by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 14, 2019) — The Post & Email has opened an account at a new social-media site, USA.Life, which was recently launched as an alternative to Facebook to promote freedom of speech.

“USA.Life is America’s new social network – the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives, patriotic speech, family values and liberty,” states the organization’s fundraising page. “This is where you freely share and find life, liberty and happiness. You connect with people, groups and businesses important to you!”

As of last week, 94.98% of the funding goal was raised, according to founder Steven Andrew, enabling the launch of the new site.

Our account is here.  Please share your thoughts and help us to grow!

We will continue our Facebook page as well.  We post daily at Twitter but have suspected for some time that our tweets are not as visible as they should be.

An alternative to Twitter,, where we also have an account, promises not to share or sell personal information on its users.


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  1. I just checked this out (USA.Life) and request others to do the same. Indeed, it looks as another way for the Post & Email to reach “lots” of others with “up to date” info”.

    Sharron, perhaps keep this contact info posted for a good while longer to give it traction.

    Canada Free Press is one of another major sites I go to for info and their motto is: Because
    without America, there is no free world. Even more so, with the Post & Email and some
    other “real news media” we have a chance to beat back fictional news and restore America.