The Power of Suggestion and Climate Fear


March 1, 2019

Image credit: GeoEye, public domain

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This piece is not about climate change denial.  No sane person would deny that our lovely earth’s climate has swung back and forth wildly over the eons and will continue to do so.

In our northern states one finds the moraine – the rocks and gravel that marked the last edge of the massive glaciers that covered much of our continent a scant 10,000 years ago.  And the melting of those great glaciers created the Great Lakes and the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio River system.  We need to keep this in mind when hearing the dire warnings about modern life destroying our planet because modern life’s comforts and abundance were made possible by our use of fossil fuels.  Cries that ‘We must act now!’ or that ‘We have only 12 more years…’ are becoming ever louder and frightening children – as well as too many adults.

The ‘culprit’ in that ‘scary’ story line is carbon dioxide – a gas emitted when anything on this earth burns, decays or desiccates.  We learned in junior high that carbon dioxide is the natural result of complete combustion along with water vapor and ash.  Carbon dioxide is a gas and it enters the atmosphere through natural as well as man-made activity.  It is also essential to life on earth.  Plant life begins to fail when levels of this gas drop below 2.5 one-hundredths of one percent.  Current levels are just a hair above 4 one-hundredths of one percent – and plant life love it as the earth is greening.  In other words, our atmosphere is 99.96 percent NOT carbon dioxide.  Yet we are supposed to panic because this benign and essential gas will somehow destroy the very life on earth that that gas is sustaining?

Why is there such a stampede to ‘do something about climate change before it’s too late…’? The answer should be obvious – Today we have worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week news coverage.  In years past, before cameras of all kinds were everywhere and before so many folks had near instantaneous access to the Internet as we do today, weather events were local news.  A creek overflowing its banks and taking a garage or two from some backyards, or a storm on Lake Erie that eroded some beachfront, or heavy rains flooding streets in some mountain village in Italy, were all local news.  But no longer.  Now we even have a full-time Weather Channel on our TVs to show us the latest weather events, not only here in the US, but anywhere in the world.

Weather events are NOT evidence of climate change.  Climate is weather patterns over time, although climate can change abruptly as it did nearly overnight, ending the Medieval Warm period.  Monks in a monastery in Switzerland beseeched the Lord, praying for the sudden onset of relentless snows to stop.  The snow didn’t stop and many of the mountain communities were buried – and remain so even today as the Alps still retain their snow caps all year round.  Viking farming settlements in Southern Greenland at the same time were also frozen out suddenly and the area they abandoned remains pretty much barren even today.  The stark remains of the Viking community’s stone administrative buildings and some homes remind us of what once was.  The cold climate stayed in place until the mid-19th century, when the rivers of England and Europe no longer froze over in winter.  Those fairly recent major shifts in climate had absolutely nothing to do with mankind’s lifestyles or land usage.  Nature ruled then and still rules today.

When severe weather events from anywhere in the world — or even in our own 50 states — are portrayed over and over on television, accompanied by the false impression that our planet is ‘in trouble,’ the power of suggestion is nigh irresistible.  But the underlying remedy – to severely reduce or even eliminate any emissions of carbon dioxide – is nonsense.  The entire climate change scare is based exclusively on complex, but seriously flawed, computer models whose predictions are based on the theory that increasing levels of carbon dioxide will lead to horrific climate change.  There is no substitute for the use of fossil fuels to create heat to make steam to spin turbines and generate electricity.  Nor can any current alternative technologies guarantee ‘always on’ electricity to warm us, cool, to cook or refrigerate our foods, or to deliver food and other products to market, or to fly us anywhere in the world in little more than a single day, or to provide TV, Internet, charge our cell phones ….  The list is endless.  Someday, through the application of applied science, we will likely find ways to get our energy without fossil fuels.  But, we are nowhere near that nirvana today.

As noted above, the theory and the models’ predictions of anthropogenic climate warming are seriously flawed.  We know this because the rising temperatures they predict are NOT being reflected in actual temperature measurements.  Atmospheric temperatures are measured constantly by satellites and by sensors carried aloft by balloons and dropped from aircraft with tiny parachutes.  These very accurate measuring devices show no warming of the atmosphere.  This is key, so please stay with me – carbon dioxide is released into the air and mixes with the rest of the atmosphere – it doesn’t fall to earth.  It is a gas and it is in the atmosphere.  But, its increase in has NOT warmed the atmosphere, or greatly affected the amount of water vapor in our air.  So, the models that the Manmade (anthropogenic) Climate Change ‘scientists’ are frightening us with do not reflect reality.

Since the atmosphere shows no warming from carbon dioxide, the climate scare-mongers rely exclusively on surface temperature readings.  Here we do find differences in surface temperatures from earlier times because we have paved over grasslands and erected buildings where forests once were and thus created the ‘urban heat island’ effect.  Here’s how you can confirm this.  Next summer on a hot July day, walk barefoot on your lawn and feel the cool grass beneath your feet.  Then leave the lawn and step onto that part of your asphalt driveway that is in the sun.  You won’t stay there long.  The same is true if you go to the beach and step off the walkway onto the hot white sand.  Ouch!  Or just touch the roof of your black auto after it sits in the hot summer sun for an hour or so.

But, in addition to the heat island effect, official government records-keepers have been deliberately manipulating the temperature data – lowering summer temperatures from several decades past so as to demonstrate an even starker contrast with today’s heat-island-affected temperatures.  That’s dishonest!  That is NOT science.  And of course, science required that if the theory can’t be supported by actual measurements, the theory is wrong – not the measurements.

It is true that in the lab, carbon dioxide introduced into an air chamber can have a tiny effect on water vapor, but the experiments (and experience) prove that the effect of each additional increment of carbon dioxide is not a linear projection, but rather, is logarithmic.  Each added increment has less effect than the previous one.

The power of suggestion and the predisposition of many nice folks to want to blame themselves for living comfortably have created a false groundswell to somehow ‘stop climate change!’  This little paper shows that climate change is inevitable and is NOT caused by us humans.  In truth, the ‘control knob’ for climate change is actually 93 million miles from earth and its life-giving rays vary in intensity and type over time.  And there is excellent correlation between solar cycles and weather.  The major earthbound players in climate are the vast oceans and constantly shifting air currents that move trillions of tons of air from east to west and north to south and vice versa.  The Green New Deal is nonsense and its adoption would destroy modern life as we have come to enjoy it.

Climate abatement efforts are possible and should be considered.  For example, rebuilding homes on beach-fronts in areas where they may well be destroyed again by hurricanes is not a bright idea.  Nor is it wise to build on low-lying land adjacent to a river.  Spillways can be improved, and roads can be better engineered to guard against recurring flooding during hard rains.  Better insulation and more efficient appliances can reduce our personal energy needs.  This kind of ‘abatement’ is not only possible, but worthwhile.  But foolishly outlawing the use of fossil fuels will have zero effect on nature’s climate change while impoverishing our lives.

Old Frank

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