by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2019

(Mar. 17, 2019) — “Here I stand on the brink of war again, a citizen of no place, no time, no country but my own . . . and that a land lapped by no sea but blood, bordered only by the outlines of a face long-loved.” — Diana Gabaldon, contemporary author – Outlander Series

Not very often in America’s history have the two sides been so far apart and growing farther apart with each passing day.  Backs are arching, anger is rising and the hair is standing up on the back of our collective necks.    America is seething, the rhetoric is growing more coarse, the temperature is increasing, the pot is boiling and the acrid smell of war is in the air …… again!  Numerous credible pundits are predicting civil war in America.  Even the Great One, Mark Levin, is hinting at the possibility of civil war in a one-half-hour broadcast.   He does not do so lightly.

A man giving recent testimony before Congress about gun control legislation is also suggesting the possibility of civil war: He says he’s tired of the double-dealing, the lying, the cover-up, the corruption, the cronyism, the usurpation of our unalienable rights and the trashing of our Constitution.  This man speaks for millions of Americans.

But the coming war is not a war between nations fighting over geography, resources, territories, or religion.  It is a war of opposing ideologies and which ideology will hold political power within our own nation.   We have been here before but we have always stepped back from the brink, with one horrific exception in 1861.  The question is, can we step back this time?

The scars of war live in many of us today.  Still alive are fewer and fewer members of the “greatest generation.”  Even today, those who have memories of that war well up into tears as they relive the horrors that torment their minds from a war fought some 75 years ago.  Those who fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars remember the lost lives of buddies and the death and destruction.  Vietnam veterans remember being spit on when they came home.  And now we must fight wars in strange foreign lands against an ideology that knows no nation but lives on pure hatred for every other human on earth who doesn’t believe in radical Islam.

Most combat soldiers are changed forever from the events of war.  Many never live a normal life thereafter.  Inside their minds a silent war rages as they drift between memories of the insanity and bloody carnage of war and the alleged sanity of a normal life in peace.  Many lose the battle and end up in divorce, engage in crime, or become homeless.  Such is the ugly face of war and it should be avoided at all costs, unless we find ourselves one day “….. fighting when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” (Churchill)

What separates us is fundamental and irreconcilable.  The gap between liberals and conservatives today is as wide as the gap between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a gap that may never be closed.  As a nation, a people and a culture, we have a choice between the principles of liberty or raw, unchecked, top-down political power.  Compromise between the two sides is a dead end game that will eventually lead to war.   There can be no compromise between freedom and slavery and the Progressive-socialism-globalism being seriously proposed by the left as a path for the future is abject slavery.  Their “Green New Deal” (GND) is the brainchild of the criminally insane.  Medicare-for-all is just a subset of the GND, hatched by idiots whose ONLY mission is absolute power by collecting a majority of votes from the ignorant, brainwashed masses looking for “free” stuff.

As a nation and as a people, we must choose between the unalienable rights of the people and limited powers of those who govern us, as codified into law by the U.S. Constitution, or we may be forced to choose government and the ruling class holding all of the power.  Should we choose the latter, a significant portion of the country will be forced to go to war to preserve liberty, and that portion owns most of the guns.  But war is not the answer.  It will only lead to chaos, anarchy, death, and possibly even a dictatorship.

The young ones (millennials) who now embrace socialism have been molded that way by our public and higher education systems and the constant din of progressive messages that permeate business, the family, the airways, social media and sometimes the church pulpit.  By design, Progressivism has slowly infiltrated all of our institutions over the last 100 years like a Trojan horse, and there is hardly a person alive today who has not been infected in some way by the Progressive virus.

But those over 65 are wise to the deception.  They have the wisdom of age, logic, intellect and history to see through the veil of deceit offered up by the con game that is Progressivism, socialism, globalism and man-caused global warming.  Sadly, those over 65 don’t have the strength anymore to take on the battle that looms ever more present in our future.  In the past, any battle is passed on to the young ones who possess the energy, courage and drive to prosecute a war.  But those very same young ones today see no reason to go to war and in fact are fully supportive of the Progressive-socialist government framework that consists of “free” everything without regard to those who must pay for the “free” everything.

Is there an answer to this dilemma of generational Progressive brainwashing?  How can we avoid war when we are so far apart?  One side wants to strip us of our freedom and the other side has no intention of capitulating.  War, being politics by other means, could be the final arbiter.

When winning seems impossible, the smart generals look for the Achilles heel of their enemy and the other side has several Achilles heels.  They don’t and won’t play by the rules because their only goal is absolute power by any means, in the absence of principle or the law.  Progressivism and socialism lead to elitism, arrogance, cronyism and corruption, and the elitism, arrogance, cronyism and corruption on the Progressive side is legendary.  They are arrogant because they think that their way is the only way.  They have become corrupt because the people have allowed them to get away with it.  There is no compromising with them and if the truth be known, we have been compromising with them for far too long.

