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(Apr. 26, 2019) — Health insurance is no more a luxury in India as the cost of medical care treatment and hospitalization has been increasing like the population in the country. Since a few government plans are there for public healthcare, it has become a necessity to have medical insurance so that one can avail the standard care for any type of illness and disease. Even if you are healthy and fit today, you don’t know when you will need medical care and treatment, which can cost you more than you can expect.

Talking about medical insurance policy in India, you cannot just go for any random plan that may offer benefits, but won’t cover your family. Make sure you know what type of policy you are looking for as Religare Health has multiple policies for everyone.

Why Religare?

With so many advantages and add on covers on each health insurance policy, Religare provides coverage for 6 family members, having a wide network with over 5420 hospitals in India. Plus, the availability of lifelong renewal and easy claim process make it the best among all.

Types of Health Insurance Posies Provided by Religare Insurance Company:

Since its beginning, Religare Health has formed a niche for itself in the field of health insurance in India. All the plans safeguard one financially in a time of medical emergency. Whether you are a single professional looking for an individual health cover, or head of the family looking for a single policy that protects your entire family, you can choose plans depending on your requirements.

Religare health insurance offers amazing benefits on its health insurance policies with add-ons that will cover you against the most critical health problems as well as for routine health check-ups. Let’s have a look at the types of Religare health insurance plans-

Comprehensive Family Health Insurance – Religare Care Insurance

Just like its name, this plan is suitable for your entire family including you, spouse, children in some cases parents too. This is more beneficial as compared to the individual policies as you are getting each your family member covered with a single policy. In a policy year, the entire sum insured for the coverage can be used by the entire family.

Key features and benefits of Religare Care Plan:

  • Cashless payment facility
  • Auto-renewal policy and if you are running out of the health cover, you will the auto-renewal of the entire sum insured on the policy.
  • A free annual check-up for each member with global health care treatment.
  • Online payment and documentation, which saves your time and energy.
  • Up to 100%, no claim bonus is given.
  • This plan offers tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • It provides coverage that ranges from between Rs.3 Lakhs to Rs.6 Crores.


  • The Minimum age should be 91 Days.
  • The plan has a waiting period of 30 days for illness.
  • No co-payment has to be paid if the age of the eldest member of the family at the time of taking the first policy if the age is less than 61 else, 20% is applicable
  • Maternity Health Insurance – Religare Joy
  • This is to double your joy of having a new member in the family with pregnancy health insurance coverage. The Religare Joy insurance plan offers coverage for maternity, and newborn babies.


  • Tax benefits are given for all the prepaid amount.
  • The plan provides 15 days of free look period.
  • 90 days of coverage for newborn babies.
  • Pre-hospitalization of 30 days and post-hospitalization of 60 days.


  • Minimum 18 years of age for the mother and the baby needs to be at least one day old, to enter the policy.
  • Maximum entry age is 65 years for adults, 90 days for newborn babies, and 24 years for children.
  • This maternity cover insurance comes with lifelong renewal and can be renewed under the then existing health insurance.
  • The Policy tenure is for 3 years
  • Health Insurance for Senior Citizens – Religare Care Freedom
  • Specially designed for senior citizen, Religare Care Freedom plans has different terms and premium after crossing a regular insurance age limit.


  • It provides coverage between Rs.3 Lakhs to Rs.10 Lakhs for the policy term of one, two, and three years.
  • 10% coverage for post and pre-hospitalization expenses.
  • If the hospitalization costs exceed 10 days, then the associated benefit of Rs.15, 000 will be provided.


  • The minimum entry age is 46 years ( no upper limit for maximum entry).
  • Age of proposer requires to be minimum 18 years
  • Freedom Care comes with lifelong renewal
  • Group Health insurance – Group Care
  • Specially designed for organization or groups, group insurance plans facilities to safeguard the employees of the organization.


  • Complementary health checkups for all Insured members can be availed.
  • Cover extension outside of India is optional.
  • Variable co-pay.
  • Organ donor expenses are covered to a certain limit.

Religare Enhance Plan:

This is for individuals who already have a Religare Health Insurance policy.


  • Free yearly health checkup for self and the entire family.
  • A free waiting period of 15 days.
  • Gives 30 days pre-hospitalization 60 days of post-hospitalization.


Minimum entry  age is one day (No maximum entry)

Religare Secure Plan:

This plan covers for a personal accident with value extension.


  • In case of death, the sum assured is paid to the legal beneficiary or nominee of the registered.
  • Ambulance charges are compensated.


  • Minimum age is 91 days and the maximum is 70 years for children and 24 years for a child.
  • The plan offers lifetime renewability speciality

Up to You!

Make sure you discuss all the related queries with the insurer and choose the best health insurance from Religare Health Insurance.

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