Hiring a Sex Crime Lawyer: 6 Essential Steps


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(Jun. 12, 2019) — A sex crime conviction will follow you for your entire life. Hiring a sex crime lawyer needs to be done with careful consideration, knowing when to hire and how.

Almost 63,000 sexual abuse cases were reported in 2012. Because of the severity and the decades of ignoring these criminal acts, law enforcement is cracking down on sexual abuse cases and other sex crimes.

Were you recently arrested and are a suspect of a sex crime? You’re in a serious situation.

These charges will follow you for a lifetime. It’s integral you find a great lawyer who will handle your case. But with so many to choose, how do you find the best lawyer or one that specializes in sex crimes?

Follow these 6 steps to ensure you find the most qualified sex crime lawyer.

Step 1: Search for Lawyers Who Specialize in Sex Crimes

Every defense lawyer has a specialty. Even if their services are broad, they may get the bulk of their services from one niche.

How do you know if a lawyer specializes in sex crimes? First, search for keywords such as “sex crime lawyer.” A list of results will appear.

Then, open a few websites and take a look at their services. A qualified sex crime attorney will have a page detailing their services and may even offer legal sex crime information.

Why is this important? An experienced sex crime lawyer will know about your charges, how much jail time you can expect, and additional charges that may be placed on you. They can take this information and craft a great defense.

Step 2: Ask for Referrals

If you have no luck finding a sex crime lawyer in your area, try asking for lawyer referrals.

Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you know for recommendations. Maybe you even personally know a lawyer or someone who works for a lawyer.

Referrals are convenient because you’re referred to a powerful lawyer by someone you know and trust. And if you’re referred to them by someone who works in the legal field, there’s a good chance the lawyer is good at what they do.

Your lawyer may even give you a discount for the referral!

If a loved one used the lawyer for a past lawsuit, they can explain what it was like working with them and if their case was successful.

Step 3: Check Your State Bar Website

Fortunately, there are many lawyer resources online. The most legitimate one is your state bar website.

A bar is an organization of lawyers and is the premier source to find qualified lawyers. This is the best way to find qualified lawyers because the state bar holds lawyers to a certain set of qualifications.

First, find your state bar website. You can do this by searching your state with “bar website.” Click the website and search for lawyers.

Some state bar websites even offer a referral program. This means the state bar will contact and/or interview you to discover your needs and will match you with the best lawyer.

Step 4: Check Bar Records

While you’re on the state bar website, check records for many different lawyers.

These records highlight an attorney’s record is discipline. If the attorney was reported for any wrongdoing, it will be reported here.

Some common complaints include untruthful lawyers, immoral actions, and even anything criminal. The state bar also highlights any attorney that has been publicly reprimanded. Never hire a lawyer with these faults on their record.

Keep in mind, some states only list bar records for the past 10 years. The Florida Bar website is an example.

You should compile a list of potential lawyers you want to hire and check their bar records before contacting them.

Step 5: Research Reviews

It’s easier to find a qualified lawyer with the help of the internet.

In addition to checking bar records, it’s essential to check past reviews. While some lawyers may not be faulty under the bar organization, they could still provide bad service to their clients.

Where do you search for lawyer reviews? Start with their website. Some lawyers offer a convenient review platform directly on their website. You can also search for lawyer review websites such as FindLaw, Avvo, and Lawyers.com.

If all else fails, Google Reviews, Yelp, and even Facebook reviews will help narrow down your search.

Keep in mind, take reviews with a grain of salt. Trust comprehensive and detailed reviews that highlight the pros and cons over reviews that state either “worst lawyer ever” or “I’ve never met a better lawyer in my life.”

Step 6: Schedule a Consultation

Did you find a lawyer you’re interested in? Before you end your search, ensure this is the right lawyer for you. You can schedule a consultation so you can learn more about your lawyer and provide the details of your case.

Lawyers understand the necessity of the first consultation.

That’s why many lawyers offer the first consultation completely free. Ensure you’re meeting your lawyer face-to-face and they’re not skimping you by only scheduling a phone or email chat.

When should you start scheduling consultations? Do this when you narrow your list down to three or even five lawyers.

From here, prepare for your appointment. Gather all documents related to your case.

This includes charge statements, police reports, and any witness statements. You also need to bring any information on those who are involved in the crime.

You should also prepare yourself. Jot down the questions you want to ask the lawyer and research any facts about your case and the charges put on you.

Now That You Found a Sex Crime Lawyer, Win Your Case

A sex crime charge will follow you for the rest of your life. To remove the charges and/or decrease the severity of your sentencing, a sex crime lawyer will benefit you greatly. But you need to find the best lawyer for your case.

Follow these steps to find a lawyer. Search for reputable lawyers by visiting their website, getting referrals, and researching reviews. From here, schedule a consultation.

Do you need more legal help? Continue reading our blog for more advice and other breaking news.

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