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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 17, 2019) — Broadcasting during a road trip, former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent, now-radio host Dan Bongino said in the opening moments of Friday’s show that a project he began Tuesday with several partners has culminated in a “nuclear explosion.”

“Russian collusion is now very real; it happened, and it most definitely happened in conjunction with the Obama administration,” Bongino said.

The show, numbered “982” and titled, “Outed! Here’s the Real Russia Scandal,” can be accessed here:  https://bongino.com/ep-982-outed-heres-the-real-russia-scandal/ and on YouTube.

He repeated a statement made on Thursday’s show, stating, “Collusion is real.  Unfortunately the Democrats accused Donald Trump of collusion; well, we now know — we can confirm for you today that the Obama administration and their CIA and FBI entities and their sources were, in fact, working with or using high-level Russians to influence our campaign. Now — you think that’s what (former Congressman) Trey Gowdy was talking about when Trey Gowdy said this:”

He then played a clip from an interview between Gowdy, now a Fox News contributor, and FNC anchor Bill Hemmer:

Hemmer: Is it a general lack of curiosity or is it something else?

Gowdy: I think it’s incredibly classified — I mean, I think it is classified at the highest levels.  I mean, stop and think.  Michael Horowitz couldn’t access it. He’s the inspector general who wrote the definitive accounting of the Clinton email investigation, but even he couldn’t access this information.  It’s held in the possession of a really small, discreet number of people, but [FBI Director] Chris Wray is on that list.  I personally think that information is going to inform my fellow citizens that the Russian threat was far more than just a threat against the Democrats.  It was a threat to our republic, so for that reason — for a unifying reason,  I think the information, to the extent it can be, should be released without jeopardizing relationships with allies.

Bongino then asked rhetorically what information “so sensitive” involving “friendly foreign intelligence partners” could “possibly mean.”  “…it indicates that there may have been Russians working with friendly partners…” he said.

He then pointed out that Russia “dossier” author Christopher Steele, a “paid FBI source” in 2016, was also being compensated by Fusion GPS to gather opposition research on Donald Trump for the Clinton campaign.  At 6:35 in the YouTube broadcast, Bongino displayed an image of handwritten notes taken by State Department official Kathleen Kavalec, first reported last week by John Solomon of The Hill, when she met with Steele on October 11, 2016, ten days before the dossier was used to substantiate a FISA warrant application on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“Notice the name that’s on these notes in that circle next to the word ‘sources,'” Bongino said.  “Finally we figured out what it was.  The name is ‘Tripnikov.”

The second name, Bongino said, is “Surkov.”

Screenshot: The Dan Bongino show, May 17, 2019

“So Christopher Steele’s sources…are two Russians intimately tied to Vladimir Putin?” he said, then positing that the Steele dossier consists of “disinformation” gleaned from less-than-stellar Russian sources intending to impact the U.S. election.

“What we are clearly witnessing here is a parallel construction scheme,” Bongino said, “…to get Russian disinformation into our court system to spy on political opponents; in other words, collusion interference in an election. It absolutely happened with the Democrats; there’s no doubt about this any more…”

“What was really going on here?” Bongino asked, then answered his own question by presenting the scenario wherein a compromised source relates information to a more reliable source, with the latter cited by the informant as his original source.  “…They were doing a parallel construction…We now have a connection between the Spygate scandal and the dossier scandal…” he said.

Bongino said that Cambridge University professor emeritus Stefan Halper, identified last year as a CIA informant deployed to the Trump campaign, obtained his information from Tripnikov, thereby “laundering” it.  Further, Bongino posited, Halper could not be “walked into court” as a source; therefore, Steele was the “innocent bystander” and former FBI source used to convey the information.






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  1. Scott e.
    Correct, it’s no stretch at all….but so far even the best “good guys” discussing the coup attempt to remove Trump from office will not touch Obama’s identity fraud or ineligibility…….the same as any discussion of “Obama” years ago. They just won’t go there.

  2. Anyone who really understands political strategy, knows that the most sure-fire way to determine what the Democrats are doing, or are guilty of, is simply listen to what they loudly accuse Republicans of doing.

  3. Collusion / Delusion … Really? Didn’t TEAM Obama’s thugs (also) and “actually” interfere in an Israeli election. I can’t say that I have heard of any concern from the Lame Stream Media on this issue nor those responsible to be held accountable. As I recall it also involved lots of cash.


    Likewise, Trump was being colluded, and now the hunted will be the hunter.