Knowing that a shooting war is the last viable alternative, how do we defeat them?  There is one way and that is to expose their arrogance, cronyism and corruption, local, state and federal, on a grand scale.  As exposure grows and grows, those supporting the other side will find themselves in a quandary.  Do they support power for power’s sake, or will they finally support constitutional principles and decide that freedom is better than slavery?

But, you say, how do we go about exposing their arrogance, cronyism and corruption?  You do it by investigating one judge, politician and bureaucrat at a time with citizen investigating teams from every city, county and state in America.  We don’t have to go to war.  We just have to investigate and expose.

Out of our large reading audience it is very likely that one or more of you know of a politician, judge, or bureaucrat who you think (or know) is corrupt.  Who knows, maybe all of them are corrupt.  It turns out that the longer the judge, politician, or bureaucrat has been in office, the greater the likelihood he or she will become corrupt.

From mostly the privacy of your own home with a computer and an Internet connection, you can investigate a politician, judge, or bureaucrat for malfeasance, misfeasance, corruption, crimes, infidelity, or violation of Oath of Office and then expose them to the general public.  Nothing roots out corruption faster than a highly-focused beam of sunlight of truth.

We’ll show you how to do it by using your own computer, the Internet and some investigating techniques.  We have developed a method to verify the evidence of wrongdoing, provide affidavits to declare the evidence in writing and conduits to the best places to supply that evidence that does the most good.  We provide sample freedom of information act requests and other documents to obtain harder-to-find evidence.

We don’t need 10,000,000 citizen patriots to do the job.  Can you imagine the havoc we could unleash if we just had 10,000 or more citizen investigators, digging deep into every Democrat judge, politician, or bureaucrat?

Yes, there are probably just as many corrupt Republican politicians as there are Democrat politicians and each would be fair game for investigation.  Freedom cannot co-exist in the toxic soup of corruption.  Corruption, cronyism, the lack of integrity, honor and honesty are the killers of a Constitutional Republic.  If liberty is to survive, corruption must be significantly diminished or eliminated.  The only way to eliminate it is to expose it, and the other side will be shaking in their boots knowing that thousands of American citizens are “coming for them” ….. legally!

Young, middle-aged, or old, this is something just about everyone can do without exerting a lot of effort or spending a lot of money.  All you need is a desire to research and find that one piece of evidence that will drum a politician, judge, or bureaucrat out of office in disgrace or refer him or her for criminal prosecution.  And there is a bonus!  If the person you investigate is ousted, resigns, is impeached, or is recalled as a result of your incriminating investigative efforts, you could be entitled to a significant monetary award.  To learn more click HERE.

What have you got to lose?  Just your freedom if you let the other side win!

Americans have three choices.  1) Openly capitulate to the Progressives, 2) do nothing, which is the same as capitulating, or 3) fight back.

If the Democrats take full control again, taxes and regulations will rise dramatically, highly restrictive gun control legislation will be passed, hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost and they will no doubt pass their Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all, just as they passed ObamaCare.  If they do take control, America will become just another third-world, bankrupt, socialist banana republic, and war will be inevitable.



Ron Ewart is a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America.”  Ron is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  An affiliated NARLO website is “Only The Righteous Hear The Truth” (   Ron can be reached for comment HERE.

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  1. Where would America be without The Post and Email 08-28-09- TODAY?
    ANSWER: a less honestly informed and directed nation since The P&E is like the PBS of information presentation. DONATE to The P&E!

    At the risk of hogging the microphone herein, I have followed up on Ron Ewart’s suggestion of arming our minds and our keyboards to take-on/correct one errant official at a time: All errant state Boards of Registration of Attorneys, who see attorney-criminal behavior in their jurisdictions, and do nothing, according to Attorney Sidney Powell in her book, “Licensed to Lie”.

    Here is my email to the President of the Texas Bar yesterday:

    Dear Mr. Longley, President, Texas Bar,

    It is my understanding that one of your licensees, RAFAEL EDWARD CRUZ, may be an ineligible Canadian-citizen U.S. Senator, and a recent ineligible (“Canada-born Citizen”) U.S. presIDential candIDate.

