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(Jul. 15, 2019) — The ship is patrolling off the coast of – sorry, that’s classified – on a clear balmy summer night and the deck is strewn with sailors relaxing and enjoying the light show above while listening to some music.

The Man in Me” (3:07)

 “And the one a little to the left, that’s Betelgeuse.”

“You mean like the movie?”

“And that other one, the red one?”

“Mars, where the flying saucers come from.”

“That’s right. So, what’s the Old Man think of our mission?”

“Well, let me put it like this: we’re at Condition III, right?”

“Go on.”

“So it’s like this: at 0200 we’re going to launch a rubber raft that’ll have a little white light that’ll be hard to spot unless you’re on the shore looking for a little white light.”

“But who would look for a little white light? To make it even more real, we should be using a little red light, right?”

“Good point; I’ll pass it along. So, we launch the raft that they spot and shoot at, right? Meanwhile, we’ll be flying some drones that’ll have infrared sensors that’ll pick up a heat signature in a heartbeat and the GPS coordinates will be transmitted to the missile as it’s fired.”

“But isn’t that entrapment?”

“Picture this scenario: a person is hogtied in a park of a Muslim country, maybe Afghanistan or Sweden, and a sign proclaiming ‘Unbeliever’ or ‘Drew cartoon of Muhammad’ and, next to the helpless person is a beautiful shiny steel sword. So here’s the setup: whoever picks up the sword gets electrocuted.”

“Alright, I get it. Not only do I get it; I like it, but why wouldn’t everybody like it?”

“Because they think that Islam isn’t a blueprint for a communist government, that’s why. They have this thought that by being good they’re doing good, when in fact by being idiots they’re condemning their and our prodigy into slavery.”

“What’s a ‘prodigy,’ and where did this slavery come from?”

“Kids and Sharia Law.”


“So you understand, and if you can understand, why can’t everybody understand THE EXACT SAME FACTS?

“So that’s the $64,000 question. But I suppose there’s more involved in the equation, isn’t there? I guess now’s the time where we introduce the inconvenient truth that by buying the ticket*, you don’t have to ride the coaster to the end. I wonder how that works.”

“Well, it doesn’t. You can’t, like, buy the ticket – the whole ticket – and not nitpick the parts you don’t agree with. You can’t, like, be a Christian and vote for Omar – who is anti-Christian – because it’s being two-faced, saying you’re for one but not for all.”

“Say again?”

“You don’t want to be a hypocrite, saying you’re for something but really being against it. You can’t vote for Omar (0:16) and be pro-Israel; you can’t support Omar and applaud our embassy’s move to Jerusalem; you can’t be a Democrat and support the rule of law; it’s either one or the other but not both.

“One more time.”

“You can’t say you’re a patriotic American and denounce the rule of law: if you don’t agree with a particular law then you have the opportunity to change the law, but you don’t have the license to break whatever law you don’t agree with and not expect to pay the consequences.”

“That’s plain enough, so what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that people are impatient, gullible, stupid and are being funneled into a group-think scenario where disagreement isn’t allowed; where constructive criticism doesn’t exist; and where reason takes a back seat to utopian pipe dreams.”

“Sounds like Bernie Sanders.”

“Or any of the others. Trouble is, they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, except the Muslims, that is. The rest are playing with fire, but they don’t realize that there’s no halfway measures: it’s all or all; it’s buy the ticket and go for the whole ride; it’s voting for a Muslim and condemning Jews and Christians to death.”

“Hey, will you look at the time.”

“So, when the Old Man sends the missile flying, what kind of warhead will it be having?”

“Missiles, as in many. A couple of bunker-busters mixed with fragmentation, but mostly napalm. The Captain likes napalm because it works, like, maybe leave us alone next time, you dig?”

“See you in the chow line.”

[*Buying the ticket: voting for the candidate/party. Look, when it’s all said and done, if a Jew or Christian votes Democrat then just maybe they’re NOT really Jewish, Christian or an American but in name only – not in fact – but nothing more than a two-bit lousy hypocrite. Put another way, you can’t say you’re a Christian and support Omar and the rest of the Democrats who are anti-Israel. You can try, but it won’t float; you can lie to yourself, but you’re not lying to us; you can salute the flag, but we know you’re nothing more than a low-life, just as Colin Kaepernick is. You don’t fool me or any other patriotic American.]

Here Comes the Sun” (3:05)


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