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by Oren Long, ©2019

(Aug. 1, 2019) — It appears that the more trouble James Comey gets into, the harder FBI Director Chris Wray works to protect him from prosecution.

This clearly illustrates what Trump means when he talks about “the swamp.”  Swamp creatures care little about honor, integrity, the country, or the Constitution.   Their primary focus is on the swamp.

Wray is a perfect example.   His focus is NOT on justice, but on preserving the reputation of the FBI — at all costs.   He KNOWS Comey is dirty as sin, but simply doesn’t care.   In Wray’s world, ALL that matters is the FBI, irrespective of all else.

This mindset permeates ALL of what I call “Fortress Washington.”  NOTHING but Fortress Washington matters.   It literally is as though the entire rest of the country exists for no purpose other than to support and obey Fortress Washington.

Trump has an even steeper hill to climb than even he knows.

If Trump really wants to drain the swamp, he should fire EVERYONE with even the most ancillary connection to Fortress Washington and bring in “outsiders” with zero connection to the swamp.   Then and only then can he feel confident that his every attempt at reform will not be undermined from within.

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  1. If Comey escapes justice, President Trump should issue immediate pardons to Manafort, Gen. Flynn and Papadopolous – And FORCE Comey, McCabe, Obama, Clinton, Clapper, and Brennan TO FULLY REPAY EVERY LOST PENNY – and an EXCESSIVE amount for pain and suffering!!!

    Those TRAITORS are rich now – from swindling Americans – they should be financially RUINED if not exiled permanently!!!.

  2. If Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Clinton aren’t prosecuted, not even President Trump, as much as we all love him, will be able to save this country.

  3. If Comey escapes justice then the first person President Trump should immediately pardon is Army Lt. Col Terrance Lakin, and in doing so restore all of his duly earned retirement benefits…preferably retroactive to the date of his conviction.