by Sharon Rondeau


(Jul. 7, 2019) — In Friday night’s broadcast of “The Secret:  How to Fight Child Protective Services and Win,” host and Atty. Vincent W. Davis of the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates of Southern California hosted two guests specializing in child-protective service (CPS) issues affecting California families.

Davis authored a book by the same name and also hosts the “GET YOUR KIDS BACK NOW” show on BlogTalkRadio.  He hosts a second website at https://www.fightchildprotectiveservices.com/ and has a YouTube channel.

The topic of Friday’s broadcast is “Have you ever been falsely accused in a CPS case?”

The first guest, Arthur J. La Cilento of the Arthur J. La Cilento Law Office in Fullerton, said he specializes in juvenile dependency cases from “all over the state of California” with the goal of assisting individuals accused of various crimes.  La Cilento offers free consultations, he said.

The second guest, Terry Greenstein, is a former child-protective services worker now serving as a consultant with Davis and other private attorneys on behalf of clients involved in legal actions stemming from “malfeasance and the incompetence” of CPS social workers.

Both guests provided full contact information prior to Davis’s taking two calls from members of the public.

The Post & Email has covered three cases originating in the Los Angeles area in which parents have claimed their children were taken by DCFS workers without predication.  The Hendersons, Williamses and “Michelle Robinson” all lost custody of their children permanently, although none was arrested for child abuse or neglect.

The show segment begins at 3:37 following the news headlines.





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