May 30, 2019

To the Editor:

Well, if there was any question in your mind about Mueller’s honesty, objectivity and concern to get at the truth, there shouldn’t be.   Mueller’s public statement yesterday, very clearly and incontrovertibly, demonstrated that he is nothing more than a shallow partisan, and likely a very large part of the cabal that has criminalized politics in our country.  Mueller, and his very close (and disgraced) friend, James Comey, very dangerously and disgustingly, sing from the very same sheet-of-music.

Mueller’s entire effort was apparently to assist in unseating a duly elected president, for the sole reason the losing-side loathes Pres. Trump, but more importantly from their perspective, they bristle at the thought of being out of power.   Mueller’s assigned task was to determine if Trump or anyone in his campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 general election; nothing more, nothing less.   Based on what has been public knowledge for over a year, re Gen. Flynn’s cooperation with Mueller, and the writings of John Solomon (The HILL), et al,  Mueller knew there was no collusion/conspiracy early on, but he persisted for an additional agonizing (approximately) 15 months!?  Why?  There is only one plausible explanation, and that is Mueller is part of the conspiracy to unseat Pres. Trump.

Today’s WSJ OpEd ran the subject piece that very briefly sums up the entire hoax, and it reads in part, “Yet as his report shows beyond doubt, there is no evidence of a conspiracy, broad or narrow.  His report recounts a series of contacts between individual Russians and Trump officials that were of no great consequence and are connected by nothing more than coincidence.  Mr. Mueller should have said this clearly on Wednesday.”   Obviously he did not for political reasons, which makes him unreliable and a fraud, much like his pal James Comey.

Our country is now as divided as it was in 1860 (the year before the Civil War started).   The only way to correct the mess, and to ensure that this never happens again to a future president, is to bring the guilty parties to justice.   Their numbers approximate 100 (25-30 higher-echelon leaders [decision-makers], and 60-80 lower-level minions).   I pray to God that Messrs. Barr, Rosen, Huber, Horowitz, Durham, et al,  have the will and the temerity to bring all before a Grand Jury, and let the chips fall where they may.  Causing the suspected conspirators to have a significant emotional event is a great way to start.


Mike Latham

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