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April 23, 2019

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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Making my normal mistake of flipping on the news while eating breakfast, I once again was treated to leftist groupthink.  Upset stomach surely followed.

The “news” of the day is that some “spokesperson” for the Sri Lankan government opined that the murderous attacks that killed over 300 and wounded many hundreds more at Christian Church celebrations of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday — and simultaneously at posh hotels in the capital city where many Western visitors were staying – was “payback” for the crazed rampage of a murderous, solitary nobody in New Zealand.  So, immediately, the media is able to infer that the Easter massacre was actually ‘our fault!’

Such stupidity should be even beneath the media; but, sadly, today it isn’t.  The solitary nutcase in New Zealand was immediately and universally condemned throughout the Christian West.  Please note:  No streets or public squares or public buildings will be named after that murderous, stupid thug – unlike the practice throughout much of the Muslim world when one of theirs kills “non-believers” – often Jews, but frequently lots of Christians, too.  Oh, and those Muslim entities also provide support payments to the family of those murderers.

In contrast with the contemptible New Zealand murders, the Sri Lankan mass attacks were well-funded and coordinated among a sizeable group of murderous zealots.  Despite the fact that the Sri Lankan authorities were warned that a mass attack was being planned by Islamic terrorists, they provided no special protections at any of the likely targets on the holiest day in the Christian calendar.  When finally aroused from their stupor they raided the lairs of the usual suspects and found stacks of Kalashnikovs, explosives, and more.

So, some crazed, lone wolf – acting alone on his own madness — attacks innocents at a mosque in New Zealand, and a mass, well-coordinated, well-planned and well-funded attack on Christian services and Westernized hotels on Easter Sunday is somehow equal.  And by claiming “payback” the media can conveniently shift the blame from a crazed cell of Islamic killers to the innocent Christians attending Easter services.

Islamic attacks on Christians and their places of worship are a nearly daily occurrence from Africa to Europe and from Asia to the Americas. (If you don’t believe it, look it up on the Middle East Forum.)   And yet, our networks won’t report these, nor will our newspapers.  Instead they will publish and air nonsense from the new Muslim members of Congress and their NYC acolyte about how badly Muslims in America are treated and infer that such are somehow “payback.”

If you believe I am off-base here, please let me know.

Old Frank

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  1. Spot on, Old Frank. The only cure for p.c. stupidity like this is cultural suicide, and it appears the Sri Lankan government is on the train to oblivion, alongside the French and the Germans.