by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 10, 2019) — On Wednesday morning’s “Fox & Friends,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes told the show’s three co-hosts that it is “not true” that the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign began in late July 2016.

The probe was launched to determine if anyone in the Trump campaign, including Trump himself, was improperly coordinating with Russian operatives to gain an election advantage.

“For a long time, FBI and DOJ have been claiming that they didn’t do anything until the end of July.  That’s not true,” Nunes said. “This investigation started in early 2016, and I actually believe it’s possible that it started in late 2015.”

Nunes added that along with the eight criminal referrals he announced Sunday he will be sending to the Justice Department stemming from the Trump-Russia investigation, he expects to eventually “brief” Attorney General William Barr on the evidence he said he has regarding the earlier launch of the probe and related matters.

The criminal referrals are said to allege that former FBI and DOJ officials lied to Congress, misled the FISA court to obtain surveillance warrants, provided classified information to the media, and participated in a conspiracy to sabotage the Trump campaign and later, the administration.

As head of the committee in the 115th Congress, Nunes pushed to obtain the alleged intelligence relied upon by the FBI to launch its probe, later known as “Crossfire Hurricane.” In April of last year, however, he reported that after having been provided access to the “electronic communication,” there was no real “intelligence” there.

Also last year, Nunes announced that Republicans on the committee, who were then in the majority, concluded that no one on the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russian operatives. That finding was later echoed by the leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr (R-NC).  Democrats pledged to continue their own investigation but have revealed no evidence of “collusion” or criminality.

On March 22, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who assumed the FBI probe in May 2017, delivered his report to the Justice Department, concluding that there was no evidence of collusion.

Democrats, who now hold the majority in the House of Representatives, have vowed to continue investigating Trump, his business practices and financial dealings before he became a politician. Current House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has reasoned that although Mueller found no evidence of “criminal” activity, Trump has acted in an “unethical” manner.

As he has before, Nunes said that “a lot of sources, great Americans” came forward to the House Intel Committee, presumably when he was still chairman, “because they knew that the Department of Justice and FBI that they loved had run amok under the previous administration.”


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  1. My comment on the following sentence found in this article:
    “Democrats, who now hold the majority in the House of Representatives, have vowed to continue investigating Trump, his business practices and financial dealings before he became a politician.”

    If Donald J. Trump broke the law, G.W. Bush’s and aka Barry Soetoro’s (presidential usurper at large) DOJs had their chances to prosecute Trump prior to January 20, 2017.

    Congressional members who now seek President Trump’s scalp were too busy circumventing the law on their own turf to even know the intricacies of Trump’s companies prior to Trump’s presidency.