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If you want to get an authentic American experience, then Baltimore is the place to visit.

(Jun. 26, 2019) — Baltimore might not be as popular as Washington, Philadelphia, and New York, however, the city offers several exciting opportunities for international students. Studying in Baltimore is a dream for every student as you will not only get the best quality of education but will experience Baltimore’s coastal way of life. Baltimore has everything international students need for affordable and comfortable living.

Education is Key to a Bright Future

Baltimore City offers many opportunities for both American and international students for academic excellence. Higher education requires a lot of hard work, time, and resources, which is why choosing the right place for studies always seems like a tough decision. With so many university choices available on the web, it’s imperative to know precisely what you want to narrow down your search. Baltimore doesn’t only offer a conducive environment to begin your education, but it also has other perks to benefit students, both native and foreign.

Life on campus has been made easy for you, making sure that you have a smooth ride. There are so many resources to help you meet deadlines, team up with other students, and other fun activities. As for the study process, it won’t be as smooth and easy as you’d like it to be. There will be times when you may start feeling like quitting everything. Meeting deadlines, complying with tough requirements of picky professors, and handling homework overload can take their toll on you. But it’s good to know that there are top essay writing services, such as Edusson, PapersOwl, and Edubirdie, to rely on when you’re having a hard time in college. Keep in mind that the best specialists from the aforenamed services that are currently helping thousands of students worldwide will be there for you when you need professional help with your research paper or essay.

The University of Baltimore – Scholarship Opportunities for Students

As already mentioned, there are many perks to studying at the University of Baltimore. Every year, talented and highly-qualified students are allowed to partake in various scholarship programs. The awards are open to both American and International students during the admission process, and each student is notified of these opportunities upon receiving admission. Last year alone, the award for students from Baltimore was around $12,784, while out-of-state students around $23,542, of which 72,7% were offered scholarships to the School of Law.

The University of Baltimore is fully committed to offering as many scholarships as possible to merited students, and we encourage new students to enroll for an opportunity to study at a prestigious Law School in the country. Keep in mind that scholarships will only apply to tuition, but not to other fees. There are also opportunities for non-resident students to receive in-state tuition for the School of Law. As for the criteria for selecting out-of-state students, here are the new regional rates.

Out-of-state Study Grants for Applicants

It’s common for in-state applicants to get out-of-state grants, which is a great way to minimize the gap between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates. To qualify for such study grants, undergraduate LSAT/GPA scores are taken into consideration. All successful applicants will receive this grant for the first year of Law School. Simply contact the administration office of the University of Baltimore to check if you are qualified as well as the possibility for a change of residency status.

Scholarships for Residents of Maryland

Students who have completed the FAFSA by the 1st of May and who meet the essential requirements will be considered for Maryland Higher Education Commission Scholarships. All additional information regarding scholarships is available at the MHEC website.

Scholarships for Students who continue their study

All high-performing students are eligible to become a member of the Royal Shannonhouse Honor Society. The goal of this society is to encourage academic excellence while preparing the best Law School students. If you have a GPA of 3.7 or higher, you will be considered a Distinguished Scholar, but if your GPA is between 3.15 and 3.26, then you will be taken as an ordinary member of the honor society. After the first year of law school, all full-time students will have a chance for their RSHS membership. As for part-time students, membership is only available after completing three semesters at the School of Law. All members of the Royal Shannonhouse Honor Society get access to scholarships.

Scholarships Offered by Outside Organizations

The University of Baltimore encourages all students to continually look for scholarship opportunities, whether it’s within the university or outside organizations, like Foundations or Bar Associations. It is a common practice for these organizations to notify students about ongoing scholarships by email.

Once you get your dream scholarship, you can then relax and enjoy all that Baltimore City has to offer. It has a rich historical heritage, which can be seen at the Civil War Museum and Fort McHenry built in 1812. The Baltimore Museum of Art invites all students to enjoy the works of legendary artists, including Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, and Matisse. Do not forget to visit the Walter Arts Museum with its stunning art collections, and also take advantage of the proximity of Baltimore to New York, Washington, and Philadelphia by exploring the areas around.

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