Another Clown Joins the Circus


by Jeff Crouere, ©2019

Bill de Blasio’s original name was Warren Wilhelm. In 1983, he changed his name to “Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm,” then to “Bill de Blasio” in 2002.

(May 18, 2019) — The 2020 presidential election started on the night Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Since that night, Democrats and their allies in the media have been working tirelessly to undermine his agenda and harm his standing with the American people.

The Mueller investigation was a bogus two-year effort to sabotage President Trump and drive him from office. Fortunately, the scheme did not work, and most congressional Democrats realize that impeachment is unlikely and political unpopular.

With Mueller’s partisan and unfair probe now complete, Democrats are working overtime to harass President Trump through a variety of means such as issuing subpoenas and demanding his tax returns. Despite their best efforts, the President’s approval ratings have been strong, ranging from the mid-40’s to the low-50’s, in recent weeks. His supporters have remained loyal despite an unprecedented and coordinated assault against him.

Even some Democratic analysts are concerned that President Trump will win re-election next year. Therefore, the 24 Democratic presidential candidates have decided to relentlessly attack the President at every opportunity. No topic is off-limits, including his family.

When not engaged in their favorite activity, bashing Donald Trump, the candidates are offering their positions on the major issues facing the country. Unfortunately, these candidates are only advancing an array of far-left progressive nonsense. There are no moderates in the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates as they are espousing a socialist agenda that is far more liberal than anything the late U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern ever imagined.

The latest candidate to enter the race, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, fits in perfectly with the progressive wing of Democratic Party. He has enacted policies in his city that liberals hope the next President will champion for the entire country.

The minimum wage in New York is $15 per hour, after four years of steady increases. While the Mayor calls this “a decent wage” and a plan that puts “working families first,” it has certainly cost the city thousands of jobs. According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,000 restaurant jobs were lost in the final quarter of last year. Undoubtedly, the increases in labor costs played a contributing factor.

The anti-business climate in New York City was indeed a factor in Amazon deciding not to open a new headquarters in the city. This decision was a major loss for de Blasio, costing 25,000 jobs and $2.7 billion in tax revenue for the city and state. While socialists like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) celebrated the decision, most objective analysts viewed it as a disaster. It was just another indication that policies promoted by left-wing leaders like Mayor de Blasio are very anti-business.

In his announcement video, de Blasio claimed that the “wrong people” have money in this country. He presumably wants to use the force of government to fleece them and redistribute the money toward an array of ineffective and inefficient social programs that he supports.

De Blasio is a major advocate of the Green New Deal, estimated to cost $93 trillion or $600,000 per American household. He loves the plan so much that he is pledging all of New York City government will be reliant on strictly renewable energy within five years. Obviously, the overburdened taxpayers of New York City will pay for this transition.

Another group that will be targeted by the Mayor is the owners of the skyscrapers throughout New York City. De Blasio is committed to enforcing onerous regulations on “classic glass and steel skyscrapers.” The Mayor believes these buildings are “the biggest source of emissions” in New York City. Thus, the owners will be given until 2030 to “clean up your act…retrofit…save energy.” Otherwise, they will face massive fines of $1 million.

With an appetite for higher taxes and burdensome fines, de Blasio is very unpopular among his constituents. Many have noted that he is using a gas-guzzling SUV for his 11-mile daily trips to a fitness center. As usual, liberals like de Blasio believe they are exempt from the left-wing proposals they want to foist on their constituents.

When he announced his candidacy on Good Morning America, de Blasio was heckled by New Yorkers outside the studio who yelled “liar.” Polls show an overwhelming majority of New York voters do not want the Mayor to run for President. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted in April showed that less than 20% of New Yorkers wanted the Mayor to run for President, while an astounding amount, almost 80%, did not support his candidacy. Obviously, his constituents don’t like his performance as Mayor and don’t believe he merits a promotion.

Upon the announcement, President Trump mocked de Blasio as “another beauty” and the “worst Mayor in the history of New York City.” At the end of his tweet, the President made a very prophetic statement about de Blasio, “He won’t last long!”

This prediction will undoubtedly come true. In the weeks and months ahead, de Blasio will be joined by many of the lesser-known and weaker Democratic presidential candidates who will be forced to exit the race. While they are good for comic relief, they are not viable presidential candidates.


Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award winning program, “Ringside Politics,” airs locally at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and at 10:00 p.m. Sundays on PBS affiliate WLAE-TV, Channel 32, and from 7-11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990-AM & He is a political columnist, the author of America’s Last Chance and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on For more information, email him at

3 Responses to "Another Clown Joins the Circus"

  1. Barbara Elwood   Monday, May 20, 2019 at 11:56 AM

    Poem “The Politician” adds support to clown show
    The Politician by Adam Ochsner
    At voting time they’re coming around
    To pay on all a call;
    Till young and old and cats and dogs
    Are tired of them all.
    they come to speak in every town,
    Of voters, far and near;
    They talk of all the bliss delayed
    And messes they would clear.
    They ask us but to give our trust
    And with our votes be true;
    So they would have a chance to prove
    How much good they could do.
    They’re going to fight for all the things
    So helpful and so new;
    Yet promise not to squander funds,
    And lower taxes too.
    We wonder if those promises,
    And all this noise and fuss,
    Will end up in deceitfulness,
    Of something done to u s.

    Adam Ochner’s Americana and literacy supports at

  2. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 7:08 AM


    Today’s Democommunist Party, led by chicken-eyed hysteria, Nancy Pelosi, and smiley-face-fake, Barry BO[ZO], is a living LEGACY OF LUNACY:

    Bill de BOZO

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, IN

    Veto Beto O’ Dork

    Santa Sanders, Messiah of the Hand-out Hopefuls

    alamaK “Oh, No” Harris

    Joe “Gaffe-a-Minute” Biden (jail time for Joe for fake-ID BO and Spygate?)

    Elizabeth “1/2020th Pocahontas” Warren

    Democriminals= The Party of Crime= MIND-SLAVERY supported by duped and doped Americans of crumbling Detroit, Baltimore et al

    Demo Democrats: Dumpster Obamacrats: RENOVATE AMERICA

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