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(Jul. 4, 2019) — If you want to have a successful and rewarding career, then it’s important to put yourself in the best light possible when you’re at work. The competition out there is fierce and if you don’t step up and take charge then someone else will and you may get lost in the shuffle.

Avoid worrying about everyone else so much and focus in on what’s in and under your control. Take advantage of the following suggestions to help you excel in the workplace and get the attention and recognition you feel you deserve. Put these ideas into motion, and it won’t be long before you’re soaring to new heights and surpassing others at your office.

Obtain A Higher Education

One way to distinguish yourself from others at work is to go after obtaining a higher education or degree. For example, if you work in business and are interested in analytics, then signing up for a program from Suffolk University may be the right career move for you. You’ll learn skills that will allow you to process information at a more advanced level so you can prove to your boss that you’re the right choice for the next available promotion.

Speak up & Share Your Ideas

Another way to stand out from the crowd at work is to be willing to speak up and share your ideas with others. Sitting in silence and never participating in any of the brainstorming sessions or company conversations will only hurt you over the long run. Do your homework prior to offering up your suggestions, so you have the information you need handy to defend your point of view or stance. The more you use your voice at work, the more confident you’ll become and soon enough sharing your ideas will become second nature to you.

Understand the Company Goals

Your boss and other members of management will notice you at work more when they can see you understand the company goals. Being able to connect the dots regarding how the work you’re doing is helping the business to progress in the right direction is a good first step. You want to be able to show your coworkers and superiors that you know what it is the company is working toward and how your job fits into the bigger picture.

Be A Team Player

Collaboration is an essential part of running a successful business, so you should work on becoming a team player whenever possible. Distinguish yourself from others at work by being willing to pitch in and help out when no one else wants to. Be quick to raise your hand to take on extra projects or work that’s going to help you gain experience in certain areas that interest you. Another way to get noticed in the workplace is to offer up your assistance and guidance to others who are feeling lost or need more direction with particular assignments.

Track Your own Performance

Distinguish yourself from others at work by being proactive and tracking your own performance. This way, you can walk into meetings with your boss prepared to discuss all of the projects you’ve been working on and how what you’re doing is helping to improve the company. You can’t rely on others to keep up with what it is you’re doing and achieving if you want to truly get ahead and make a name for yourself. It’s in your best interest to communicate what progress you’ve been making as an individual and worker and why you believe you deserve a raise or promotion. Your boss will likely see your actions as a positive step in the right direction and will be receptive to hearing you out about why you think you should get moved up.

Learn Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Sometimes the only way to grow and learn is to be brutally honest with yourself about your overall talents and any problem areas. Become familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and be proactive to reach out and get feedback from others if you’re unsure of how you’re doing and would like extra guidance. Take these remarks and run with them so you can make any necessary adjustments or changes and prove to others that you’re working hard to become a better employee. This type of knowledge is what’s going to help lead you to roles and jobs that are best suited for your talents and abilities.

Be Positive

A positive attitude can get you far in the workplace and people will tend to gravitate toward you. It’s refreshing to be around those who are upbeat and optimistic instead of people who are always focused on the negative or what’s going wrong. Let your attitude and enthusiasm for your job and the company set you apart from others at work and help you to design a career that you find truly gratifying.

What’s most important is that you find ways to manage your stress and emotions so they don’t suddenly take over unexpectedly and you end up having regrets for your words or behavior. It’s important to take care of yourself such as getting plenty of sleep so you have a good amount of natural energy to get you through each day. Exercising and eating right as well and maintaining a positive attitude will come naturally because you feel good and are attending to you mental and physical health properly.

Problem Solve instead of Complain

Nobody likes a whiner or complainer and you’ll likely soon notice others not wanting to work with or be around you if you’re like this in the workplace. It’s in your best interest to focus on solving problems instead of criticizing others or the situation all the time and grumbling under your breath. Enter work conversations prepared to give your input and offer up ideas that will help move the subject matter forward in a positive direction. Others will find this a pleasant approach and will appreciate your efforts and ability never to give up trying to find the answers you’re all seeking.

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