    1. How does your Texas Bar see this supposed illegal activity each day, along with millions of lay public trustees of our Constitutional Republic, called “citizens”, and, then, reward this illegal identity/citizenship theft activity with renewal of Rafael Cruz’s Texas attorney’s license? Isn’t this the tip of a national attorney-licensing problem:

    2. Using your fingertips, your Texas Bar representatives can all access The Post and Email’s “Search” archives to investigate, in private, said supposed illegal citizenship-theft activity of Texas attorney-licensee, Rafael Edward Cruz:

    3. If I drive my car while overly-intoxicated, I can certainly expect to have sanctions, or revocation, of my driver’s license (first issued circa 1963). If my designed structures fail and people are harmed, I can certainly expect my professional engineer’s licenses (first issued in 1978) to be sanctioned by state boards of engineer’s registrations; possibly have them revoked. NO QUESTION. However, when licensee Rafael Cruz illegally attempts to run for America’s highest offices with undisclosed, and ineligible, citizenship papers, WHY WOULD THE TEXAS BAR LICENSE SUCH SUPPOSED CRIMES OF NATIONAL IDENTITY/CITIZENSHIP THEFT WITHOUT QUESTION?

    4. If Texas Bar leadership, and membership, have something to hide in this supposed identity-theft-licensing matter, I fully expect you all will collude and stonewall, deflect or misdirect me to a third party (to the Supreme Court et al), plead phony privacy of information to cover-up for actual piracy of information, warn or reprimand me in some way, send a useless canned letter, send contorted legal briefs, etc., etc., etc. I fully expect the Texas Bar to evade this issue anyway it can, for this is exactly what brought us here in the first place, correct?

    Is Texas Bar licensing Rafael Edward Cruz to use “citizenship immunity” with impunity?

    I am open-minded on this matter, and will graciously concede if my queries herein are proven to be 100% verifiably irrefutably groundless.

    Thank you for your considerations herein, respectfully,

    Jonathan David Mooers, PE (MA, ME, NH, NY), MBA, MADE IN USA

    Naples, FL TEL 239-260-5652


    Laws are the jail cells of our minds, and when we willfully break out of those mental cells we risk residency inside society’s metal cells.

  2. Completely agree with the post of Mr. Delaney (and I had suggested the same many times): a peaceful disintegration of this corrupted untenable Union seems to be the only (peaceful) way for further existence. The logical reasons for dismantling the Federation abound: of them the most recent into-the-face violation of the Constitution is the 2008-2016 imposture (still unacknowledged, and all guilty unpunished). However the Federal Constitution had been ignored also many times before: suffices to mention the circulation of paper money instead of the currency backed by gold and silver, and the existence of so many agencies and Federal functions beyond the enumerated list in the Constitution. The Federation is unconstitutional, criminal and must be dismissed.

    The problem still is that every separate state is a mixture of irreconcilable citizenry also. In order that the peaceful divorce make sense, it’s necessary that the citizenry peacefully sort themselves out into different states according to their ideology. It’s difficult to imagine how such a process goes (even in theory): liberasts must gather in one kind of states, the conservatives – in the other, and help us God.


    Message sent to Atty. Sidney Powell, author of “Licensed to Lie”, today 3-18-2019:

    Thank you! for appearing at the Schlafly Eagles luncheon last week in Naples, FL. You are an inspiration, a fearless crusader, to me and so many other private American citizens!


    Will you work with me, Sidney, along with The Post and Email’s fingertip accessible “Search” archives and its private investigative journalism, to go to the Texas BAR to hold Ted Cruz accountable for his License to Lie about his on-going national identity theft?

    Thank you for your considerations herein (and keep up the Good Work for USA!),

    Jonathan David Mooers, PE (MA, ME, NH, NY), MBA, MADE IN USA
    Naples, FL TEL 239-260-5652


    Here are the Texas BAR Board of Directors (the passive “good guys”?) whom, I believe, are directly responsible for allowing Ted Cruz to be (1) an non-eligible Canadian-citizen U.S. Senator and (2) a non-eligible “Canada-born Citizen” ( = a first-ever “CbC” and not a U.S. Constitutional “nbC”, as invented/intended by John Jay in 1787- 1789):

    Apathy and Anarchy are the tortoise and hare in tournaments for societal collapse.

  4. These are so great and sharp expressions by Mr. Mooers:

    America is already in a Second Civil War; a War Between the States of Mind; of the Constitutionalists vs the prostitutionalists; of freedoms vs free stuff; of fact-finders vs fact-fighters. The “shouting war” advancing each day to the “shooting war”.

    However the concept of the US National Born citizen has been well understood as “Born to citizen parents on the soil” since Vattel’s Law of Nation and up to the 2008 Sen. Res 511 on McCain – as outlined at .

  5. I agree with every word of this article in the part describing our reality – the result of more than 100 years of complacency and doing nothing by the patriots of this nation and conservatives.

    I also agree that the full exposure of the corruption which has engulfed this nation (and then the prosecution of every case of this corruption) would deliver the decisive blow to our enemy (saving us from the shooting war). However this idea is purely theoretical. This nation is already so totally corrupted that beside small Internet outlets there are no media for wide exposure of anything, while all the institutes of prosecution and courts are corrupted totally: no exceptions.

