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(Jul. 12, 2019) — Confidence is essential to any professional of any field. If you seek success, you must be able to grab it and hold it. The last part is the hardest unless you work hard, they say, but how can you push your boundaries if you’re not one hundred percent sure whether you’ll make it to the top or not?

Well, that’s the perfect question every university student should address himself before visualizing aspects like career, family, success, exotic experiences, and so on. Why? Because confidence makes a big difference in the way you’re personal and professional life’s going to turn out.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 tips to boost your self-confidence while still being a university student.

Become an Observer and Improve Your Awareness

Rather than being a player in this game called life, try shifting your perspective and become an observer. Try to watch and observe your thoughts and ideas as they pop up. Ask yourself – why did those thoughts come up? Is it because of a memory? Is it because of a pressing need? Is it because you’re used to having these thoughts and they became a habit?

Whenever you lack confidence, introspect and asses what you’re missing. Analyze the memories and strong experiences that keep you stuck and breakthrough them by acting differently now. Be more aware and your confidence will change forever.

Work on Your Attachments and Issues

This tip is short and simple:

If you are attached to video games and they hurt your performance at school, stop playing until you’ve fixed the problem.

If you’re attached to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, start fixing these issues before anything else.

Are you attached to your boyfriend/girlfriend and it’s driving you crazy because you are “no longer yourself?”, fix it immediately.

Work on your attachments. Look for the roots of your problems and fix everything that keeps you attached to negative outcomes. When you keep fixing more and more aspects of your life, your confidence will literary glow due to the momentum and high vibes you generate with each small positive change you make in your life!

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies show that an unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of physical exercise leads to a decrease in self-confidence and self-esteem.

You cannot be confident when you lack body and mental strength. Imagine this example: After eight hours of work, a friend challenges you to play chess. He wants to bet, and he’s willing to throw 500 bucks. Generally, you are winning most of the chess games against your friend, but today, your energy is gone with the work you’ve done in the office.

If you think deeply, you reject the bet because you lack confidence. Why do you lack confidence? Because you’re out of fuel.

An agitated lifestyle, a chaotic sleep schedule, or abusive nutrition will keep you locked in a state of tiredness. Your energy levels drop the moment you add sugar, meat, GMOs, and any other unhealthy ingredient in your body.

Start working on your lifestyle and prioritize health over everything else. When we boost ourselves with healthy choices, we will reap the benefits and become confident individuals!

Educate Yourself Properly

Positive and constructive habits are crucially important for our overall wellbeing. Not only that habits help us stay organized and effective during university time, but they also speed up the educational process that we’re supposed to experience during this time in life.

Education breeds knowledge. Knowledge is power. That means you will no longer feel threatened by society’s expectations because you’ll be able to build and respect your own principles and values and stand for what you truly believe in without second-guessing or sabotaging yourself in any way.

Develop Skills Through Diverse Experiences and People

A student who seeks help writing research papers is not necessarily lazy, incapable, or unwilling. He may very well do it to leverage his appointed writer’s knowledge and expertise and “steal” as much as he can from it. That was me, during university. I outsourced the moment I realized that my academic writing skills need a real upgrade, and it all turned out perfectly.

During university, it’s crucially important to work smart when it comes to acquiring skills. Time management is a key factor here – it makes the difference between people who build legacies and people who build debts. The more people you meet the more you’ll learn and experience.

So. What do skills, experiences, people, and evolution have to do with confidence? Everything. They’re interconnected. The more you grow in personality the more your confidence evolves. The more you see and experience, the less fearful and anxious you’ll become!


University time is the perfect time to practice interpersonal skills and evolve as an individual without having to face severe consequences in case of failure.

You can consider it a playground, or rather a warm-up ground for the “real life”. Take these tips and tricks into close consideration, start practicing them, and watch your life turn around!



Alvin Franklin is a full-time content publisher and part-time editor and proofreader. By studying psychology, he realized that most of today’s students truly lack self-esteem and self-confidence. At this moment in his career, Alvin is studying and testing new ways to boost teenagers’ lives and mindsets through educational and motivational content.

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