How to Reduce Dust and Pet Hair at Home?


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(Apr. 16, 2019) — Needless to say, we all love our pets. Pets bring us with a sense of security and love that not many can do. But, owning a pet also comes with certain responsibilities. Your pet needs to be taken well care of. The pet needs to be fed on time, taken out for walks, to be played with and adored on a daily basis. You cannot ever take these responsibilities for granted. If you are a pet owner, you will be aware that pets tend to shed hair and increase the level of dust and dirt in your home. The dust agents end up increasing the level of allergens at home which might create health issues for both you and your pet. The main question is can we reduce this? And the answer is, yes we can! There are certain ways and methods that you can adapt to reduce the level of dust and pet hair at home. Some methods are discussed below:

Brush Your Pet Frequently

This is the easiest way to reduce the level of pet hair and consequent dust at home. You can consult the veterinarian in regards how often your pet shall be bathed and brushed. Further, it is important for you to ensure that you’re using the most suitable shampoo for your pet. Certain shampoos tend to make the pet’s skin dry and cause damage and increase fur shedding.

Groom Your Pet to not Enter Certain Rooms at Home

If at all there are certain corners and rooms you do not wish for your pet to enter, then groom or train them from the beginning to not enter there. These rooms can be your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom even. This obviously will not make them not enter these rooms at all, but the pet might avoid being there for a long time. You can also instill a habit within the pet to like being outside too, like the garden, porch of your house. Some owners tend to pamper their pets too much and hence they prefer to not leave the bed or any other comfortable place for them very easily. This is not preferred as it has high chances of creating trouble for the owner only in the long run.

Have an Air Filter System at Home

It is very convenient to install an air filter at home. This air filter will act as an air purifier and will help to filter out all dust and dirt in the house. Some people prefer to install these air filters into their heaters and air conditioners. This alternative is mainly preferred when a house has a centralized air conditioning system. Otherwise, you can opt for a solo or standalone air filter which will help in reducing dust at home. An added advantage is that these air filters will help in creating better ventilation in the house. These purifiers clean or vent the air as soon as someone enters or leaves the room.

Vacuum Regularly

It is not unusual to say that with the advancement of technology and development of vacuum cleaners, the task to maintain a clean house is not as tough as it was before. Vacuums have defeated the use of brooms for the best and there is no way this alternative is not suitable for keeping fur and dust at bay when it comes to maintaining your home. There are many cordless and stick vacuums that come with a vacuum bag which is more feasible as compared to canister bags that will in the same fur and dust particles right back in the air. This is mainly because these bags in canister vacuums require one to dump the waste into the trash bag. Hence, cordless stick vacuums are more preferred and they even have a dual suction system. These are lightweight, handheld and provide a powerful cleaning system which you can find by visiting The best advantage of using a vacuum instead of a broom is that it removes all fine particles that are still present in the vacuum’s exhausted air.

Prefer Not to have Many Carpets at Home

Pets tend to stay for long on carpeted surfaces and rugs. These rugs tend to cling on to fur more easily as compared to other surfaces. The carpet or rug also catches on to the pet. Even though you can wash the carpet or rug more regularly, it still is quite an exhaustive task. Hence, it is preferred to not keep a lot of carpets and rugs. Pet hair is more visible on the flooring of your house as compared to other surfaces. These surfaces are also more convenient to clean and vacuum.

Have a Specific Blanket for Your Pet

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Admit or not, pets are stubborn. Even if you try to ensure that your pet does not hop onto a particular piece of furniture. It is advised to try for your pet to be comfortable with one particular piece of fur or blanket so that all the fur that it sheds stays to one confined only and does not get carried around in every part of the house. Having a particular pet bedding will only make it convenient for you to have maintained the amount of fur and dust created by your pet in the house. You can wash this particular blanket or bedding anytime you want.

Hence, as a pet owner, you need to take the necessary steps that help in reducing the level of dust and pet fur at your house. It is important to know that these steps need to be undertaken from the very beginning of bringing the pet to your house. When the pet is very young, it is easier to instill certain habits in them. Hence, if you teach your pet to be restricted in certain areas and more comfortable in the ones more suitable for them, they might follow your teachings for the whole of their life. Also, to reduce dust and allergens, you need to be smart when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness levels at home. Using traditional equipment like a broom will only make the task tougher.

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