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(Jul. 16, 2019) — Are you planning on listing your home for sale? Consider staging it and taking great photos! Staging is a very important part of marketing your property. It allows you to transform your home to make it appealing to buyers, ultimately helping you sell your property faster. According to experts, when buyers are attending open houses and visiting properties, they try to imagine themselves living there. Your goal should be to add decorative touches to allow prospective buyers to see the various possibilities and offer inspiration at the same time.

While staging is not always necessary, by investing in a professional stager you could potentially get more money for your property and create more interest amongst buyers.

Additionally, investing in a professional photographer will allow for great photos so be sure to research photographers in your area who are highly rated, and can take high quality photos. Your listing will truly shine. If you plan on listing your property on the market, consult with your local Realtor who can help provide recommendations on home stagers or photographers. If you want to avoid putting the property on the market, and are looking to sell it quickly without worrying about staging, you can also consider getting in touch with trusted and reliable cash home buyers for a consultation as well. Explore all your options.

If you are on a budget, here are some tips to help with staging when listing your home for sale:

Get Rid of the Clutter

You should always avoid having clutter in your images. Your home should be clean to avoid turning off buyers that are coming through your house. Go through every room of your home and clean out bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms as much as you can and get rid of anything that is not necessary so that it doesn’t look like a hoarder house. Your rooms should appear neutral so that the buyer can visualize living in your home.

Let Go of Your Personal Items

As we briefly mentioned above, be sure to eliminate your personal items from each room of the house. Any item that may lead to buyers feel uncomfortable (whether politics or religion) should probably be put away when selling your home temporarily.

Clean Up Your Yard & Porch

First impressions are everything. Make sure your front porch is clean, organized, and free of any personal items. Consider putting some fresh plants or flowers to add additional appeal to your home and make sure your driveway is clean to peak buyer’s interest.

Keep Things Clean

The cleaner your home, the better. Be sure that your shoe racks or shoes are stored away for open house showing, ensure toilet seats are not raised, trash is eliminated, and all kinds of cables are concealed and not running across the home.

You may be surprised at the amount of attention buyers place at these types of things when touring a house.

Paint Using Neutral Colors

If your walls are still using outdated or bold colors, giving them a fresh coat of paint using neutral tones can do wonders! Try to stick with very soft and light color palettes – such as grays or silvers. These types of colors are clean, modern, and usually make your rooms appear bigger. Use accent colors if you have to on smaller sections of the house to give a pop of color. Check out some of the most popular gray colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore from Elle Décor. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Paint Your Cabinets

Finally, if your cabinets are dated, you may want to consider painting them all white. It can truly make your kitchen look new and fresh, without having to invest into replacing all of your cabinets. Painting is a great, economical way to freshen up your kitchen.

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