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(Jul. 16, 2019) — The student debt crisis is something we talk about a lot in the US, with something in the order of three trillion currently owed by people who have taken out loans to support their college education, and many people crippled by repaying these amounts. The USA is not the only country where people are burdened with debt from higher education, however, with other countries such as the UK also seeing high tuition fees for college students and postgraduates who want to take on further education to benefit their careers.

Online Degrees

Because of this, more and more people in all different fields are turning to online degrees, which can be a cheaper alternative – though still with their costs. One professional area where online degrees have become a very popular way to qualify is teaching, with a lot of people both in the UK choosing to do an MA in education with one of the many national colleges and universities that offer this.

Why is a Teaching Masters Cheaper for Online Students in the UK?

One of the most obvious reasons why it can be cheaper for a student to study online is that they don’t need to relocate or commute to study. This may seem like it would be a less pertinent issue in the UK, being a much smaller country with all of its major cities a lot closer together, however, UK students still may not have a college close to them that offers the course they want and which they are accepted at. The cost of commuting between regions or cities in the UK can be high, with trains, fuel, and parking all being expensive, and so this can eat into a UK student’s money significantly. The cost of going to live on campus is even higher.

These are not the only reasons why UK teaching degrees are cheaper when done online, however. The cost of tuition itself tends to be lower when overheads of running courses at a bricks and mortar facility aren’t taken into account, and this helps to make courses more affordable.

Are Online Teaching Degrees Just As Good?

With more people using them, online degrees are constantly evolving, and have become very highly regarded in terms of the educational methods they use. In some ways, it is easier to innovate with an online course, and so teachers who gain their qualifications this way may well have exposure to the latest thinking on how to get the best out of their own students. From an employer’s perspective, an online degree is just as valuable as any other credible degree, and so students need not worry that by saving themselves money on their degree they will be penalised when it comes to getting a job.

As you can see, people looking for ways to reduce student debt on both sides of the Atlantic are benefiting from the multitude of online teaching degrees available in the UK as well as the US.

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