Democrats, Who Are You?


by Anonymous

(Mar. 9, 2019) — It began in 1962 when you banned prayer from public schools, forcing a new secularism on America’s children. From there, over time, you changed their curriculum from reading, writing, arithmetic and civics to social conditioning, government propaganda, and the introduction of deviant lifestyles to brainwash young minds and create the dysfunctional and violent culture we now have.

Eleven years later, your Supreme Court declared that a state could not pass a law prohibiting a woman from killing her unborn child. This then became the “law of the land,” as you have proudly said for so many years.

That faulty decision has killed more than 56 million children who could have done great things with their lives.

Today, you are encouraging women to kill their children up to the moment of natural birth, including at the hands of someone who is not even a medical doctor. Claiming that women would abort their children in back alleys if the process were not “legalized,” you now have removed all medical safeguards for women indoctrinated into believing that ending a life will improve their own.

You have imported huge populations of foreigners who do not embrace our way of life, choosing instead to denigrate the very nation which provided them safety and opportunity at taxpayer expense. You have packed our cities with people who you have indoctrinated to believe themselves oppressed and unable to pursue a life independent of government assistance. Meanwhile, those voters, taken care of from cradle to grave, continue to vote for those who promise to perpetuate meeting their every want and demand.

You have watched on the sidelines as shantytowns have sprung up on what was once America’s gorgeous West Coast. The cities of San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles are now worse than any third-world ghetto, with drug paraphernalia and worse strewn about public thoroughfares. Instead of embracing the American dream, you have brought upon us an American nightmare, complete with diseases once long-eradicated.

Madame Speaker, isn’t one of those cities in your district?  And you actually claim that “California is continuing to lead the way for America”?

Your party’s intolerance for anyone who disagrees with your radical views is worn on your sleeves. You insult, belittle, and lie about those you see as your enemies. But now you are the enemy.

Emboldened by Americans’ foolish midterm-election votes and doubtless considerable fraud and “ballot-harvesting,” you are quickly dismantling any semblance of our government’s constitutional framework. You ignore the Bill of Rights and seek to destroy the very foundation of our nation, which is individual liberty, private property, and self-determination. In your view, these are to be purged at all costs, replaced with a communist gulag of serfs indentured by your ever-growing federal power.

Don’t like the outcome of the 2016 election? Create a hoax to convince the American people that the candidate who won “colluded” with Russia when, in fact, it was his opponent, one of your own, who actually did the colluding.

Want to ensure that a Democrat always wins the presidency? Eliminate the Electoral College by forming an unconstitutional interstate compact to which 12 states have now committed their constituents’ votes.  Constitutional violation? Who cares?

Instead of grieving over American children killed by illegal aliens, you have excoriated hardworking public servants as a result of the deaths of two children who didn’t even belong here but nevertheless received advanced medical care. You claim President Trump’s national emergency declaration is “manufactured,” but you ignore the misery and disease ushered in by the unprecedented flow of illegals overpowering our Border Patrol as well as the enormous cost to American taxpayers.

How many funerals of Americans murdered by illegal aliens have you attended lately?

I asked, “Who are you?” because we no longer recognize you. You are no longer the “party of the people,” but rather, the enemy of the people.  Your sordid and anarchist history precedes you.

You have trampled on state laws requiring voters to present identification, claiming them to be “racist” and exclusionary. While government identification is required for virtually everything else in this country, your judges strike down perfectly legitimate laws mandating that voters must prove their eligibility to exercise their most sacred duty. In so doing, you diminish the stature of U.S. citizenship and encourage illegal aliens, who number in the tens of millions throughout the country, to cast a vote and therefore dilute the vote of an American citizen.

You have nearly destroyed the best health-care system in the world with your utopian Obamacare, pushed through Congress nearly nine years ago without one opposition-party vote. You have taken away choice, diminished quality, and forced socialism on a part of our economy which was once thriving.

You have sought federal recognition for women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, transgenders, and virtually any other special-interest group you can carve out of the American electorate. But your promises are false and your sincerity lacking. If you really wanted to unite America, you would not divide us with a multitude of labels, hyphenated identifiers, and exclusive protections.

You are the ones who have forgotten that nearly 3,000 people were killed by Islamic radicals on September 11, 2001 in a day of unprecedented horror, suffering and subsequent illness and yet more death. Rather than voting for vigilance and updated immigration laws, you cower behind political-correctness and its outgrowth, subservience to a cult which has now overtaken the U.S. Congress.

Your propaganda has been quite successful in that the American media, academia, the public schools, and even many private institutions propagate it. You ridicule people of faith and encourage dishonesty, cheating, and skirting state and federal statutes wherever possible. Voter fraud? You have perfected it.

Your selfishness and quest for ever-increasing power must be repudiated.

You are the ones who propelled an ineligible, foreign-born U.S. senator to the presidency knowing he did not qualify as a “natural born Citizen,” as the Constitution requires. But what did you care of constitutional eligibility? You had your man; you and others created his life narrative, and you bamboozled unsuspecting Americans into believing in a forgery.

At that point, the real dismantling of our constitutional republic began in earnest, and you are now finishing the job.

You, Speaker Pelosi, knew that Obama was not constitutionally-qualified when you signed the DNC nomination certificates in 2008, giving us an eight-year usurpation of the Oval Office by a foreign interloper whose allegiance was clearly “somewhere else.”

You are the ones who must be politically defeated in November 2020 so the rest of us can live the lives we choose as free and proud Americans.  I, for one, cannot wait to see it happen.

6 Responses to "Democrats, Who Are You?"

  1. Robert Laity   Monday, March 11, 2019 at 12:50 AM

    Dear Anonymous, As I read this article the sense that I was reading the Declaration of Independence entered my thoughts. That is how articulate and well written it is. I expected it to declare independence from the deep State at the end of it. Such an impeccable delineation of what is wrong with the Democrat Party and how far it has deviated from the constitution. I would like to remind readers of an article that I wrote years ago, here on the P&E, in which I used the Declaration of Independence as a guide: You should shine your light on a hill. The world has need for talented writers such as yourself.

  2. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 8:44 PM

    Thomas Paine would be proud of this rousing article, Mr. Anonymous! BRAVO! Give us more!

    And The P&E is today’s “Common Sense Revisited”, here to spark an AMERICAN RENOVATION, side by side with Developer-President Trump, don’t you think?

    America 1620- 2016: from self-government experiment to selfish government reality

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Take The P&E archives to AG William Barr and put NANCY-BARRY-HILLARY behind barrs using 2020 VISION FOR 2020 PRISON!

  3. Sharon Rondeau   Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 7:02 PM

    Thank you, sir.

  4. Tim   Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 5:39 PM

    If you ever wondered why truly-educated and intelligent truth-seekers gravitate to the Post & Email, you need only read the perspectives presented here. You’ll not find more accurate or accountable reporting anywhere on the web.

  5. Sharon Rondeau   Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 10:35 AM

    You’re welcome.

  6. marlene   Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 10:20 AM

    A BRILLIANT ARTICLE! Thank you, Anonymous, for giving me the words to fight back with every time I encounter an abominable leftist who still reads fake news and believes socialism is being given a bad rap. One proof at a time of the democrats’ treachery is not enough to convince people that the Socialist Democratic Party USA is a clear and present danger. But this comprehensive list of everything the DNC has not only done in the past, is doing in the present, and plans to do in the future, should scare the left like a bullet to their snowflake emotions – just what the doctor ordered! Thank you, Sharon Rondeau, for giving us another great article.

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