Source of Socialism in the USA


July 11, 2019

Vladimir Lenin

My dear friends and fellow patriots:

I have been spending most of my time lately in research, to see if I am beating my brains out against a wall in trying, with your help, to educate as many people in the nation as I can about what was created by our founding fathers and why and how. For the better part of 45 years I’ve been writing and publicly speaking on this very issue, and all the while I’ve witnessed the advance of Socialism in our country. Why, why, why, I keep asking myself, are people more and more embracing Socialism (government control of people’s lives) instead of individual freedom and responsibility (Constitutional Republic)?

As you know, I email to over 8,000 people who in turn forward to millions. But I am convinced that those millions are probably people who feel like you and me about America and our Constitutional Republic and free-market system. Through my extensive research I have come to understand it is the younger generations of Americans who are preferring, accepting and advocating Socialism, and they are not seeing and reading what we write in our effort to educate them on the truth behind what the United States of America is and why it was established with a Constitution of basic fundamental laws limiting and controlling the size and reach of the federal government and guaranteeing the individual rights of the people.

I have come to the belief that our educational efforts must be falling on ears of like mind and not reaching the 35-and-under Americans of the Socialist mind, and they are moving into the positions of influence and national leadership. Where are they coming from?

Here are the real sources of this flood of Socialist thinking flowing across our land. The real challenge to our nation’s continued existence as a Constitutional Republic, as I see it, is our K-12 public schools and colleges. The majority are almost completely taken over by Socialist teachers, school administrators, local school boards, college professors and Boards of Regents.

There are 50,700,000 students enrolled in K-12 public schools, 5,900,000 in private schools. As of January 2018 there were 74,600,000 students enrolled in pre-K through college. 3,698,000 graduated college and 3,600,000 high school in 2018-2019. These millions of young people will spread out over America having been taught very little, if anything, about American history, the Constitution, and how, why, or who founded the nation in which they live. What they have been taught is what a great system of government Socialism is, and they believe it. They have been taught that America and its capitalist (free-market) system is evil, and they believe it. We are strapped with the daunting (almost impossible) task of changing their minds instead of helping to mold them.

I truly believe if the Mississippi River of Socialism is to be prevented from breaching the levees and flooding the Constitutional Republic of America, it absolutely must be dammed and stopped in the education system for our children. I think it imperative that this war against “Socializing the United States” is fought there. All Socialists in the National Education Association (NEA); local public school boards and state education associations which select the books for school subjects to be taught; college professors and Boards of Regents, college deans, and college foundation boards, etc. must be purged and replaced with people who believe in Constitutional Republic principles and the Bill of Rights.

I have grown very skeptical that the raging flood can be controlled now unless we can find a means of reaching these people and stop the poisoning of their young minds from kindergarten through college. Preaching to the choir will not get the job done. I really feel that is all we are doing. SOCIALISM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TODAY!! And it is quickly becoming a runaway freight train among the future leaders of America.

I end with these sobering facts of history. Vladimir Lenin once said, I quote, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the world.” He was given one generation of Russian youth and transformed that and many other countries. Adolph Hitler once said, I quote, “Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever.” He was given the children of Germany, and the rest is history.

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  1. Marty Farrell   Friday, July 12, 2019 at 10:26 AM



  2. OPOVV   Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 7:40 PM

    As long as the Main Stream Media acts as the mouthpiece for America’s enemies, the young will end-up as stupid as those who produce such shows as Rachel Maddow and The Five, CNN and MSNBC.

    And then we have the Deep State controlling the Department of Homeland Security, allowing Muslims and illegal immigrants to enter our country.

    Plus we have troops in, of all places, Afghanistan. They say it’s better to kill the terrorists over there than over here, but what about the 22+ terrorist training camps right here in our own backyard? What about every mosque being nothing more than an armory?

    The FBI used to mention the words “intifada” and “Muslim terrorists” in their training manuals, but no longer. NYC used to have cameras in areas that are predominately Muslims, but no more.

    So our young people see these things and see that nobody cares: all we do is talk about it. So why should they care? What possible future can they expect when everyone is as stupid as they are?

    As you said, we do our best but our best is falling short. I write about Muslims being in our military but the Joint Chiefs of Staff don’t give a hoot. And we’ll not see one Angel Mom on a Democratic stage. It tends to be frustrating, wouldn’t you say? All that can be expected of us is to do our best, that’s all anyone can ask for. Trump HAS to win in 2020, it’s the only hope we have.

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