge and practical skills. Typically, the best scientists in the country who commit to both teaching and research activities train students and assist them in becoming real experts.

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A perspective of living and building a career in the USA

Graduates of USA universities have real chances of staying and building their careers in the country with the highest level of economy in the world. Foreign students are given 14 months to find an appropriate job on the territory of the country after they graduate from any higher education institution.

Individual approach to education

Studying of various disciplines in the United States is based on an individual approach, the development of self-studying and independent thinking. No one supports and encourages the cramming of the liberal arts, let alone the specialized education and core classes. Students obtain the priceless skills of independent and critical analysis and thinking and efficient studying of the educational materials.

Freedom to choose

Students at universities in the USA have full liberty to choose which disciplines to study and when. They can define the number of hours they want to devote to studying the subject. Such freedom is comfortable but requires a great sense of responsibility. The flexibility of the educational process allows students to adapt to the standards of the program or build an individual plan. It must correspond to the formulated educational tasks and student’s skills, interests and current level of knowledge. Moreover, students are free to transfer from one college or university to another one without complicated bureaucratic procedures.

Build your network of international friends

The country with the highest concentration of the best universities has graduated plenty of renowned politicians, CEOs, presidents, scientists, doctors, writers, etc. Great networking skills is one of the aspects of higher education in the US. Attendance at various educational events, dinners with deans or meetups with celebrities provide students with an opportunity to build a strong network of connections for the rest of their lives.

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Great financial support

American universities have the strongest financial support in comparison to other countries. Various sources fund money, from charity to commercial activities. Such financial security results in creating a wonderful environment for students’ education using the latest equipment. Moreover, colleges and universities offer around 2,000 scholarships worth $1.000.000. The international aid program is highly developed and provides diverse options.

Integration with employers and internship options

Universities have deep integration with various companies that are ready to take students or offer them an internship. That’s another significant benefit of studying in the United States of America. Representatives of different corporations frequently visit educational establishments in search of new bright talents. They often arrange contests to find the right person for a position and after a successful trial period will be more than happy to offer a job.

There are even more advantages of studying in America. Students’ lives there are full of fascinating events, ceremonies, parties, trips, new friends, and open horizons. Don’t be scared to take this step and change your life forever.

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