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(Jul. 24, 2019) — Do you think your city may be liable for your personal injuries? Your first step is to find out if you have a case. Discover how to sue a city for damages.

No one wants to suffer an unexpected injury, especially one caused by the negligence of the city where they live. Depending on the extent of your trauma, you could be out of commission for days and even weeks while bills start piling up.

If you need to know how to sue a city for damages, we have all the info you need!

Can You Sue a City?

From slipping on ice on the steps of your local post office to being struck by a city vehicle, there are several ways that your local city can do you harm. Whether you are a city employee who was fired without cause, a student whose school fails to provide educational services or have your civil rights violated by local police, you can seek compensation.

While it used to be the case that people could not file a lawsuit against the government, most states now have laws that let you sue for damages. When your local government is responsible for your injury or fails in its duties, you can file a liability suit to get what you deserve.

What to Do When Your City Injures You

Following the car accident or failure to maintain facilities, you should spring into action at once. Lawsuits against the government often have a limited period for you to file your claim. For example, a personal injury claim may need to be filed within 30 days of the injury even to be considered.

There are also different time limits depending on whether you are filing a lawsuit against a city or state government. Not all states have the same laws and requirements, so it is vital to do your research or contact a lawyer immediately.

Make sure that you have any damage estimates, medical reports, witness contact information and any other info you might need. You should also seek out legal help as soon as possible to get the best sense of any legal grounds you have to sue.

You may also need to file a Notice of Claim when suing the government to avoid having your lawsuit dismissed. Rather than filing the notice with a court of law, you have to send it out to each individual or entity that is responsible for your injury.

These claims should include any relevant information, such as medical provider contact info and the exact date and time of your injury, and should be sent via certified mail. Once your Notice of Claim has been filed, you have to follow any instructions on how and when to file your lawsuit to avoid any difficulties.

You May Encounter Obstacles to Your Lawsuit

Before you decide to file your lawsuit, you should be aware of any mitigating factors that may work against you. Suing a legislator for personal injury or a government hospital for malpractice may not be worth your time and money.

This is where an injury law firm can help you know exactly whether your claim is worth pursuing.

How to Sue a City for Damages

While suffering an injury that your city could have prevented is awful, failing to hold them accountable and get compensation is worse. But now you know how to sue a city for damages so you can hold them accountable.

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