PSA to Certain GOP Senators


by Joseph DeMaio, ©2019

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

(Mar. 6, 2019) — This is an open post and public service announcement to Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul and Thom Tillis: do yourself and the nation a favor.  Do not join with your Democrat counterparts across the aisle when the vote comes up on the House Resolution to block President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border of the country, because it will backfire on you as participants in a meaningless kabuki theater blunder.

Your previously-articulated concerns over allowing President Trump to “get away with” declaring a national emergency when, purportedly, none exists – abundant evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, as confirmed here; here; and here – and that it would establish a bad “precedent” if and when a Democrat is elected President, is – with due respect – poorly reasoned.

Specifically, the notion that a Democrat President would devote one nanosecond of attention to, much less entertain any concern over, “good,” “bad” or “neutral” precedent established by a prior President (unless the person was a Democrat, and then only “maybe”) is foolish.

The evolution of the Democrat Party (it is a malapropism to associate the adjective “democratic” with the current political party across the aisle from your desk, as there is nothing “democratic” about its protocols or policies) over the past few years should underscore that which a blind Martian could see: the Democrats, and in particular their current leaders, care not one whit for enforcing our southern border.  All they care about is opposing President Trump, undermining his efforts to stem the flow of illegal aliens into this nation and to thereby protect its lawful citizens.  Indeed, President Trump’s efforts to build a wall to protect U.S. citizens also, ironically, serves to protect all of the 20 million+ illegal aliens already here from future harms, negligent or intentional, resulting from further incursions of persons not authorized to be here in the first place.  In the normal course of events, a drunk-driving illegal or angry MS-13 rapist does not first inquire if the victim is here lawfully.

Niccolo Machiavelli was a Renaissance-age philosopher and writer. Some believed that he was a “teacher of evil” in regard to his political philosophy

Stated otherwise, the only two principles to which Democrat Party leaders now adhere are (a) expediency and (b) Machiavellianism.  It would be more accurate to posit that the impact of “precedent” is far greater on Republican members of the Congress, if only because they (a) care about the nation, and (b) still possess a conscience.

Moreover, despite acknowledging that there is a crisis at the border, the suggestion by Pravda on the Hudson that the real problem and crisis lies at the feet of the Trump Administration because not enough resources have been dedicated to providing more beds, shelters, medical care, access to hospitals (not to mention amnesty attorneys) simply underscores how detached from reality the Gray Trollop has become.  Why people continue to read and/or subscribe to that “publication,” other than to identify advertisers and assess where to spend or invest their money, remains a mystery.

Your colleague, Senator Lindsey Graham, has proposed two solutions to the border crisis, both of which involve efforts by the Congress to close what he terms “loopholes” in our immigration laws.

The problem, of course, is getting the Congress to do anything on the immigration front as long as the Senate’s 60-vote rule remains in place and Republicans – particularly when in the majority, as now – break ranks for the wrong reasons.  In addition to Senator Graham’s suggestions, a third solution lies in the construction, in recognition of a documented national emergency, of walls… or barriers… or fences… or, if Democrats have their way, the planting of flowers…., but not roses, because those flora have thorns which might harm “undocumented Democrats” on their trek north.

Memo to Messrs. Paul and Tillis as well as Mss. Collins and Murkowski: in order to successfully fight a fire, one must first use fire, then address how to rebuild after the fire passes.  On the assumption that one or more of the aforementioned senators are not regular visitors to The P&E website (their loss), those P&E readers who are their constituents might consider alerting them to this public service message.

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  1. marlene   Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 6:16 PM

    I’m glad Rand Paul is finally being exposed for the traitor he really is. He always says one thing but vote for another and always votes with the democrats! His snake oil rhetoric should not fool us. As to the other 3, they all RINOS too and their global agenda is more important to them than America’s sovereignty, and the American people. RINOs are in the same Deep State swamp as the socialist democrats!

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