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(May 28, 2019) — Camping is how some of the best holiday memories are made. Having a tent is all you need to enjoy the wild beauty spots across the USA. Over the years, people have been enjoying nature through outdoor activities such as camping. If you are planning to go camping for the first time and you are not sure where you will camp, then today you are in luck. We have come up with 10 most spectacular and enjoyable camping sites in the USA. All you need is your camping tent, sleeping bags and all the other camping equipment and you will be good to go.

Brookville Lake – Indiana
With over 13,500 acres of land, this campsite is considered a national treasure. It’s located in Indiana, Brookville, to be specific. It’s considered a national treasure because it’s where Whitewater Memorial State Park complex is built. The area has clear hiking trails and over 400 campsites surrounding Brookville Lake. This campsite will provide you with glorious boating moments. Other recreational activities that you can enjoy here include hunting, water skiing, swimming, hiking trails, and many other activities.

Carolina Hemlocks – North Carolina
This campsite is known for its famous coniferous trees, also known as Tsuga Caroliniana. It is located in Burnsville, NC and is one of the most beautiful campsites due to its scenery. Some of the recreational activities that you will be able to enjoy at this campsite are hiking, swimming, bird watching, unlimited access to the river and the forest.

Ocean Pond – Florida
This campground has over 67 campsites which have clean water and electricity. These campsites are located around a lake which is in the Osceola National Forest. Also, it’s famous because it’s where one of the greatest Civil War battles took place (Battle of Ocean Pond). Some of the recreational activities which you can enjoy here are fishing, water skiing, horseback riding, hunting and boating, among others. Due to its size, it has some of the most spectacular hiking sites and trails.

Loon Lake – California
At the shore of Lake Loon in Douglas County lies this campground. If you are planning to use your RV, then this is the best campsite for you. Apart from its mild temperatures, this place is also popular for its deep hunting grounds. This means you will be able to enjoy a couple of hunting games. Apart from hunting games, you will also be able to enjoy fishing, boating, and bird and whale watching.

Yosemite National Park – California
Located in Mariposa, CA, this campsite will amaze you with its beautiful scenery. In addition to being able to enjoy recreational activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, snow skiing, and hiking, you will be able to have an intimate camping experience. This is because you will be able to interact with the bobcats, American black bears, gray fox, and king snakes, among other animals. In short, you will be able to interact with a lot of wildlife.

Hocking Hills State Park – Ohio
This is a 2,356-acre park located in Laurelville, OH. It has over 258 campsites located near Rose Lake. Apart from offering various recreational activities, this campsite has spectacular green and rock scenery. Therefore you are guaranteed to have a breathtaking camping experience. Some of the recreational activities that you will be able to enjoy here are viewing the waterfalls, hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching, among others.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado
With over 245 campsites, this campground is located in Estes Park, CO. The most famous campsite in the Rocky Mountain National Park is Moraine Park. Due to its mountainous and rocky scenery, it’s one of the campsites you should consider visiting. Unlike most campgrounds, this site will give you the ultimate outdoor experience. This is because there is no electricity. Some of the recreation activities which you can enjoy on these grounds include hiking, rock climbing, boating, and fishing, among others.

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona
The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the USA and a very popular campground. It offers both tent and RV camping. Located in Grand Canyon, it has beautiful scenery. Here you will be able to enjoy hiking, rock climbing and camping in general.

Glacier National Park – Montana
Located in West Glacier, MT, this is a spectacular camping ground. It has over 13 campsites which are surrounded by tall trees and sublime mountains near Bowman Lake. Due to its beautiful scenery, this is a very good destination for you. You will also be able to enjoy various recreational activities including kayaking, fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, and many others. Because this campground doesn’t offer modern amenities, you will be able to have an ultimate outdoor camping experience.

Blackwood’s Campground – Maine
This campground is located in Acadia National Park. With over 300 campsites and located 10 minutes from the sea, this campsite has amazing scenery and mild temperatures. Each of the campsites has its own fire grate, so you will be able to make a campfire. Some of the recreational activities which you will be able to enjoy here include swimming, boating, water skiing, fishing, and hiking.

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