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(Jul. 10, 2019) — Are you interested in politics, but have no idea how to get your career started? If you have a genuine interest in influencing policy processes, then this is a good article for you. One of the most challenging careers to get started on and which requires considerable passion and perseverance is politics. Some of the elective political positions that you can consider for your career include Congress representative, senate, a position as a governor, and state legislator jobs. In all these positions, campaigners and staffers are required, and the events are covered by analysts, consultants, and reporters. This shows that there are immense career possibilities at all levels and in all parts of the country. Unlike what most people believe, politics is also relatively easy to get started on. Here are some important steps and considerations:

Develop Politics-Related Skills

Like every other career, there are specific skills that you will need if you are to be successful in the long-term. Pursue your education as you work to develop the following skills:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Critical thinking
  • The ability to gather and analyze information
  • Computer skills

Volunteer for Roles in Local Campaigns

One useful way to earn your stripes in politics is by being part of a campaign team. This could be for your school board, or even for Congress or Legislature political campaigns. They all need workers who serve as boots on the ground. The hands-on experience will also give you a direct feel of the field of politics. Often it is as simple as walking into the campaign headquarters and offering your services as a volunteer. You may be asked to perform roles that seem like menial work, including helping out in the registration of voters or making phone calls. However, if you perform well in these simple duties, you can be rewarded with more responsibilities and a more visible position in the campaign.

Identify an Ideology and Join a Party

Great politicians work deliberately towards creating and perfecting their images. In most cases, getting started is more about who you know rather than what you know. The easiest way to enhance your network is by joining and running for seats within your local party committee, whether Democrats or Republicans. It does not matter whether you lose such initial elections or win, the point is to get actively involved. Try to win, however, since ward and precinct leaders are the backbones of any political party.

Work Directly for a Candidate

Unlike working for an organization or a party, getting into a candidate’s team is a great way to make your break into politics. As you work during the campaign, you will get noticed and will get a chance to put your skills to work. You could help with speech, policy, and press release writing. If you are not an ardent writer, consider getting custom essay writing help online. If you do your best and your candidate wins, you may even be rewarded with a more prominent position from which you can rub shoulders with seasoned politicians.

Make Contributions to Candidates, If Possible

If you have the financial ability, consider introducing yourself to the political scene through donations. In any case, it is an open secret that money buys access to politics. The person who makes considerable donations to campaign will have the ear of the candidate. The more access you have to the candidate, the more influence you will have over policy. Don’t worry if you are of little means. Even a 20-dollar contribution can get noticed by the candidate, who may make it a point to acknowledge your effort publicly. This is an important starting point.

Start Local and Build Your Career Upwards

You should understand that politics is quite competitive. At first, getting the initial job may be challenging. However, once you get started, building your portfolio should be simpler. Make sure to start a professional blog, where you can acquire a considerable following. Be specific about your goals and ambitions from the onset. Most importantly, get involved within your community, attending municipal meetings and networking with activists. The final step would be to run for a political office, either in your local town council or school board.

Here, we have highlighted some useful steps and tips to consider if you are interested in a political career. Remember, the competition in this field is tough, and you will need to network extensively.

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