by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 15, 2019) — As reported in a comment early Thursday morning by reader Robert Laity, the website “,” which appears to be publishing all of our original and editorial work through an automatic feed, posted our article published late Wednesday evening reporting its plagiarism of our content.

The website purports to publish “high quality online news and digital media service that is reliable and impact positively on our Readers/Clients and society and for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity” but uses The Post & Email’s content, without bylines or attribution, to do so.

On Wednesday, we contacted the blog owner(s) to ask for either attribution and backlinks to our work or an immediate removal of all of our articles.

Interestingly, when the blog reproduced our article citing its plagiarism, it removed the URL to its website from our second paragraph.

Screenshot of the first two paragraphs of The Post & Email’s article published on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 identifying the url of the plagiarizing website
Screenshot of hothealthblog’s reproduction of the first two paragraphs of The Post & Email’s article reporting its plagiarism of our website

A “Whois” record obtained through reports that the blog’s IP is located in San Francisco, that it 0riginates in China and its domain registered with GoDaddy. also provided a result identifying GoDaddy as the registrar of the domain.


We will be contacting GoDaddy and possibly other parties on Thursday.

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