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(May 21, 2019) — Masculinity is under attack, but so is femininity. Leftists want men to get rid of their masculinity and women to get rid of their femininity.

There is a war against masculinity. Men are boxed, labeled, and blamed for all the injustices in the world. You need to shut up, apologize for being born male, and get rid of your masculinity. However, in this war, the casualties are piling on both sides.

Women Want Real Men

While modern feminists will often rail against what they consider as toxic masculinity, women still gravitate toward the masculine alpha male. Men — especially white Liberal men — have been pummeled into subservience and submission. They are considered evil rapists and harassers because masculinity is equated to violence against women. This makes Liberal men the unhappiest demographic in the U.S. because of their self-loathing and general suppression of their own selves.

Unfortunately, if you do your best to get accepted by the man-hating Left, it also makes you less attractive to women in general. There is a reason why more women watched Aquaman than Captain Marvel: women still crave masculine men. More American women are dating older men as the men of their generation are considered weak and unattractive. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should get out and buy a pair of men’s cowboy boots and assert your masculinity (though sometimes what you wear does help); you need to stand up for yourself and not be a wuss.

Women Need to Be More Masculine?

In their war against masculinity, Leftists are also attacking femininity. Women are discouraged from being compassionate, empathetic, and caring. Instead, they should be self-centered, tough, and unforgiving. Traditional family roles are frowned upon, and women are told to prioritize their career over family. The modern third-wave feminist is hardly feminine. They espouse hate and discrimination based on (male) gender and are more prone to using force and intimidation.

Even the media’s representation of strong women is at odds with femininity. A strong woman (like Captain Marvel) must be tough, stoic, and aggressive, traits associated with masculinity. A film with a caring and feminine heroine like Alita Battle Angel is considered a sorry portrayal of women empowerment. It seems like masculinity is frowned upon in men but encouraged in women. On the other hand, femininity is frowned upon in women and encouraged in men.

Breaking the Chains of Leftist Suppression

Be yourself. Don’t care what others think. While this advice was quite popular in the 90s and the years before that, the turn of the millennium seems to have changed society. However, the opinion still holds. If you are surrounded by people who judge you by your gender or race instead of who you are, they are the ones who are toxic. If you are surrounded by people who want you to apologize and feel guilty for merely being born male or white, find new people. Find people who will judge you on the content of your character and not by your gender or the color of your skin. Even Martin Luther King Jr. had that dream.

Never apologize for being yourself, and stay away from authoritarians who want you to change who you are to fit their agenda.


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