Our Freezing “Greatest Generation” Betrayed by our Selfish, Overfed, Smug and Snug Latest Generations!


June 17, 2019

Dear Editor,

Image credit:  Wikipedia, GNU Free License, CC by SA 3.0

Due to the so many of our latest generation…smug and ever-so-snug “ICPP’s” (inner-city pampered poodles’) irrational obsession with/suffering from “MmGW Mania” resulting in Victoria’s Labor Government’s stupidity in closing down coal-fired electricity power stations, so many of our “Greatest Generation” cannot afford their power bills, resulting in their freezing to death in their humble homes!

Those we should be revering in their twilight years lie in their beds shivering to death, whilst those benefiting most from these wonderful old folks’ sacrifices are hot-shotting it out on the town with nary a word of gratitude (let alone pity) on their breath!

Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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