by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 22, 2019) — A copy of a memo received on Friday from TDOC inmate Grenda Ray Harmer reports that “a large number of gang members are now in Unit #1,” the Protective Custody (PC) unit of the Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX) in Wartburg, TN.

The memo, dated February 17, 2019, is addressed to Warden Mike Parris and states that “On friday (Feb. 15, 19) one or two gang members stoled 2nd Shift Corporal’s food (Sgt. Farmer is aware of it). Not only that two inmates claimed they had a small amount of commissary stolen from them.” [sic]

Harmer then reported an alleged threat his cellmate communicated when he reported “two gang members talking about an anonymous note” to be “sent up front saying I better be moved from Unit #1 or else.” It is unclear what “up front” signifies.

Harmer continued:

The reason they want me out of Unit #1 is: 1) I told him any gang activity I catch I’m reporting, 2) I tried to get anyone engaging in gang activity moved, and 3) If I find out who was involved in the stealing I’d report them.

Unit #1 is a Protective Custody (“P.C.”) Unit and there is no way I’ll tolerate gang activity on a P.C. Unit.

He ended the memo with, “I’d like to talk with Internal Affairs about stopping this cr**.”

The memo is copied to this publication and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee.

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  1. The prevalent, wide scale corruption in the Tennessee prison system has been documented and exposed. Yet, it continues. It is inhumane and earns the US the top score of the worst prisons in the world. US prisons everywhere are, for the most part, disgusting cesspools, but in Tennessee they are beyond imagination. Get off your high stool of thinking “well, they’re criminals so they deserve being mistreated” and do something about this. They DON’T deserve to be beaten, raped, starved, tortured and murdered! They’re serving time for their crimes. Unfortunately, the guards are just as corrupt and should be serving time for their crimes as well. And the Governor should be ashamed of his lousy self!