Stopping the Invasion at the Border


July 22, 2019

What is happening at the border is not a “crisis”; it is an “INVASION” and there is one, guaranteed way to stop it!

Article IV, Section Four of the Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government and SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THEM AGAINST INVASION” (my emphasis).  This is a mandate.   It is not optional.

Webster’s gives two definitions of “invade,” including “to crowd into as if taking possession; to encroach on; to intrude upon.”  Clearly, BY DEFINITION, we are being invaded.   Even President Trump has called it an invasion and has declared a State of National Emergency pursuant thereto.  All that is left is for President Trump to activate Article IV, Section Four.

Use of Article IV, Section Four would allow the President to go around Congress and the courts and send troops to the border with orders to “repel” invaders back into Mexico.   It would put him on unassailable ground that could not be challenged by Congress or the courts, though I admit they would try.

The illegal border-crossers (not to be confused with legal applicants) are not “migrants,” “immigrants,” “asylum seekers,” or “refugees.”   If they were they could go to any official Port of Entry, file a claim, and await adjudication in Mexico as ordered by the President.   BUT, when they cross illegally, at illegal points, they become “invaders” and nothing else.

“Invaders” are not given attorneys, court dates, or any social services.  And, they SURE AS HECK are not released into the country!  They are just REPELLED back into Mexico, period, something that would force Mexico to either stop these endless caravans or care for caravan members themselves.

Activating Article IV, Section Four would also allow the President to use federal laws 10 USC 284 and 8 USC 1182(f).  10 USC 284 would allow the military to build and police the wall in pursuit of its ordered mission to protect against current and future invaders.  8 USC 1182(f) would allow the President to stop all immigration from Mexico WITHOUT impacting trade between Mexico and the U.S., a win-win that could buy time to sort out and reform our immigration laws and policy.

So, why does the President not do this?   I believe it is because he does not know he can.   He is not a constitutional scholar.   He is a businessman and administrator.   Of necessity, he relies on his legal team to tell him his legal and constitutional options.   Why they have not advised him of the above is beyond me.   Perhaps there are reasons, though I cannot think of any.   At the very least, he should be advised of it so he can make his own decision.   I have tried to communicate this option to the President, but have only received silence from those guarding access.

The vociferous, knee-jerk, anti-Trump reaction from everyone in Washington, Democrat and Republican alike, tells me that “Fortress Washington” is dead-set against securing the border.   They SAY they want the border secured, but actions speak louder than words.The ongoing and worsening invasion across the border is not going away!   PLEASE do whatever you can to get this message in front of the President.

Oren Long, MA
Republican Precinct Committeeman

2 Responses to "Stopping the Invasion at the Border"

  1. Art Telles   Monday, July 22, 2019 at 3:14 PM

    Hi Sharon,

    That is a very fine article by Oren Long.

    The first half of Article IV Section 4 is (the capital letters are in the original): “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion:…”

    The second half says: “…and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

    Somebody, anybody, please give Pres. Trump a personal copy of the U.S. Constitution so that he can study it and also show it at rallies and inspire the American citizens to also carry their own copies of the Constitution and study it.

    Since words mean things, the President definitely does have legal constitutional authority to protect the U.S. from “Invasion” and “domestic Violence” when the “Legislature cannot be convened”..

    So, President Trump, now you know what ONLY YOU can do because ONLY YOU have Article IV Section 4 authority to protect America when the “Legislature” hits the road for a 6 week break in a few days.

    Sir, “Just Do It” and when adversaries challenge you and say you cannot tell them “Yes we can” with great gusto and direct them to Article IV Section 4


  2. Cindy Jenkins   Monday, July 22, 2019 at 11:52 AM

    The president doesn’t stop the invasion because its helping bring the economy numbers up. Our social security is being drawn out to take care of these invaders. Otherwise it would sit in a bank account waiting for us to retire. Its going into the economy now.

    Likewise the property taxes we pay which support our local hospitals are used to pay for illegals medical expenses along with other welfare and Medicare moneys.

    New apartment buildings are being built in Texas and other cities around the US, to house the influx. All the food manufacturers are getting a boost by this invasion too.

    Business is booming at the expense of the taxpayer. Between the state sales tax, property tax, social security tax and income tax working citizens pay, maybe its more than a 70% tax.

    Is Occasio Cortez that far off the mark when she proposes a 70% tax on the working class?

    I totally despise her but lets face facts: It doesnt matter what party is in office the average working American is being ripped off by our government forcing us to pay social security tax which originally was supposed to be a retirement fund for the elderly. When you retire it is parceled out to be about 40% of your income monthly. Where do you get the other 60% so you can eat & pay the rent? Illegals don’t have to worry how they will pay their bills.

    If Trump stops the illegal invasion his economic numbers won’t look so good. He sees the light now that he’s elected. He will continue to blame the Democrats for the invasion. Who’s fault is it that the Democrats control the House? The Republican Party which is headed by Mitt Romney’s niece (and appointed by Trump) didn’t get Republicans to run in 32 House races leaving the seats held by Republicans who retired in 2016, open for Democrats to take. So now we have a fall guy for Trump when he doesn’t fulfill his promises to those of us who voted him in.

    Wake up America. Our only hope is in God.

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