Hate Speech: In the Ear of the Beholder (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2019

Photo: Lenaeriksson at Pixabay

(Apr. 9, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the show that’s sure to make at least part of your day somewhat more enjoyable than the rest — I don’t mean to say that in a pejorative manner, mind you — here at ‘The Pulse of the Nation.’ Hello, my name is Roving and I’ll be your host for this episode of waylaying our neighbors as they go about their day, unaware that they’ll be blindsided for a street interview.”

“That’s not quite true, Roving. You called me last night and asked me if I wanted to be on your show and to get here early so I’d be first in line.”

“Oh, look, we get to start the show with a comedian. That was pretty funny, what you just said. So, what’s your name and what are you up to?”

“My name is John and we’re going bowling after the show.”

“As I said, folks, John is just full of laughs. So, John, what’s your biggest gripe these days? What’s buggin’ you the most?”

“You said to mention the words ‘racist’ and I forgot the other one.”

“Bigot, the other word is ‘bigot.’ It means that people who go through life with blinders have a hard time when they’re proven wrong, but then they usually don’t believe they’re wrong in the first place, do they?”

“No, Roving, they don’t; it’s like not believing the Mueller report. Now I know it’s hard to admit you’re wrong, but it’s a lot harder to be proven wrong and not accepting the results. Look at half the government: the Democrats are wrong in every conceivable concept, yet they mindlessly plow ahead towards the Venezuelan model of destruction, led by no-accounts, people who have never believed in the Golden Rule because, if they had, they wouldn’t run their mouths off bad-mouthing Israel or America’s continued support of the constantly-beleaguered little country; no-accounts such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s members of Congress.”

“So what about the word ‘racist?’”

“I’d rather talk about the word ‘bigot,’ the word I forgot about.”

“Well, go ahead.”

“Picture a land of rocks, sand, and more rocks. How long have the rocks and sand been there? How about over a thousand years, okay? Land that nobody wants: rock, sand and no water. And then come the Jews and work their tails off. They clear the land of rocks and plant seedlings of trees and grasses. They carry water for miles to water the young plants every day, and for years they toil in the hot sun, day after day.

“Welcome to the same land today, and that same, that exact same land, is now green with trees and flowers, grasses and bushes, reeds and vines: truly a land of plenty. Look, had the Muslims stayed it would still be a land of rocks and sand and more rocks. So, you want me to talk about what it takes to be a bigot? I’ll tell you. It takes a Muslim by the name of Rashida Tlaib; it takes a Muslim by the name of llhan Omar to whine about what a lot of elbow grease can do.

“And so the darn Jews transformed a sandbox into a beautiful land and, get this, it only became a beautiful land through sweat and toil, planning and money and many hours defending what they built in less than a decade; worked their collective tails off for.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay

“So the definition of bigot is a Muslim crying about the Jews. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to the so-called Palestinians and they don’t have one Nobel Prize to show for it. They don’t even have a blade of grass; all they have is rocks, sand and more rocks. Not even one medical university researching vaccines.

“Meanwhile, Israel is, well, we all know the story. They build clinics and hospitals, research centers and contribute to the betterment of mankind, whereas all the Muslims do is destroy** and kill***.

“So much for the world’s second-class citizens, people who have been given a silver spoon, and all they can say is ‘No Jew between me and the sea’ and ‘Death to Jews and Christians and all other unbelievers’ and have absolutely nothing to show for it.”

“That was great, John, but unfortunately you took up all of our time and so, on behalf of the crew, this is your Roving Reporter wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Great show John; let’s go bowling and grab a burger: my treat.”

[*elbow grease: work.]

[**destroy: Buddha of Bamiyan; ancient ruins at Palmyra.]

[***kill: Beslan School Massacre (3:21).]

Tumbling Tumbleweeds” (3:05)



2 Responses to "Hate Speech: In the Ear of the Beholder (RR)"

  1. Bob   Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 10:34 PM

    very good and very accurate. moslems have done nothing but kill and destroy for 14 centuries. islam is a satanic cult of rape, torture, and murder that kills its own more than they kill “infidels”. there was a story a while back about a 9 year old moslem girl who was killed because she stepped out on the family porch without a male relative with her, a so-called “honor killing” that was carried out by “neighbors” who saw her on the porch. those people are sadistic, violent, murdering minions of satan/allah!!!!!

  2. Fran   Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 11:56 AM

    Israel was a major player in the invention of the Cellular Phone. They are also the creator of OrCam which allows blind people to “see” what is in front of them.

    This is only a small sample of how Israel has helped the whole world.


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