    Speaking about the idea of massive exposure and prosecution of corruption, what could be a more powerful and more foundational case than the 2008-2016 imposture of the US presidency by a fraud Obama?! The culprits of this enormous crime are all existing parties and the entire US government top down. Now it is already 10 years that the imposture is still not even acknowledged, and this case is still the best to pursue in order to expose the entire cabal and to deliver the decisive blow to it – as the good beginning of the “massive exposure”. Moreover, it’s a duty of every patriot of this nation to never stop attempts of the full exposure of the imposture no matter what: it’s a duty to the nation, and the duty to the humanity, because to bury and forget the case like this means a defeat of the human civilization.

    Yes, a war is in the air. Approximately 50+50% of this nation are as irreconcilable, as they were in 1861 (or more). It was wrong and criminal to start the war then: the peaceful separation would be the best solution. But then at least the irreconcilable parties resided compactly, which is not the case now. Now the irreconcilable parties are intermixed in all states, which would turn a war into a chaos. The fact that the conservatives are well armed (with conventional fire arms) does not give them a significant advantage, because it’s 21st century (rather than the 19th). The decisive issue will be which side the US Army and the national guard take (and they may split and take both)…

    That is why now it is much more crucial that states peacefully separate – and the irreconcilable citizenry peacefully separate accordingly. This will be the best possible resolution of this untenable situation. Will it happen this way – its anybody’s guess.

  6. Darn good post. I’ve written about this impending collision since 2008. My sense is that the oil and water conflict will not consume the country in bloody, self-destructive confrontation. We’re smarter than that. An America at war with itself renders all sides of the ideological conflict vulnerable to foreign intervention or, as the post points out, dictatorship–neither eventuality being a source of solace. But, I am convinced this union will not survive this irreconcilable conflict. Peaceful secession movements are already underway and I think this is the direction some States will wisely choose. And if successfully, others will rapidly follow. As separate sovereignties, we can still remain allied for military purposes. As in any worthy divorce, among ourselves there can be peace and a resolution serving the ideological leanings of all Divorce, though often personally painful, can sometimes be constructive and in the best interests of everyone concerned, and in the case of this corrupted federal union it’s division WILL BE in everyone’s best interest. Time for a peaceful divorce. Keep your eyes on Texas Nationalist Movement which is leading the charge for secession. Totally supportive. No sense going down with a clearly sinking ship.

  7. Fine article, Ron and Rondeau, as usual!

    At age 70, it is my view that America is already in a Second Civil War; a War Between the States of Mind; of the Constitutionalists vs the prostitutionalists; of freedoms vs free stuff; of fact-finders vs fact-fighters et al.

    We are now well within the “shouting war”, advancing each day, as you say, to the “shooting war”. Politics is war without bloodshed, war is politics with bloodshed.

    The article mentions focusing on one errant official at a time and rooting them out of their entrenched wrongdoing via an artillery barrage of keyboard-launched facts and exposes. I agree, and we should still continue to do this, however, if the passive “good guys” are just as corrupt and lazy as the active “bad guys”, how will any wrongdoer be removed or held accountable?

    Here is an example of such corrupt “passivity” on the part of the “good guys”:

    In her book,” Licensed to Lie”, Atty. Sidney Powell attempted to have some Attorney Registration Boards sanction the attorney licenses of various observed corrupt “attorney-criminals”. What resulted was the Boards simply declining or passing the complaint onto other outside agencies, and completely dropping the ball! At a recent luncheon featuring Sidney, I stated publically that I am ashamed of America’s licensed legal practitioners AND SIDNEY STATED IN PUBLIC THAT SHE AGREED!

    Has anyone ever tried to have the Texas Bar investigate and sanction Ted Cruz for being America’s first illegal Canadian-born presIDential candIDate? Until subjectivity unconditionally surrenders to objectivity, as in this Cruz ID case, things will likely just remain all talk and no shock, and attorney-criminal Cruz will likely run for presIDent all over again!

    Where words and letters continue to fail, bullets may prevail!

    For me and my keyboard, I hope to enlist President Trump and The Post and Email archives 08-28-09- TODAY and Columbia University alum AG William Barr and Columbia (King’s College) alum John Jay’s original invention/intention of “natural born Citizen” to arrest, prosecute and punish the kingpins of today’s smoldering Second Civil War, being, NANCY-BARRY-HILLARY!

    A 7-volume set on John Jay’s biography is reportedly slated for release by Columbia University in 2020…what will those volumes mention about Jay’s invention/intention of his “natural born Citizen”?