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(May 24, 2019) — In the latest court news, campaign finance law wins in the eyes of the Supreme Court as they rule to continue a ban on businesses contributing unlimited funds.

Up to 90 percent of Americans want to reduce the role of money in politics.

Many people were eagerly awaiting the decision of the US Supreme Court on whether corporate donations would be permitted in future US elections.

Despite a lot of pressure for candidates and businesses, the news of the US Supreme Court decision will not be welcomed by some people.

The US Supreme Court appears to agree with the public. They declined to overturn the ban on campaign finance on 19 May 2019.

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What Happened in the High Court?

Nothing, really!

The Supreme Court has simply declined to consider the challenge to existing campaign finance law.

As it stands, corporations are not permitted to donate money to campaigns or candidates.

Ruling in favor of changes to the current law would have expanded the role of corporations in politics.

This is especially important when you consider the 2010 Citizens United ruling by the court.

The change in law permitted corporations to spend money in elections. However, they could only do so if the money was not tied to a candidate.

Who Brought the Case to the High Court?

The case was brought by two companies named as 126 Self Storage Inc. and 1A Auto Inc. from Massachusetts.

The owners of both companies are representatives on the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. The group claims to promote “fiscal responsibility” and “economic opportunity” in Massachusetts.

However, the two companies were represented by the Goldwater Institute. This is a conservative and libertarian public policy think tank.

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What Was the Legal Argument?

The companies claimed that the state of Massachusetts was undermining the First Amendment rights of the companies.

It was argued that political donations were part of freedom of speech.

They also invoked the Constitution, which guarantees the protection of every individual equally under the law.

According to the two companies, non-profit corporations, such as charity organizations or unions, are not treated the same as corporations.

Non-profit organizations are permitted to donate to political campaigns under state law in Massachusetts.

The Ruling Was Upheld 

The ruling of the high court in Massachusetts was made last year.

It claimed that corporations are not permitted to donate money to political campaigns because it could lead to corruption in politics.

This same ruling was upheld by the US Supreme Court.

Therefore, political candidates will continue to be forbidden from accepting donations from corporations.

This is also the case in around 22 states in the US. It is also in force at the Federal level.

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Now you know what happened in the most recent court news. Yet another big story making news from the US Supreme Court justices.

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