by Bob Russell, ©2019

(Mar. 28, 2019) — “Diversity” is a word liberals like to toss around to make themselves feel superior to others but it only creates a legend in their own minds, if one can call what they have a mind.  Liberals like to set the terms that define “diversity,” but their terms are just like those set down in islam:  different sets of rules for the rulers than for the ruled.

In liberalism, “diversity” is what liberals say it is, but there is no consistency at all.  Liberals refer to conservative Christians like me as bigots, misogynists, and an assortment of phobics because we don’t bow to their “god” of liberalism.  I am islamophobic because I don’t accept islam as an “alternate but equal route to Heaven,” homophobic because I don’t accept homosexuality as an “alternate but equal lifestyle,” a racist because I don’t accept the hyphenated American term that ALWAYS puts an American identity as secondary to other national or continental identities, and a misogynist because I don’t accept abortion, which I see as the murder of an unborn child of God, as “a woman’s right to choose.”

I am homophobic because I call homosexuality a sin as the Holy Bible does, yet moslems who regularly murder homosexuals are not given the same label.  I am “homophobic,” yet those who actually kill homosexuals are given the right to have their views and express/carry them out without a peep.

I believe liberals pick on Christians because they know we won’t get “offended” and run around killing them.  Moslems kill each other more often than they kill us “infidels.”  I remember a story I read a year or so ago about a nine-year-old moslem girl who was killed because she merely stepped out on her front porch without a male relative being present, and I am “phobic” because I decry that act as a senseless murder.  I believe abortion is the murder of an unborn child of God and am roundly criticized because I believe God intends for that child to be born and have a chance for life. Liberals say it is “merely a blob of tissue” and has no right to be born and if an abortion fails, the child, once born, should be denied medical care because it isn’t wanted by the birth mother.

These same liberals call executing a rapist or murderer “cruel and unusual punishment.”  My question to them is “Why does an innocent child, guilty of no more than being an inconvenience, not have the same ‘rights’ liberals demand for brutal criminals?”  There are countless places that provide for the adoption of unwanted babies, but our government chooses to spend nearly a billion dollars a year of tax money to fund the abortion mills while not only not funding adoptions but opposing adoptions vehemently.  This is a crime that should be punished severely and I believe that God’s judgment will one day fall on this nation for the evil done by a liberal government that spits in God’s face daily.

I daily pray that Almighty God will touch the hearts of liberals and get them to change.  Moslem terrorists hang, stone, or toss homosexuals off of buildings for their “sin” but say they are allowed to murder people they don’t agree with, and liberals applaud them and find a way to excuse it.  If liberals are so liberal and “diverse,” why is it that anything patriotic, moral, and godly is not part of their “diversity?”  Christians, conservatives, veterans, and military people are not accepted into their little club of “diversity,” so how “diverse” are they really?

I am called vile names and hated because I reject definitions that go against the Holy Bible that I believe in even though I don’t take any action that is violent or goes against the teachings of the Jesus I believe in and follow.  I have never harmed nor called for harm to come to any of the pet groups of liberals, yet simply speaking the truth about them gets me labeled as a “hater.”  The KKK , often laid at the feet of people like me, was started and is carried on by Democrats.  It was people like me, Christians, who fought slavery before the Civil War and fought segregation after it.  The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the mid-1960s were passed by overwhelming Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress and signed by the very racist Lyndon Johnson only after he realized a veto would be overturned.  Democrats in Congress at the time voted against both bills by 100%, but Republican majorities that voted 98% for them ensured they would be enacted over a presidential veto.

I wrote an article a few years back that listed the exact numbers of votes for and against both bills.  If liberals would tell the truth and look at facts, neither of which they will ever do, they would have to admit they are on the wrong side of every issue and that their political and “moral” positions are totally wrong.

Liberals are the bigots and phobics, not me.  They are God-phobic, morality-phobic, American phobic, and doing satan’s work in America.  As with other conservative Christians I welcome people who desire to emigrate to our nation, assimilate, and become American citizens but reject illegal alien invaders and those wishing to turn this nation into the third-world toilet they left.  Hypocrites like nutty nancy pelosi say a wall on our southern border is “immoral,” but she lives and works behind walls paid for and patrolled by guards paid for by tax dollars confiscated from the working-class people she decries as not having the right to the same protection we pay for her to have.  I ask liberal hypocrites, “Why don’t I get the same consideration your pet groups get?”

Sadly for homosexuals and feminists, if moslems ever get the numbers they want, these groups will find themselves on the outside of the Democrat party looking in.  They have overwhelmingly supported Democrats for years, but when push comes to shove they will get shoved out just as blacks are now.  Blacks have supported Democrats by about a 98% rate for 50 years but now are being pushed aside for the illegal aliens who are now the darlings of Democrats determined to destroy liberty in this nation and replace it with a one-world dictatorship.  If that happens, blacks will find themselves treated as were the Jews in Nazi Europe, shunned and exterminated by Democrats who will eventually show their true colors!!!!!

There is NO hatred in my heart, but there is a large portion of disgust for liberals, and especially the Democrat Party that is so intent on destroying the best hope for a free world.  American people donate money, and their time and efforts, to help while the rest of the world berates us as “imperialistic and heartless” while doing little or nothing to help others.

Americans are the most compassionate and generous people on the planet, but we are derided constantly by those who won’t lift a finger to help anyone.  Look at the money raised by charities when there is a disaster anywhere in the world.  Liberals aren’t a part of the generosity, though.  The clintons raised more than $500 million after the earthquake that destroyed Haiti a few years ago but not one dime has made it to help the people there.  Instead bill and hitlery live and travel lavishly on that money, hidden in a phony “foundation” to hide it from being taxed.  More corruption and greed from liberals who care only about themselves.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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